Reviews For Conscious Dancer with Mark Metz | Awakening your Body Intelligence

Mark has put together an amazing resource for dancers. I highly recommend this podcast.
Years ago I believed the true path to consciousness was through meditation and stillness. Now I know my body to be my greatest consciousness facilitator. Thank you Consciousness Dancer for making these wonderful podcasts available!
The Conscious Dancer podcast exhibits an amazing array of supportive methods for engaging in a better understanding of how we exist. Our motion planes awareness amongst and within. Truly am enjoying the inspiring topics that support an engaged and motivated form.
I always enjoy listening to Debbie Rosas. Her wisdom and knowledge of the human body seems to be infinite. Her passion runs deep and her desire to share and empower others is amazing. The content of this recording is awe inspiring.
Dancing is what makes me happiest. I do many other things in life, but as soon as I dance, I get into a zen-zone and get a smile on my face. I dance before and often during painting, because I find dancing brings clarity. Conscious Dancer is a fabulous resource, the podcasts are wonderful, especially for those of us who often dance alone, or without a community of mindful movers. Wonderful!
Absolutely loved this interview! Sondra is so clear on the healthful role of somatic movement, not objectifying the body, dancing and teaching with a spirit of abundance and sharing. I'm inspired to read her books, and to learn more about her work. Thank You for sharing! <3
Dance and movement has been the most important constant in my life since childhood. The abundance of shared information such as this helps me stay inspired and connected enough so that at age 60 I have no reservations about the continued importance of embracing my passion. Dance for me is like a spiritual experience and this community lets me know I am not alone.
Bringing my awareness to my body has been one of the best moves I have ever done. I love being located in me. Thanks Mark and all for providing these podcasts.
I LOVE this podcast! I discovered JourneyDance in 2010 and this was my introduction to conscious dance. I've been a dancer my entire life, trained in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern...all of that! However, conscious dance has opened me up to a whole new perspective. I am so grateful for this podcast because I've been very immersed in my business lately and have lost touch with my dance practice. This podcast has re-awakened the dancer inside of me-as I listened to the words of my good friend, and teacher, Toni Bergins. It's so important for people to have a resource like this podcast-to understand the conscious dance movement through the eyes of dancers themselves! How healing would it be for more and more people to discover conscious dance?! Thank you for this fantastic podcast, I'll certainly be staying on the pulse of all new interviews!
I have never been involved in professional dancing and just entered the world of dance as practice recently. I find it inspiring to hear about the story of dance and how it has changed (her) life. I resonated when she was speaking about how dance is for EVERYONE...I love that...I never believed that until a few years ago as I was not a "dancer" growing up. I admire that you are having people talk about the life changing power of dancing and movement...I have never listened to something like this...without this power of dance...I don't know where I would be! I look forward to hearing more stories.
So thankful to have been gifted with this podcast Mark has co-created...this is my first podcast that I have accessed on iTunes... appreciating having the opportunity to be moved by these inspiring facilitators...Thank You!
I listened to Debbie Rosas and found the interview to be very inspiring, encouraging and informative. As a Nia instructor myself, it has been an organic journey to find "my way" in how to market, teach, and find my audience, so it was great to hear Debbie speak about the entire vision and openness to the exploration and self-discovery process not only to the work itself but to the business side of Nia as well. Thank you Debbie. I will definitely listen to the other podcasts as it's encouraging to hear stories shared from those experienced and actively out in the field creating momentum in this amazing field of conscious movement. It also provides support when the going feels tough. Thank you Mark for your devotion to this work.
a truly in inspiring podcast with excellent guest speakers touching on various aspects of dance as an active part of our todays life in well-being, health and spiritual and transpersonal growth. Thank you Mark and all speakers.
Having never been involved with dance until recently, I never realized it would speak the same language as my own heart. About eight years ago I wandered into a NIA class. Since then I've been exploring and enjoying more NIA, ecstatic dance, African and other world fusion dances, as well as many other movement forms. I'm enjoying gaining insights and connecting with the greater dance community through this awesome podcast. Thanks, Mark!
I have wellness business that inspires individuals, groups and communities to thrive and embody the life of empowerment & deams through Life Brilliance Coaching & Movement is Medicine Nia Teacher guide. To start art by expressing my beam of truthful gratitude for your unique podcast & professional magazine. Your intention has been a beackon of hope on my path. I am deeply touched on my journey to listen & read consious magazine valuable content awalys. Even though I commonly hit waves of "what am I doing? Is this ever going to be a successful business?" and hit walls of harsh barriers outside our conscious communities, this place fills me again in embracing my deep calling. I have squeezed with mother earth love & blown you kisses of "HELL YES" for consistently shining this work as potent and significant now on the planet in a graceful tangible way know one else does. Your podcast and magazine is like a dimaond special star in the sky, I can always see reflecting back at my heart couragous bravery, commitment to my soul calling, and lifting me up to always dance. Movement is my medicine and your podcast reminds me to share and shine my medicine with others everyday. Fear dissolves when I listen to Mark and others leaders of the conscious dancer world here. Please keep dong this juicy aweness here I look forward to always learning more and more. There are many podcast out there that bring my life inspiration but this podcast raises my vibration in a visceral awakening way nourishing my pilot light with the exact fire I need to continue to guide in dance. always from love, Sommer Joy
I am not only an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, but also a lover of somatic experience, of "Soul Motion," of Focusing and practicing deep listening as energy, my spirit, moves throughout my body, my emotions, and my thoughts giving voice through movement...I love having the opportunity to hear so many of our great leaders in Conscious Movement speak to their practice and how their noticing led their experience and their creation. I am grateful for Mark's ability to listen and reflect and allow the message, the voice of the practice to come through...even to surprise when entrepreneurship becomes a focus (conversation with Debbie Rosas). I certainly did not expect the opportunity to invigorate my personal growth in that moment, yet I was able to receive the message as it organically came through. Thank you Mark and to all whom Mark interviews; In lak' ech (I am the other you).
With this podcast Mark Metz and Conscious Dancer take the conversation about body intelligence and somatic expression to the next level, bringing the leading visionaries and theorists of the movement to our ipods. As a conscious movement facilitator and embodiment educator, I find the podcasts incredibly valuable– inspiring, profoundly informative, on the leading the edge. This is definitely the voice of the most potent new movement of the day!
This is an amazing way to be connected to the 'movement as medicine' movement sweeping over the world. I am so happy to be connected to the somatic, movement, and medicine transformations happening outside of my local sphere and be in conversation and communion with the miracle of movement on our lives!
Very excited to hear these voices and the passion we all share for conscious dance. Yeah!
Mark is providing a wonderful service to the dance world by interviewing some of the most interesting, exciting and knowledgeable movers and creators. The conversations are enlightening and inspiring. Keep up the good work!
As a clinical social worker providing counseling and therapy to children and adolescents, I am so inspired to begin implementing dance as a powerful and emotionally freeing therapeutic modality! All interventions must be measurable in my field…Dancing people are not angry anxious depressed people! This psychotherapist will begin today using movement as medicine in her clinical practice. Thank you for the inspiration✔️
A podcast filled with information on how the body informs all we are/do through dance, movement, and all things somatic. You will find ways to nourish your "body beloved” and honor your whole living system! Bravo!!
Much gratitude to Debbie for sharing her personal health and wellness journey. The paths that led her to the development of The Nia® Technique is inspiring and touches the heart. What a beautiful movement practice that truly embraces the human spirit, mind, body, and emotions.
Amazing how "Life is Easy" when the Breath is breezy! Thank You
Thank you for this. Really. Each episode gets better and better. Wishing all the best and a revolution in movement.
Thank you Mark for creating this community. There are so many wonderful people in the world and now I get to know them. You ask thoughtful questions and allow your guests to speak without interrupting. Great interviews!
Conscious Dancer and Mark Metz launched an innovative dance/movement revolution promoting health, joy, community, spiritual growth, connection, inspiration, knowledge and wisdom! After reading the very first issue of Conscious Dancer, I hoped the synergy would grow and expand in ever widening dimensions and I'm so happy to witness vision coming into fruition!!
This was a great interview with one of the pioneers of conscious movement - it was inspiring to hear about Debbie's early beginning and the way she learned the art of listening to the body through her own experiences. Great insight. So glad you are producing these podcasts!
I really enjoyed this interview with Mary Pinizzotto, particularly her honesty about why she chose to leave the competitive side of dance and engage in other arenas that were more satisfying to her. Conscious Dancer's podcast is both entertaining and informative and I look forward to listening to further episodes.
Wonderful to have inspiration so easily available as a subscription in iTunes. I’m listening to these podcasts as a way to wind down in the evening. And if I fall asleep... so much the better! They will be processed on a subliminal level, and I wake up energized, ready to live and dance!
I wanted to learn more about the nia technique. I love hearing about how things are created!
It's so nice to hear other people talking about their conscious dance experiences…totally relatable, encouraging and inspiring. Makes me want to go dance right now!
I am grateful for this! Thank you! :D
I love conscious dancer magazine and this podcast is another great way to be inspired by our holistic leaders. What an inspiration to hear from the source! There are so many modalities and ways in which we can heal and transform ourselves through movement! Thank you for sharing these conversations!
So happy to find this! Just listened to Debbie Rosas…always enlightening! I am a Brown Belt in the Nia technique and looking forward to Black! Keep Movin' & Groovin' Love, Laurie
I am always so inspired by Debbie's words. I loved her reminder to create a relationship with whatever you want to create so that you do it your way, not in some rote fashion. I look forward to inspiration from the other podcasts as well.
Loving, loving loving getting to hear all of these powerful mind body movement Leaders let us in on their stories, their journeys, their struggles and triumphs bringing this groundbreaking work out into the world. This provides SO much JUICE for me and my mission. Thank you! Debbie Rosas was fantastic to hear and I look forward to listening to every single one of these podcasts.
We have discovered the many forms of conscious dance around the bay area because of Mark Metz and his co-horts. It is wonderful that he has made this podcasts available for all to hear and take advantage of conscious dancing even if you don't live in San Francisco/Oakland/Berkeley. Thanks Mark!!
Such a valuable resource for listening, learning, feeling inspired to keep creating and participating in sanctuaries of conscious movement. The stories from the heart about movement journeys of healing bring me back to the core reason why we dance, express through movement, push beyond boundaries of the mind and heart toward ever more authenticity and interconnection. Let the wisdom of the body prevail!
Mark Metz has been a superlative leader in helping to bring together all of the diverse offerings of dance to establish a true collective of cutting edge dance transformative experiences. Mark is a Mover and a Shaker of collaborative conscious dance and a catalyst for choreographing the possibilities into our awareness. Mark has brought forth the sacred traditions of dance and helped tremendously with bridging the past with the present evolution of movement as it applies to our spirit and soul. These podcasts will illuminate and inspire you to move to the beat of a different rhythm for the unfurling of a love of moving artistry. Bravo Mark! Keep on moving our consciousness within the beauty of our embodied beings.
Mary Pinizotto mentions the "joy and privilege” of her life as a dancer and dance teacher - and what I love about Conscious Dancer is that it (the magazine, Mark Metz, the "movement") supports each of us to have that joy and privilege... Daily... even if we're not dancing at a community event. We're in community, and this podcast helps bring it back to me in my own living room. Thank you so much Mark for holding the flame of your own "big hairy audacious goal!" ;-)
I have been very interested in Nia. I enjoyed listening to the interview and found it extremely informative. The interview inspired me to look into Nia classes and possibly even teacher training. Thanks for offering this information.
yes to conversations about embodiment, yes to sharing the stories, the journeys, the failures, the confusion and the misunderstandings, yes to more of all of it!
Dance heals with Joy! & conversations with the movers & shakers (funny how language owns this!) are an inspiring part of the process and soulful invitation to explore! ~ Diane Waye of Stretching by the Bay
This is a great podcast! Mark, a huge thank you for the important work you're doing for the Dance tribe(s) and the community at large. There could not be a better time to bring information to the public and to provide those who are active in the dance scene with a common meeting-ground for ideas, experience, and shared wisdom. Keep up the good work!
I have recently discovered the Nia technique. Through my experience, I found a link to your wonderful podcasts. Thank you for sharing so many gifts with the various interviews on conscious dance and movement. I was a dancer (ballet, tap and jazz) for 12 years in my youth (I am 48) I could have never imagined finding so much pure healing JOY in returning to movement again. I am excited for an opportunity to explore a Nia white belt, as I am only minutes from one of the most amazing instructors, in Texas. Have a beautiful day!


By Suds108
Sharing with my dance friends now. :)
The discussion on Nia by Debbie Rosas was so helpful and informational, even to me as a Nia teacher. To hear those ideas of Nia's start and foundations (which I have heard about and read so many times) from Debbie herself was a gift. I can't wait to listen to more of these podcasts.
I learned a lot about movement and health that I never knew. Great interviews.