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This is a great duo podcast.I am only on episode 6 but I am going to listen to them all.I love your rapport with each other.There is no cussing so I can listen with my children an that is a great thing.Five stars to this great podcast.


I started listening because I heard about their October episodes on Monster Kid Radio, episodes that discuss a classic horror movie and related comic book. I've got to finish all of last year's so I'll be ready for this year. The husband and wife banter is funny, probably familiar to anyone and his/her significant other.
I first listened to Super Mates during the JLMay Crossover event, and have since enjoyed tuning in for many more episodes. Cindy and Chris have a wonderful podcast with great humor between the two of them. They're not afraid to delve deep into the intricacies of comics lore, and they hilariously poke fun at each other a bit while they're at it!
When I first heard of this Earth 2 Chris fella I harbored a secret grudge, because he won the first Haney award! Later I heard him podcast on other shows and realized he was a good guy. I also heard his wife Cindy on another show, and their promo was funny and intriguing, so I listened to their show. They have the chops to entertain for the whole episode, and good chemistry. They talk about a wide variety of geek culture, and this show is funny and full of facts that they know so you can learn as well. G'day, mates!
I thought I was the only one blessed with a super mate in my wife, but Chris is a lucky man with Cindy. Checkout what a true geek couple is like and here some great back and forth between Chris and Cindy.
Remember when your parents would fuss and fight? It's like that, but about geeky things and fun. Ok, so it's not like fighting. But it is geeky and fun. Trust me, every marriage should put these kinds of smiles on people's faces. Now sit back and enjoy the show.
I could listen to Chris and Cindy chat (and bicker) about superheroes and science fiction all day long! They are hilarious, charming, and insightful. It's rare to find a partner that shares your hobbies, and these two are a rare pair indeed! Definitely give this show a try; you'll be hooked!
How lucky could one guy get in that he podcasts about comics and movies all the time, and his wife loves to do it also! Great show, great hosts, great topics. I could keep going, but you get the picture.
Husband and wife Chris and Cindy Franklin cover comics, movies, and TV in this light and fun podcast. Plus the two always do Halloween right :-)
Chris and Cindy Franklin bring a joyous new dynamic to geek culture podcasts. What could be just another show dedicated to comics and cartoons is elevated to new heights through an infusion of hilarious husband-and-wife banter. Every episode of the Super Mates Podcast delivers equal measures of heart and nostalgia. It’s a wonderful show and well worth your time. Subscribe and listen now!
This couple is a wonderful podcast team!
This sweet and funny podcast is hosted by a husband and wife geek team, which adds a nice fresh angle to the typical pop culture podcast discussions (comics, cartoons, Star Trek, etc.). Chris and Cindy have a nice, easygoing rapport and it's a pleasure to hear him discuss geeky passions from their unique perspectives. A fun show.