Reviews For Healthcare Tech Talk- Exploring how technology can help meet the challenges in Healthcare.

Every episode is packed with truly relevant content to both technology professionals and healthcare providers.
The topics that are covered by Terry and the HTT team are very relevant to everyday challenges faced by Healthcare IT professionals. Keep up the good work, and let us know if you ever need suggestions for topics -- there are plenty of things to discuss.
Hello, I LOVED this episode 56 especially! As the Author of Hug Your Haters: How To Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers says, NOT responding to negative feedback IS a response. Thanks for Interviewing Jan Oldenburg. Join me on Twitter @RN_Solutions.
Thanks Terry—I’ve been enjoying your podcast topics and guests! Plus the audio quality is great for the car rides :)
The podcast provides great information in key topics related to healthcare technology. Really enjoy when innovative products and companies are brought in to discuss how they are trying to disrupt, yet improve healthcare.
Can't say enough about what this show has to offer providers, nurses, and other allied health professionals. This isn't just for HTM or IT! (I understand what HTM means now, thanks to Terry and Kelley.) They have a great dynamic, make tech topics digestible, and are delivering fresh, timely, truly valuable information. Thank you for what you do and keep it coming!
This is a very good podcast. The hosts and the topics about HTM, healthcare technology management, are informative and up to date. I will look out for more information.
Compact and useful content, focused to timely topics. Presented with impeccable use of available technology. You will look for ways to make time in your busy schedule to take advantage of this series.
Doing a great job!!! Keep it up!!!
As a professional in the industry, it's very handy to have explanation of acronyms and to know what's coming in the near future.