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Josh and Stacy are such special people and their lives truly glorify God! Episode 3 was very educational and I enjoyed their perspective on autism. This podcast is so encouraging from the joys to the struggles. Excited to hear more of what God is doing through this amazing family.
Josh and Stacey are so genuine, inviting, and knowledgeable! They present their lives of victories and struggles in a manner that’s easy to understand and follow! Excellent podcast!
I never thought of a calling, particularly a missionary calling, in the way explained by these two. The podcast is insightful and has already made me think deeper about my life from Episode 1. Can’t wait for more.
Josh and Stacy are the real deal! They both love Jesus and live well for Him. I can’t wait to listen to all their adventures in Malawi through this podcast and they grow and go for God’s glory.