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Too much fascinating stuff! Too many links to follow, too many other great podcasts to check out, too many blog posts to read! Wonderful. Seriously wonderful.
This is an update to my last 5-star review: I STILL love the NosillaCast Apple Podcast! Allison has continued to provide a wealth of tech info with humor. Her groundbreaking career as a software engineer gives her the perfect background to ask the right questions about why things work they way they do. When she interviews vendors at CES, she’s not shy about getting right to the point and often asks questions about why their product is an improvement over current offerings. Allison is a tireless advocate for accessibility in tech. Her curiosity helps us all learn and her excellent personality has created a real community of fans. The writing, the delivery, the guests, and the production collaboration between Allison and Steve make this a treasured podcast.
Allison Sheridan has been doing this podcast every week since podcasts were invented (maybe before!) and she covers everything from security to fun new applications, programming (by stealth), and usability tips. Highly recommended.
I have been a listener since 2006. This podcast has been in existence since podcasts and has delivered an episode every week. It take a special talent and passion to create a long running and entertains podcast. Allison continues to deliver and captivate her audience. You can even join her and many listeners live as the recording is made. If you are looking for something new and different, you will be happy you gave this podcast a listen.
Allison is a such fantastic interviewer and covers so many topics across all of her podcasts. Additionally, the NosillaCast community that she has built is such a warm and welcoming group of people. If you enjoy technoligy.......specifically the apple related stuff, I strongly encourage you to check these shows out. The even welcome and accept Android and Windows folk :)
I find the NosillaCast to be packed with useful information about all things related to Apple products, including reviews and step-by-step tutorials for doing things like immediate transcription of a live broadcast. Allison also has many outstanding guests on the show, both in an interview format (one ongoing series covers Security with Bart Busschots), and as "submitted content" from her loyal listeners. I also respect Allison for her commitment to people who have visual or auditory challenges. All (or virtually all) of the content on the NosillaCast is also presented as blog articles (or in some cases, she provides the audio track from video interviews from tradeshows like CES). The fact that she has been delivering the NosillaCast one time per week for 2005 is also a testament to her commitment to her audience and passion for what she does.
Very responsive - super helpful, inspiring, and never makes people feel dumb because of their questions. Makes it fun to discover cool stuff and learn new tricks! Love Bart’s “security bits” but I’m always a little worried about something new after his segment... 😵
I listen to this podcast for one reason only...the bi-weekly “Security Bits” segment with Bart Busschots. If Bart were to go elsewhere I’d quickly follow and leave this podcast in the dust. The host is often very abrasive toward Bart when his political or personal security agenda differs from hers. She has friends in the Android podcast community with whom she cross-promotes and thus is always trying to downplay security differences between Apple and Android trying to play both sides of the fence apparently to keep audience numbers up. The host also appears to me to be a man-hater. She goes out of her way interrupting Bart when he uses the pronoun “he” by interjecting “or She!” She goes over the top adding “girl” to any term she can: “girl-power”, “girl-skills”, “my go-to girl”, etc. When she has a negative experience with someone (salesperson, tech. support, etc.) she is WAY more likely to refer to them as “my little friend” (emphasis on little) if the person she dealt with was male. On a recent episode her guest Bart tried to educate her on the etymology of the words “man”, “woman”, “mankind”, “manual” and the like. She immediately shut him down saying “I’m not going to discuss this with you!” Like a true Californian, if the facts don’t match up to your agenda or if someone has a different view than you, attack. Bart has really good information to share. He has a healthy amount of digital paranoia and an eye toward preserving ALL of our privacy online. I just wish he’d go off on his own or find a better host. It’s a shame that so much good information and help has to be overshadowed by a host with a personal agenda who is abrasive and appears to be quite bitter at times.
As an Apple fan, I love this! It’s not clickbait, cause the titles are an overview of the podcast. Some other podcasts are short, and take a long time to get to the point. Not this one! Nice and long, but also you explain it a bit so it’s not just q/a basically. This is great! I absolutely love it! It’s funny too! What I really like is that yes, it’s only very slightly Apple biased. You just talk a bout Apple. It’s like you like apple 51% and Windows 50%. (Okay, maybe a little less windows) also how can I comment on a specific episode? I really want to be able to.
While the show has an “ever so slight” Macintosh bias, it really is more about tech and the fun of being a geek. Allison and guests share their insight on Apple products and tech in general in a way that is informative and entertaining. Allison has built a strong an loyal following that participates in a chat room while she records the program weekly. Her connection with her audience and that community makes the show special in a field of tech and Apple related podcasts. 2019: Four years later and the podcast is better than ever. I'm still a faithful listener. The host has expended and developed the content into useful segments and different show streams if some parts interest you more than others. She has also added chapter markers making it very easy to move from subject to subject.
How often does that appear as a podcast evaluation ? Useful. Good information, presented in an organized and thoughtful manner with humor. Tops my listening list as the most useful podcast.
Allison has a knack for articulating her perspective on tech topics and tech products, and it's very enjoyable to listen to. Bart Busschots explains highly technical things in a way that anyone can understand. Unfortunately, neither of them can refrain from injecting their progressive dogma into many topics, which destroys their credibility. Apparently neither of them has the ability to honestly consider any idea or concept that contradicts their narrow world view.
I love that you're into accessibility of Apple products! I love the security bits.
Allison Sheridan continues to be abrasive towards her star guest host (and the reason I tune in) - Bart Busschots. What kind of behavior is this when she scolds and berates him. I'm surprised how Bart can just take this abuse and bad-behavior. Allison continues to be the number one irritant on the podcast scene, and I imagine she's pretty proud of herself.
Allison's podcast is way more than a fabulous spot to get great reviews and tips-she and her guests are funny and very entertaining. I've been listening regularly and looking forward to each new episode for 4 years before writing this review-way too long. Thank you Allison for putting together such a terrific, big hearted podcast, better described as amazing edutainment!
I have listened to NosillaCast for years and have to say that Allison puts together a wonderful mix of Mac/iOS/other tech content week after week and presents it so it's always entertaining and chock full of info and tips. The security segment with Bart is great too. Recommend highly.
The NosillaCast presents a lot of information in a way that is easy to understand, and fun to listen to. I enjoy Allison's approach of "what is the problem to be solved?". The information presented in the Security Bits portion of the podcast is always educational. As a recent convert to the Mac, I have learned a lot and picked up some valuable product recommendations.
I have three favorite Apple podcasts. The host has a beautiful voice and always calls it straight; with just the right touch of sarcasm (for me, anyways). Great website. Consistently good.
Long-time listener (a/o 2014) here: this is always interesting, regardless of your experience level. Update (May 2016): still one of my favs.
I first heard Allison Sheridan on the Mac Reviewcast (now, unfortunately, off the air). She is so infectious and high-energy, she just carries the listeners along. She makes everything she discusses something you want to know more about. She’s great at interviewing people at trade shows (which she captures in both audio and video). She’s really experienced when it comes to technology, but she’s also an everyperson, representing the average technology user, when interviewing technical heavyweights (such as very frequent guest Bart Busshots). I can’t recommend this podcast highly enough.
I wrote the following a couple of years ago, but it still holds true! This is my all-time favorite podcast! I’ve been listening for several years now, and it never disappoints. Allison is fair in her review and tackles subjects that can interest a wide range of people interested in tech, though her focus is admittedly skewed toward Mac and iOS devices. Still, she also discusses other platforms, giving reviews, answering questions, and generally tackling her subjects with humor and insight.
This is the first podcast I subscribed to way back whenever and I'm still here today for good reasons. Now we (yes, WE are all a part of this podcast) are up to the bazillionth episode... and counting! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ MY ORIGINAL REVIEW: The NosillaCast is more than a person talking about a subject - it's a gathering, a group of friends of all descriptions coming together under a virtual roof to listen to Allison - who, in spite of her super powers, is just like them. The NosillaCast is always interesting, wide-ranging (not limited to Mac-only subjects) and thoroughly engaging. The production values surpass many other podcasts and Allison continuously strives for improvement. She has avoided a major podcast pet peeve - all volumes - her speech, a Skype call, a recording - are at the same level. No sudden need to grab the iPod to hear the other person or protect your hearing. Allison carefully prepares a script and although she is not a slave to it there is structure to her podcasts that can be lacking in other podcasts. Allison's show notes are meticulous, complete, and supplemented with the blog, the chatroom, and her tutorials. The two hundredth show has just been celebrated. It's worth a listen!
I can't remember when I started listening to Allison's podcasts - I can't stop! I'm a fairly knowledgeable tech-geek and I learn something new every week. This show is definitely for everyone - from newbies to us geeks. One of a handful of go-to podcasts for new and interesting info
The truly amazing aspect of this podcast is the array of guests each week. Often I am surprised when I listen to an entire interview and realize that instead of scrolling past it I was 100% enthralled. Either come for the commentary, or the reviews, or the guests (or even for the security updates) but download and stay subscribed.
I love this podcast. Lots of useful information, presented in an accessible way. Really enjoy the guest appearances (e.g., chat across the pond), and the way she brings in reviews by various members of the community. It’s so nice to hear a woman talking about the geeky stuff I like, with that “ever* so slight Mac bias.
For anyone who is interested in learning more about your mac this podcast is a must. The consistent quality of the reviews, information, and geeky tech stuff is top notch and has often lead me to become a more efficient mac user. I cannot recommend this podcast enough! The level of technical discussion can every once in a while feel slightly daunting, but not so much that I feel lost to the discussion. This in turn has helped me become more interested in the workings of my computer as I feel challenged to learn about what I don’t quite understand, while not feeling overwhelmed by technical jargon that is prevalent in many other computing podcasts. Allison even has a “dumb questions” section of her podcast, where uses like me are lovingly encouraged to ask about anything concerning computing no matter how simple (like what do those technical terms mean?). This podcast and the community it has created is a great way to dip your toes into computing and many other issues that go hand in hand with computers these days, like photography, audio recording, and our electronic devices.
It's one of my fav Mac podcasts.
The Nosilla Cast is something I look forward to each week. Interesting and challenging. Not enough picking on Guy Serle for me though. :)
I’m a bit biased being related to the host, but Allison’s handle on technology combined with her delivery and sarcasm and her strong community put the NosillaCast on my top five list of tech podcasts. You can be sure this podcast will be delivered like clockwork every Sunday evening as it has been for the past 9.5 years.
Neat show from a great lady in tech. She’s an engineer and she knows how to talk to “real” people. She also gets great info from others. The focus is on Mac and iOS, but she’s interested in all sorts of tech stuff.
Allison provides a great look and perspective on the technology gear and subjects she covers. She makes all topics fun and interesting. The weekly “Chit Chat across the Pond” segment has had many fascinating guests. Bart Busschotts who appears regularly provides simple and easy to understand security advice as well as a fun look at other geeky topics. Behind the scenes Allison’s husband Steve manages all of the video she produces and helps proved support to all of the Nosillacast community. Have a listen and you will agree an awesome show.
Really like this podcast 😄
This is one of the most informative and interesting podcasts I’ve encountered. Although very Macintosh-centric, it also covers a wide range of topics from digital photography to information security (e.g., how SSL works). There are plenty of product reviews and information on solving productivity problems. The core audience is tech. savvy, and yet the podcast takes the time to ensure that concepts are explained well enough that a technology novice will feel right at home. On top of that, the banter and good humor of the host make it quite entertaining as well.
What a great show! ...and wonderful way to start off the week! Thanks Allison
I have been a fan of Allison for a while. But she was always only a guest on other podcast.. (well so I thought). Soon as I heard that she actually had her own podcast, subscribing was a No brainer.. I am currently in the process of listening to ALL the past podcasts and enjoying every bit of it… Great Podcast.. Great Work Allison.
This was a great podcast with Bart, Alison and Mike Potter! I learned a lot and enjoyed the back and forth in the discussion about "why eliminating save as in Lion is either good bad or just to be endured! Keep up the good work.
I discovered the Podfeet and the Castaways about a year ago and have been listening ever since. Sometime this summer I started going to the live chat while Allison is recording. Once you are in there and people get to know you, you'll be welcomed like an old friend. It is a small and lively group to hang out with.
Listen to this podcast - lots of good insights into technology which you can use to solve problems. Also love the tech-geeky content from the guests as well as the "every other week" regular Bart Busschots. Everything from computers to the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). Subscribe and you won't regret it! (PS There's an ever so slight Macintosh bias… :)
Allison podcast is alot of fun. Like how she mixes up what is on the show. She always has great guests.
I love this podcast! This has become one of my staple tech podcasts. One that I always make sure that I listen to and wait for each week. Not only is Allison a joy to listen to but joining in the live chat room, as the show is being made, is a wonderful and welcoming experience. This show is filled with wonderful reviews, tips and tricks as well as interviews from other respected podcasters. It is a pleasure being one of the Nosillacastaways and I am always staying subscribed.
Quality of this Podcast is spotty, and it's really a shame. Some segments are truly stellar, especially when Bart Busschots is on, approximately every other episode - his segment on episode #326, for example. However, another semi regular guest, 'Knightwise' is an atrocious troll. (For example, his segment on episode #329.) Likely the host is a somewhat naive American, who doesn't realize the degree to which she is being used as a vehicle for the troll. Under the guise of 'all opinions are welcome', she may be an innocent here. Hopefully, for her sake, Mac related sponsors don't hear the insults directed at their prospective customers. Given that there are so many high quality tech and Mac related podcasts out there, -- Mac OS Ken, Macworld, Mac Power Users, MacNotables, Mac Geek Gab, etc., Noscillacast presents a dilemma. If one has the time, do listen, and fast forward through the segments of poor quality - or make better choices.
I'm an ancient Apple consumer with lots of time on the road. Allison produces an excellent podcast with a great mix of tech and humor. She and her 'regulars' provide good quality info and put the time & distance to good use.
I have been listening to the Nosilla Cast for almost 4 years not. Honestly, I could have been watching longer but a good show makes time past quickly. I have been lucky enough to provide audio reviews, tips, and participate in a show. The community around the Nosilla Cast is what makes the show special. Allison is an amazing host and as wonderful one-on-one as she appears when hosting. This is a podcast you should subscribe to and participate in the life show. It is packed with great information and you will make friends quickly.
Allison Sheridan's Nosillacast Mac Podcast is a shining jewel in a sea of tech podcasts. The reviews and information presented is top-notch, and it's not just about Apple products. It is also about phones and WiFi and other tech related products and software. She also answers tech questions and solves tech problems with a real life perspective which cannot be found on other podcasts. She is self -effacing, funny, and most importantly, honest and real. If she doesn't understand something, she will let you know. On each podcast, in addition to reviews, she interviews someone in the tech and/or podcast field about photography, or software, or back ups and other related tech topics. Allison's podcast is always interesting, sometimes surprising, and just plain fun. The podcast is always produced on time, released on Sunday nights, and it my GO TO podcast for my Monday morning commute. If you are serious about your Mac and Apple products and serious about learning more about tech possibilities to support your life, check out this podcast.
Allison, your ever so slight Macintosh bias makes for a great Podcast as it covers lots of topics and platforms and your wit and straight forward no holds approach to what you do is fun and refreshing for every week I have an idea of what I am going to get for topic coverage but never in what way you are going to critique it. Makes for great listening! I first heard you on Surfbit's podcast by Tim Verpoorten and now I get both of the podcasts. Thanks for taking the time every week or so to tell us about many platforms and some of your experiences with products, developers and lets not for get chit chat across the pond - stream or neighborhood. Wish Bart B my best I really miss him and you in some technology banter. Lee
I was a dumb user until i found Allison. What a great starting point for learning about all things Mac, (not to mention car waxing, kitchen re-models, photography, and apps that do just about anything)
Allison Sheridan is an incredible teacher. She is patient and never puts anyone down for not knowing something. She will work hard to find an answer for your questions or find someone who has an answer. Her show is fun and informative and the Chitchat Across The Pond segment with Bart Buschotts is a lot of fun wrapped by some really good information. I have never know Allison to say or do anything that would be hurtful to any individual or class of people and she truly loves what she does. That's what makes this a great show - you can tell that she does this because she loves it. The live show at 5PM Pacific time on Sundays and is a blast so make sure you join us at Ustream... the chat room people always have a blast as are sad when recording is over... you will too! Update: 2011 - All of this holds true today. I'm very happy Allison has not pod-faded. I look forward to her show every week and the chatroom is a blast where I can meet with my friends to chat about whatever comes up. There is always something for everyone from absolute beginner to pro. There is also an active Twitter list where we can keep in touch throughout the week. Allison is always available, as her schedule permits of course, which is a special bonus for me! Hurry back Bart - we miss you!
While I wouldn't consider myself a regular one of the castaways, I always listen, and always enjoy it!
Allison is a real person, like the rest of us. She is not afraid to show somethings she doesn't know and ask for help. A good following of people shows she has her heart into this podcast. The live show gives a look into what it really takes to get such a great entertaining and informative show produced. If you are new to the Mac or a seasoned veteran, give this podcast some time. You might just find yourself having a "slight bias" to the Mac.