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Sound advice in these troubled times.
Excellent program for listeners at all financial stages. Great advice not found elsewhere.
Encouraging & practical.
My title say's it all.


By Dalyb79
I know that I have found a powerful ministry in Crown because the Lord continues to speak to me through the wisdom you share. Thank you very much for this ministry.
this podcast is very informative. i wish i had found this podcast and the info much sooner in life. hear about what God says about money and how to handle it. listen to more than one podcast and you will see what i am talking about. apply the info to your life and see how God will bless you.
This show used to be called Money Matters, and it has always been very practical and inspiring. Although no longer a call-in format, it seems like it will be excellent -- I have heard all the new shows!
I have been litterally addicted to this program for 2 years now. Can't live without it! I have learned so much, and I am financially healthy too!
I have started the great journey to being Debt free!!!!
If you want the truth about God's way of handling money, then listen. If you want someone to tell you that God wants you to be wealthy and store up earthly treasures for yourself, then you've come to the wrong place.
My bride and I fought constantly about money until we started listening to this show. We've finally been able to come up with a spending plan. We never realized that God has principles for ALL of our money, not just 10%. Thanks Howard & Steve.
These guys offer the best advice out there. Enjoyable to listen to. They have given my wife and I a great beginning toward financial freedom!! God bless. Thanks Steve and Howard.