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I love his books. But there is only two podcasts?
As someone who has walked an interesting spiritual path for five decades, Dan Millman's work was certainly known to me. Although I've given his books to others, I never got around to reading them myself, since having read so many others, his work seemed somehow redundant (forgive me, oh fervent fans of his). Last week I found myself here, where I uploaded the two chapters currently available. I was both surprised and pleased to find that a key piece of information I had long sought lurked within the first, and after a second and then a third listen to that same chapter, I added two more salient tidbits to my stash of knowledge for personal growth! So PLEASE continue this podcast...and I may even bring myself to read your books finally. Ah, the super ego and its tricky ways...
I can never get enough of Dan's wisdom. And now that I've met him, I'm even more enthused. What an unpretentious person for all his fame!
Ive read many of Dan's books, and I love them. Learning of this podcast, I wasn't sure how I would react, but I also wasn't sure what selections I was going to hear. Having heard it, this was a WONDERFUL start for upcoming podcasts. I loved the selections chosen for this first podcast, and I look forward to hearing more, and I hope others do as well. Thank you, and have a wonderful day.