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You couldn't ask for a much better teacher than Fr. Seraphim with regard to Christian history. His podcasts are compact but full to bursting. Trends and events throughout early Church history are covered and always interesting. Even though it can be a challenge to keep track of all the names and concepts, Fr. Seraphim paces the information well and peppers it with frequent reminders who these people are and what they believe in.
Very informative and entertaining podcast
So glad he's back. One of the best podcasts by an expert Historian. It was worth the 3 year wait to see this wonderful man podcast again! Thank you and God Bless.
While not a Catholic (or a member of any other sect/religion, for that matter), I find this podcast a must-have!! I wish I had the opportunity to break bread with the host and have a long philosophical/theological/historical discussion....perhaps in the next life :) Thank-you for the hours of reflection and thought, my brother.
I am a history buff and recent convert so this podcast is the perfect fit. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed every minute
A wonderfull exploration of Catholic history. I hope he doesn't pod fade.
I realy enjoy this podcast, always learn something. Why did they stop? I have listened to all the old ones and am eager for some new ones. Please keep them coming
This is an absolutely fascinating foray into many aspects of little known Catholic history revealed by Fr. Seraphim with excellent detail and fascinating content. Father Seraphim delivers the podcasts deftly with well placed pauses and a great sense of humor, AND nice personal touches about his life as a teacher of history at Steubenville. Cheers Father!
Too notch. Love his sense of humor. Love his mellow truthfulness. Peace to you Fr. S and to all who listen to your wonderful podcasts. Lisa
I really enjoy the mellowness of this podcast and how informative it is with history of the church,especially!
Fr Seraphim is GREAT! I really enjoy his podcast...not the standard Catholic history. Fr Seraphim has really enhanced my understanding of Western & Catholic history. Keep up the great work. One down note I like the old "bumper" bit before the history part started. THe new music is too steril.
This was my favorite weekly (or close to it) podcast for several years. Father Seraphim has a dry sense of humour that you get used to after a couple of episodes but he really does a fine job of relaying Catholic History topics in a way that I can understand easily. The podcast was not updated for several months which led me to believe that it was done for good but a few weeks ago there was a new episode and this is good news. Try it - you will enjoy it!
If you want to learn more about the history of the Church, with a Franciscan slant, this is the podcast for you. Father Seraphim weaves the history of various aspects of the faith with interest and humor. One of my favorite Catholic podcasts!
Fr. Seraphim knows his stuff!
Just a note to say we miss you! We pray all is well.
Welcome back to the USA! If you want to learn and enjoy yourself this podcast is for you. I bet Father's classes are fun
History, saints, theology, Popes (the good, the band & the ugly) Check it out, you'll learn something interesting every week. Also subscribe his RSS "Today in Catholic History".
Just started listening to the podcast. Downloaded back from the website into 2007 so I have a lot of episodes to catchup on. Love the content on the show. Enjoy the learning and teaching about the church involved in the podcast. SQPN offers a wide variety of shows and content from lighter fair to the teachings of the Catholic church. Definitely one of the tops on my list for teaching. Please keep up the excellent work Father! Dave
Father, Thank you for a great podcasts. Seem like I always pick something up. Keep up the good work. This podcast is not for everyone but if you like the one you pick, you will enjoy them all. Keith
I love to learn about history, and Father Seraphim does a wonderful job presenting lectures on history that are interesting and informative. It is great to hear about the truth of Roman Catholic history, and related historical events.
If you want to learn something about various topics in regards to Catholic History (customs, practices, Saints, Popes, Places of Interest, etc), this is something for you! Fr. Seraphim is very inspiring and has a very pleasant voice to listen to. Grab a cup of tea and let yourself be inspired!
When Fr. Beshoner took a few weeks off I missed the podcast greatly. He's nerdy funny smart and down to earth, and along with the Saintcast Fr. Beshoner's is the best Catholic podcast available.
Father Seraphim's podcast is excellent. I look forward to the new episodes. His material is very interesting and enlightening.
Fr. Seraphim Beshoner does a great job of presenting history, it just happens to be linked to the Catholic Church. History buffs will enjoy this whether or not they are Catholic, or even Christian. He is also a shining example of the integration of all kinds of media (AND he keeps up with all of them!!!) into the podcast, then mirroring on social networking and on his shownotes website. This very comprehensive and well-updated podcast is funny, entertaining, unusual, and thought-provoking. Highly recommended. When you subscribe, get all the back episodes, too! This podcast is a great singleton listener--you don't have to follow them in order to keep up with what's going on. He's doing a great job ministering to Catholics, while providing educational entertainment to just about everyone. This is a non-preachy Catholic podcast that any educated person will enjoy.
Father Seraphim has become my weekly must listen. While helping me to laugh and relax, he has also re-introduced me to the Church of my childhood. He has a wonderful eye for interesting factoids and excellent attention to detail. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone!
Fr. Seraphim does it all from speaking of spirituality, tradition, and history. His talks are very entertaining and more importantly, they are very informative. I also love how he takes the time to also speak of the eastern rites of the Church.
I never liked history when I had to take it in school. However, Fr. Seraphim's quiet wit and encyclopedic knowledge make it interesting (and there are no exams).
I've enjoyed listening to Fr. Seraphim for the last 10 months as he taught Catholic history (always) and his experiences in Austria since he started teaching there. It took me 10 months to listen to all 182 episodes but it was worth it! Fr. Seraphim is easy to listen to and I agree with other reviewers who like his dry sense of humor.
Educational and entertaining podcast! Range of topics keeps your interest.
Just like sitting down with a friend. Funny, entertaining, and informative. A great history lesson in each podcast that is done in an way that all will enjoy. Wonderful, dry sense of humor. Keep it up Father Seraphim.
Fr. Seraphim is an excellent teacher! History was never presented like this; even while I attended Catholic school in my younger years (Thanks Dad and Mom). Fr. Seraphim brings to life the background of history with a keen undersatnding that history was developed not only by the familiar "names and their actions" but also by the eras that surround the event. Thank you.
I think your show is the best. I am always looking forward to your next video also. Can you tell us alittle about the Franciscan rosary? Thanks
Fr. Seraphim has taught me so much about Catholic church history! I really enjoy listening to his podcasts and this is one of the few podcasts that I keep every episode of so I can listen to them again.
Until I listened to Catholic: Under the Hood, I would have said that I destested the study of history. He make it interesting and fun and shares so much no matter whether he is in Gaming, Austria, home with his brother TOR's in the US (usually at Stuebenille,OH) or "on the road" he shares things that bring smiles and knowledge.
This is a great podcast for anyone interested in the background of the Catholic faith or even history in general. I would highly recommend it.
I'm a history buff so not surprisingly this is one of my favorite podcasts. Although Father Seraphim has a way to make Church history enjoyable for everyone. He has a voice that is nice to listen to.


By Kdubya
Great Church History
In a thoughtful manner that is nuanced without being dry or doctrinaire, Fr. Beshoner examines thorny, even controversial, issues of Catholic history and contemporary events. He is always clear about the Church's stance, but does not dismiss other perspectives. Recommended for Catholics who want greater depth of understanding of their faith, non-Catholics interested in the Church's positions and history buffs.


Both informative and entertaining, Fr. Seraphim gives us a deep history of the Catholic Church that tells us how universal and relevant it truly is. Highly recommended!
Some of my favorite religion courses in college were with a Jesuit priest who gave a very fun, yet thoughtful and academic view of the materials we were covering. Fr. Beshoner seems the same way, so it's a great throwback to the old days for me. Give it a try, you'll learn something.
Well thought out, well explained lessons about the catholic church. Fr. Seraphim is patient, honest and full of insights. I would love to reccomend this to others.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. If you're Catholic, thinking about Catholicism research or just curious: check out this podcast. It is worth your time. You'll grow in knowledge of the history of the Church, deeping your faith to the body of Christ and it just helps our curiousity to know what's been going on for 2000 years.
I started listening to this podcast for the light historical content included in some episodes. Listening to this podcast has encouraged me to further explore my faith. Please keep up the excellent work.
Fr. Seraphim does a graet job in sharing the history of the Catholic Chruch and makes it quite easy to understand.
Fr. Seraphim discusses the history of the church and makes it so interesting. Great podcast!
This is an excellent podcast! I really like the mini history lessons that Fr. Seraphim delivers. Please keep it up.
Great podcast! I love researching/learning about the history of the Church. Father Seraphim presents a very interesting fact filled podcast. Thanks Father!
Fr. Beshoner's podcast is a welcome respite from all the cookie cutter podcasts out there. he is sincere, never loses sight of the shows objectives, and his history lessons are a welcome bonus. Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding!!! Subscribe, you wont be sorry!!