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Excellent, short listen for anyone dreaming about opening a brewery some day. Concise and consistent format, with great information from people with all sorts of industry experience.
The podcast provides excellent information on microbrewery business. The interviews are very useful and give you an overview of what a microbrewer has to go through to setup a business. It is also an excellent source of references on books and materials in case you are thinking of starting a microbrewery.
I'm starting to brew myself and was looking for some direction. This podcast is beyond helpful and has given me some phenomenal ideas! Keep up the good work!
This is the single best podcast I have ever listened to. There is a wealth of information in each episode and is just what the wannabe brewery owner ordered! Thanks, Nathan!
Nathan knows the market and provides the information needed to start and grow a micro-brewery. Well done - keep moving forward.
This is a really well thought out podcast. Whether or not you plan on opening a brewery, this podcast makes you consider all aspects of business - challenges, opportunities, and non-stop learning. Great stories… and a topic that I happened to love! Really well done!
Loving this podcast. Episode topics are interesting, the content is incredibly helpful, and the episode length is perfect. Keep up the great work, Nathan.
I love all the topics. I’m a beer lover and this podcast covers a wide range of topics. So glad I found it! Looking forward to every new episode.
I’ve really enjoyed listening to the MicroBrewr podcast. In fact, they’re the reason I started listening to more and more podcasts. I’m going to open my own BrewPub within the next 5 years and this podcast is PERFECT for information gathering. Nathan does an excellent job of asking the relevant questions and pulling out the details we, as an audience, want to know. If you want to open up your own craft beer business or want to learn and understand the industry more, this is the podcast for you!
Good info for people starting out.
Love this podcast.
Nathan, I really like the format of your podcast, and the wealth of information it offers – not just about beer, but about successfully starting and running a business. Your recent episode with Wim Bens touched on some points that I always try to convey to my friends. To start a microbrewery, one needs to love what they're doing, believe in the produce, and have a creative and analytic mind. Also, I liked that Wim drove home that business owners – be is brewing or anything else – need to wear many hats in small operations (marketing, sales, production, and finances). Keep up the great work, and I think brewers and entrepreneurs in general can learn a lot from your podcast. Thanks!
great info from people who have actually been there and done that. would be nice if the host knew something about beer or business. still, he does a nice job of booking interesting subjects and the production value is decent.
Informative and fun this podcast teaches more then just the business of brewing, Nathan offers up great value for anyone in business!
Always has great guests from the beer industry and great tips from the guests!
I'm definitely passing this podcast on to several of my friends as they are looking to get into the micro-brewery Industry. Thanks for sharing your passion Nathan and allowing us to all learn more about this age old tradition.
I’ve been listening for about 9 months and I appreciate the guests, and information presented through most of the episodes. I am not planning to open a brewery in the near future but I do work in one and appreciate learning the business side of things. My main concern is the awkward interviewing practices which make the podcast hard to listen to at times. I feel the host is prepared but is often side tracked by personal experience such as trying to relate the location of a brewery to an airport he flies out of frequently, or asking basic process questions that most people looking to open a brewery would/should already know rather than spending time getting to the advanced stuff. I wish there were a more fluid and energetic approach to the interviews with more direct and enlightened questions rather than the stock fluff questions at the end such as “bottles or cans,” that many of the guests sometimes don’t have a real opinion on or can’t answer. It is a truly valiant effort which is not a wasted listen at times - but I’d love to see the direction of the podcast evolve and move past some of the fluff and catch phrases. Best wishes.
Love this podcast. Having a delightful beer while I write this. Insightful ideas that help us grow and improve.
I love this podcast, listened to the legal podcast just released and now am working through some of the business start up one. Thank you
If you're in or interested in the microbrewery business you MUST listen to this!!!
This show has got me into thinking of starting my own brewery. Very educational stuff from people who knows the industry. Thanks a lot!
Great little podcast for people in the industry or the real beer lover.


Just Excellent !
This is a great resource for breweries in planning and is entertaining for beer enthusiasts. Every brewer and beer lover has a story to tell, and this is an excellent medium for them. Keep up the good work Nathan.
Who doesn't love a great beer and finding the best out there is a constant quest. Great podcast!
MicroBrewr is an interesting and fresh concept. Nathan’s a natural host who brings on interesting guests. Keep em coming!
I have been listening to the brew strong network show by Jamal and those guys are really fun but don't give 10% of the information that the show gives for starting your own brewery. This is a very detailed show with great guests.
So many of us are home brewers with dreams of entering the commercial craft brew industry. This is the podcast to listen to if you have those aspirations, or if you're just interested in business and craft beer. Very informative, great to listen to, and full of interesting topics and guests. Nathan asks great questions that I often hadn't realized I wanted to know the answer to. I hope this podcast continues, I'd love to see how far it can go.
I can’t say enough about this podcast! It delivers a wealth of knowledge from people in the industry. As a beginning microbrewer and mead maker I appreciate the insights and lessons each guest bring to the table. I believe the saying go "A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise one learns from the mistakes of others."
This Podcast is the BEST podcast I've ever listenened, let alone the best for craft beer. Nathan Pierce has done a great job taking over from Joe Schelerude(spl) and has helped me tremendously in planning my own brewery. From a former accountant for Dogfish Head to the first female to own a major production brewery in Indiana, Nathan does a great job talking to industry insiders to provide integral knowledge when planning or trying to take your brewery to the next level! I've learned relevant and pertinent information on water/wastewater, brewery capacity and hop contracts, to name a few. Highly recommended!
I continue to be impressed with the new bits of info that are drawn out of each successive interview. The variety of brewing business-related topics is fantastic. Entertaining and educational… - Ranman - Home brewer, with aspirations to go commercial some day...
I'm in the process of opening a brewery in NC and Joe and Nathan have been great in making me think of things and giving me ideas for my own place.
Can’t wait to tell my brewing friends and wannabe micro brewers about this podcast. I would tell the name of the beer drunk from “21st" on the Virgin Atlantic flight, but that wouldn’t be fair to the listeners - even though I want to win a T-shirt. Fun - excellent questions - this podcast is getting our craft beer history archived. Well done!
Nathan's doing a great job of getting inside the brewing industry. A wide variety of guests provide useful insight and helpful advice for starting a brewery. Good stuff.
This is a great podcast for all those looking to get more info and inspiration on Home brewing. Great show!!
A one stop podcast for anyone interested in Microbrewing. Everything anyone needs to know to build a successful micro brewery or pub. The marketing, branding and social media info can be applied anywhere. Great stuff! -Cole A. Hatter
Love Microbrew! Love IPA...Stone Brewery is like church for me! I used to home brew...maybe I will start again! Great show :D
Just listening to this podcast makes me thirsty. I'm on the way to the fridge right now for a nice, cold homebrew. Thanks for the inspiration!
Great format of questions. Nice to hear different breweries give answers for the specific questions asked on every episode
I have listen to all 23 of the POD casts. We brewered our first batch of beer on August 10th. This has been very timley and informative to listen to as we put the 30 Barrel Brewery it into production over the past 4 1/2 months. I would recommend this to anyone interested in a brewers persective on the industry.
Working my way through from episode 1, and am really impressed. Seems to have found a niche that wasn't being satisfied. Still a bit uncomfortable in interviews, but shouldn't be because he is obviously prepared.
Joe and his guests have covered a variety of useful topics and are sharing great information with the craft beer community, which at its core is what it's all about! There were great tools and clear and concise summaries on the website. Looking forward to the next one.
Great podcast for good listening, entertainment, and information. A little on the ‘overview’ and cliff notes side of things. Would like it to be more detailed and really dig deep into things. But such could really turn into a boring lecture. So the light atmosphere and great conversations really make it well worth listening to. Glad he has gone to once a week and not every other.
If you are interested in becoming a craft beer entrepreneur then Joe's podcasts are for you. Joe has a passion for the industry and has created a valuable resource through Microbrewr podcasts. Tune in and take notes!

By Bhave
A lot of the craft beer podcasts have a lot of dead noise. Joe does a good job keeping conversations going, and a pretty strong radio voice.
Joe, Well done. As someone investigating the brewing industry, you have helped to bring about conversations and information that I have been searching for. Thank you for your insightful conversations.
As someone who brewed briefly in the late nineties and is considering getting back in for myself this podcast is invaluable. I started listening yesterday and am on my fifth one now. Keep it up!
I have been in the beer industry for about decade and this podcast has taught me something new in every episode. Joe makes it easy to learn from pros who have been there. He asks most guests what they’d do differently if they could; these answers are golden! Breweries are expensive and hard to change, don’t make an error in the startup days that would be costly to undo. Listen to this podcast!