Reviews For NORML Weekly News Podcast


By Giteno
Great podcast


By Hula158
Why does this podcast have so many problems! I like to listen to the cast but it almost always has a problem loading.
Thanks norml
I looked at and found that it said that pot causes cancer however no one has died from pot. I looked in to the studies referenced and found that they applied more pot than a human can consume directly on to animal skin cells and found they contracted cancer. The website also ignored the fact that more netrual studies completly contradicted all of the conclusions of the clearly bious studies [except the shorterm memory loss when under it's influence]. Leagisating pot will increase the price, drecrease use in minors, decrease gang activity, and allow people to get help to get over their pleasure addiction.
I really enjoy listening to this NORML podcast every week. It recaps some of the news covered during the week and is great for someone looking for the currrent cannabis news. To hear a more indepth analysis I like to listen to the daily stash.
The speaker speaks with a little bit of a monotone which does not really draw the listener in. Other than that it is informative and I hope that people catch on to this podcast and do their part to end cannabis prohibition.
A serious approach to a serious topic. I like the "news" type delivery. It seems to be an exact reading of the NORML weekly press release. For those who want real-world info and not smoke-filled, half-baked entertainment...the weekly podcast reports on the latest news on law reform, medical and scientic journal articles etc. NORML also offers talks and special podcasts throughout the year. If you are interested in the topic of Marijuana....and want info from the longest running reform organization in the USA....then listen to NORML News every week.
The news content in this 'cast is great, but the narrator's reading makes me want to tune out. His voice is quite monotonous.
I really enjoy the information here, but I cannot stand the way the guy speaks. That's not such a small part of the listening experience, either. I keep trying, but turn it off because it is so annoying! I appreciate the 'upstanding' take on Marijuanna reform, but the weird reverbby-space effect and the diction of the speaker really turn me off.
make sure you catch this podcast for the most recent cannabis news and information!!!
excellent research
It was past time for there to be a serious news angle on marijuana legislative reform. NORML has taken a mature and profound stance on delivering information about current efforts and events, affecting anyone with a deep concern about legalization issues. I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast.
Very informative, and coming straight from the front lines, so I'd say it's all pretty dependable information. However, the reporter sounds like a computer. A good listen if you just want to hear the latest, but this is an extremely uncreative and uninspiring podcast, in my opinion.