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This show is amazing, fun and super informative. I just recently started reading comics (specifically DC Comics) and love the recommended reading lists that I have been devouring. So thank you Prof.Ashley and Prof. Jason for all the fun info on some really cool characters! Much love, Julia
This show, used to be a favorite, but quickly fell off my must listen to list. Jason constantly interrupts and diverts the lesson into distracting and dull side bits that take up to half the lesson, some of my favorite characters, concepts, and geek things that I looked forward to the pair going into were a waste of time due to these interruptions, shame as it could be a good show.
Geek History Lesson is one of the highlights of my week. I started out listening to characters who I hold dearly and I have a passion about and I was worried that they wouldn't hold as dearly. BOY WAS I WRONG. I first listened to the Nightwing Podcast and then Tim Drake who are two of their favorites. I am now so lucky to just listen to their opinions and well-rounded thoughts on which direction comics should go. The best part is they are goofy and that means you can tell they are having fun.
I’m not sure why I’ve waited this long to write a review. I’ve been a listener since the early days. I love the banter between our scholarly hosts and all the guest professors are amazing!! I’ve always been a nerdy guy but I don’t always have time to read all the stories I’d like to. This podcast has educated me in character histories and turned me onto stories I had never given a chance. Keep up the good work. I’m a Patreon supporter and will continue to be one and will encourage others to do so as well. If invited, I’ll be sure to leave some cookies in the teacher’s lounge.
Geek history lesson was my the second podcast that I ever listened to but it is by far my favorite podcast that I have ever listened to Jason and Ashley work so well with each other and have taught me so much about comics. When one of friends ask me how I know so much about comics I always tell them to listen to ghl. Ghl even inspired me to create my own podcast the this morning show.
Geek History Lesson is crash course in pop-culture, comics, and all things nerdy! Jason and Ashley have great on-air chemistry and are legitimately my favorite dynamic duo. My favorite episodes are the ones where one of them is super into the topic of the week and you can tell the other is lovingly rolling their eyes. Listen to any episode and you will be hooked. And since they promised to read what I say on the show, I’mma throw in a plug for my steam-fantasy graphic novel Impure Blood. Volume 2 now live on Kickstarter till Nov.11 😇 (You can skip that part if it’s in poor taste) Seriously though, love these two!
While I originally discovered Jason and Ashley through the Jawiin YouTube channel, I have to say that I think the Geek History Lesson podcast is even better. There is always so much interesting information regarding the characters, films and television shows that are talked about. The humor throughout the podcast is always entertaining and never fails to make me laugh like Jason’s impression of an inebriated Hal Jordan or his comparison of Sokka from Avatar to Frank Burns from M*A*S*H. Whether its on the history of a comic book character or a retrospective of a movie or tv show, it is definitely worth checking out the Geek History Lesson podcast whenever they come out with a new episode. Geek History Lesson is one of the best podcasts that I have listened to and I absolutely look forward to listening to more of it in the future.
There are many things I like about this show. They have voices that are enjoyable and sound quality is good. They have an abundant knowledge of comics and the universes within them. They make my time at work go by super fast and make me laugh. Highly recommend this podcast to anyone even slightly into comics. Keep up the great work guys!
For years I’ve looked for someway to get general knowledge of all comics. And this helps me. I have listened to HOURS ON HOURS of this for the past two weeks and they are probably the best hosts I’ve ever listened to. Very knowledgeable and very respectful of everything and everyone. Wishing to see a dragon age history maybe !
They are a great team very pleasant to listen to. I always look forward to listening to what your doing next
Jason inman always makes a joke of Ashley’s episodes, always interrupting and making jokes.
Thank you so much for everything you do with how much time goes into making this podcast as amazing as it is. I originally found the podcast when I was desperately searching for Donna Troy content and stumbled onto your episode about her. I’ve hooked ever since. I can’t begin to describe how much you’ve helped me on my journey into getting into DC Comics and if it wasn’t for you’d I’d still be struggling to figure out where to start.
This show is great, stays on topic and finds a way to entertain without being predictable. I highly recommend!
Love how this show gives just the right amount and kind of information in a lighted hearted way. Really appreciate the way Ashley delivers content, especially on topics I’m interested in. BUT I’ve never been able to listen to an entire episode without pausing at least once because of Jason’s interruptions, which really grind my gears when I’m trying to get into what Ashley’s trying to explain. Ftr, I haven’t listened to all of the episodes and including the more recent ones. So I hold out hope that this will change. However, looking at other recent reviews, I’m not very confident. Maybe Jason should be a student sometimes. Ashley’s a good enough professor on her own.
When a white guy starts waxing poetic about he and Superman have so much in common because they’re basically both white guys from rural America I have to run in the other direction
Jason and Ashley never fail to put a smile on my face. They are funny, very entertaining, and their chemistry is amazing! (Please do more Star Wars lessons!)
I was never much of a James Bond fan but Ashley and Jason’s passion has lead to me actually watching and enjoying these awesome films!
I just wanted to say thank you guys for making such a great podcast about geeky and nerdy pop culture. I love that you found a way to balance between making it highly entertaining and but also being respectful to whatever you’re discussing each episode. It’s rare to find her in a podcast or anything really. Keep up the great work. Mike from Pahrump Nevada
This is one of the better produced comic book-related podcasts. It’s not a shoddy, rambling conversation; it’s focused, well-produced quality audio.
Hey gang. Just have the opportunity to listen to the amazing Stargirl episode. So much fun and energy, from my favorite podcasting couple. A must listen!!!
it really irritates me listening to how Jason talks to Ashley. I feel like he talks over her and can talk down. Had to stop listening just now. Jason said a joke, Ashley laughed at the joke, then Jason stopped what he was saying and said ‘...chill’. Ashley stopped laughing. That’s rude as hell! Bro she thinks your lame joke was funny! Take the compliment!!! Also, I think when the host truly KNOW a topic I learn so much (like Mr. Miracle). When the host DONT KNOW a topic it comes off hella lazy (like Megaman).
This is my favorite podcast I have learned a lot from you. My first episode was on black lightning and I learned so much about the character. So much of what I know about comics comes from you guys, I would like to suggest lessons on Static, the Outsiders, Cassandra Cain, Roy Harper, and Justice League International
I truly appreciate your hard stance on supporting the movement!! I have been listener for a while now, I have bought your products, supported your projects and listen weekly. After listening to you this week, I know I made the right choice with partnering with you! Keep up the good work!!
Jason and Ashley have done a fantastic job keeping me up to date or just being able to hear and learn about so much I don’t know! I started with one just looking through different podcasts and found your Hunger Games podcast and LOVED it! It was fantastic and I listen all the time! I feel like this is one of the best podcasts in the field and they make everything so FUN AND AWESOME!
Look. I enjoy your podcast. But not even mentioning it acknowledging what is going on the world right now on your live podcast. I’m not sure how to keep listening. So I’ll tell you this. Jason: everyone will be happier of you are like 1% less quick to throw Ashley under the bus when she messes up. She doesn’t do that to you. You’re both cool. And your smart. But with all your privilege and your audience, it really would’ve meant a lot to take a moment, to do something... to say something... best of luck y’all.
Geek history lesson is awesome ! Very informative-. Now, kneel before geek History Lesson
I stumbled across your podcast on YouTube when I was doing a college essay on spider-man: blue! And after that I was obsessed 😂 I love the show! And appreciate how much you guys care about your listeners. Keep up the good work!
As an old-school comic book geek (umm... I mean, fan), I love listening to Ashley and Jason discuss graphic novel characters and stories from all eras from the Golden Age to the present! These two hosts have great chemistry together and their discussions are both insightful and hilarious (I especially loved Jason’s “three sentence explanation” of Crisis on Infinite Earths!). Highly recommended for any graphic novel fan!
Great listen & enjoy the rapport between the hosts. As a near-deaf individual, I’m very grateful for the clear strong voices of the hosts, neither of whom I have difficulty understanding.
Listened to this show for the first time with the review of the Sean Connery Bond Films, and I thought it was awesome!! Oddjob is easily my favorite James Bond character ever, so I am happy that he got so much love here. He killed people with a hat, and squished a golfball for god sakes!!! I love the trivia notes sprinkled into this episode; it really added something to the show!! This episode was awesome!!!!!
These guys are awesome and I always learn so much from each episode!! Highly recommend!
I have been a superhero-lover for as long as I can remember, and Ashley and Jason do such a good job of describing and teaching about these characters it makes my soul happy. From Star Trek to Marvel, DC to James Bond, there is something for everyone in this venerable mind feast! Thank you Geek History Lesson! P.s: Should my older brother get into comic books? THX, Henry
Both Ashley and Jason offer such great perspectives on characters that I know and love and characters I’ve grown to love. I especially love the Catwoman, Starfire and the Batfam episodes. I’m curious to know if there are any gay or queer DC/Marvel characters you two recommend giving a shout or lesson? Sending my love from NYC 💫 Fernando🕊

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Stumbled across this show recently while working from home. i was hook on the first one i listened to the Connery ep. Love this show keep up the great work.
I love this podcast! I started reading comics at age 6 in 1978 and I really appreciate how thorough Jason and Ashley are at covering the subject of the particular lesson while keeping it entertaining. Excelsior!
I’ve loved comic book shows and movies my whole life. But I’ve just started reading comics last year and I got hooked. This podcast is a huge help to learn about comic book characters that may peak my interest. Though I’m a DC guy, it’s cool to learn about marvel characters as well. Thank you guys so much.
This podcast has been a life saver for me. My job is very mundane and the days are long. You two have saved me from many mental breakdowns. Also, I wanted to say that I recently read Super Soldiers and absolutely loved it! I am not big on war related stories, but Jason enlightened me on how important the military life is on the development of some of my favorite fictional characters and how they can effect real life service members. You two and this podcast have motivated me to start my own podcast, Objectively Subjective, as well. Hearing the fun you two have while doing GHL made me really want to try my hand at it as well. Thank you again from a proud member of the Mind University!
When it comes to the world of comic’s and pop culture and everything great for that matter I’ve always had one foot in an one foot out but geek History Lesson has made it easy to dive in and learn more about character I love and some I grew to love never stop ! P.s. voices impersonation are gold
Greetings Fellow Geek Historians, loves the “Captain Planet” references from Last Airbender episode. Digging every lesson since Red Hood and the Favorite X-men characters lineup. Keep up the good work and love the “Magicccc” Question: who’d win in a fight between Franklin Richards and Galactus vs Darkseid and Anti-Monitor ??
GHS has turned me i to a new man. I listen to this podcast religiously. Every weekday at work for 9 hours. I don’t stop until I’m on my way home and by the. I’m missing Jason and Ashley and I can’t wait till tomorrow to get back to the show. I appreciate what they’ve done so much and I can’t express how awesome this podcast is. All I want to do is support them and what they have going on. It even motivates me to continue my comic blog that gets absolutely no readers, if anything just to be a part of the same culture that we all know and love. Thank you so much. West Coast Avengers! Dun dun duh
I’m sort of a comic book geek which means I listen to 3 of these a day which I love .i wish to suggest you guys do John Stewart,Captain Atom,And Orion. Also I’m 12
I appreciate that Geek History Lesson is a good introduction to pop culture concepts. I enjoy learning about comic book characters that I don’t know much, or anything, about. But I LOVE that Ashley is there to bring a female voice to the show.
This show is my way of not having to read every comic ever but still knowing what’s going on when people talk about stuff. Y’all are so much fun, and Jason keep singing. And I definitely didn’t write this just to have them read this. Hi Ashley you’re awesome!
I stumbled upon this while hoping to learn more about Captain America, aka the best hero ever. The hosts have awesome chemistry and banter that makes each lesson super fun without going too long.
I discovered Jason and Ashley through Collider and the Schmoedown. This show is as informative as it is entertaining. I’ve actually been looking into new characters that I wasn’t really a fan of before. I listen to this show while I’m working and makes the day better. Keep it up you guys and can’t wait to see what you do next. Jason, thank you for your service.