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One of my favorite podcasts!!! I used to work in publishing as a designer, I can’t get enough of the stories behind the stories, from authors to illustrators and agents. Children’s picture books are little pieces of art, and hearing the inspiration behind each one is captivating...I always feel heartfully connected to a new perspective after each show.
Matthew loves reading & books, his podcast is brimming with thoughtful books discussions with their creators. Besides getting a sneak peak into the books, he talks story, development with current #KidLit creatives.
This podcast is not quite for kids I think because there is a little bit to much talking and the backround music is kind of annoying.
Insightful, creative, and grounded in respect for both creators and young readers, this thoughtfully curated series is a constant delight.
I love Matthew Winner’s sensitivity & deep, abiding love of children’s books. I love his enthusiasm for the books and authors he features. My one small complaint is that I wish he let guests talk more. While it’s very nice to hear his own, very heartfelt reactions to his guests’ work... as a listener, I really want to hear more of what THEY have to say.
Hey Mr. winner this is Kenzie Gardner From McDonogh school where are you teach
If you’re interested in writing for or reading to children, then this is the podcast for you. Matthew’s love of all things kidlit shines through in every interview question, every delighted laugh, every exclamation of “oh my word!” His guests include diverse authors, illustrators, editors, and others.
One of my favorite podcasts, I always have my library app open to place holds on the material by the authors and illustrators feature on the show. Thanks Matthew!
Inspiring guests building a beautiful dialogue with thoughtful host Matthew Winner. It’s a wonderful and informative listen that anyone can enjoy.
I absolutely love this podcast. Matthew takes the time to research each guest, and the interviews are thoughtful and done with care and even love. As a writer and a teacher, I love this podcast because it leaves me feeling inspired both to write and to bring these books into my students.
I can't count the number of hours Matthew and his guests have kept me company while I create. Always entertaining, insightful, and inspiring. Thanks Matthew!
I love how interesting, informative, and inspirational Matthew’s interviews are! He asks great questions and brings out the best in his guests. I enjoy so much learning about the people behind the books I love. And learning about new books to love!
Hello, I am a new Childrens book author and I love listening to your podcast. So helpful and resourceful, thank you so much for sharing your gift with everyone.
I’ve been listening non-stop since discovering this podcast. Matthew is entertaining and his guest never disappoint.
Matthew asks such thoughtful questions and exhibits such genuine enthusiasm. It is such a treat to listen to his podcast.
The Children’s Book Podcast is one of my favorite resources for learning about the best new books and how they’re created. I love the way Matthew Winner thinks about books, and asks thoughtful and insightful questions of authors and illustrators. Anyone who love kids books will love them even more after listening to these interviews!
This podcast is all around wonderful! Great insight, fun conversations, and an all around love for books.
How enjoyable! Can't wait to review on my podcast Hear Today. Done Tomorrow.
The interviews are engaging and Matthew is a fantastic host. The guests are extraordinary and well known in the literary world. I would highly recommend this podcast.
Matthew Winner's enthusiasm and energy for children's literature will make you smile as you listen to this podcast. You can tell he's smiling too while interviewing writers, illustrators and publishing professionals. It has been fun to read the books featured on the podcast and know the inside scoop. I have a greater understanding and appreciation for kid lit now and am grateful for it. Thanks, Matthew!
Such a lovely podcast. Matthew is a warm and delightful host, and connects with fantastic people in the industry who share their inspiring stories and provide wonderful tips! As a mama, writer and illustrator, I find these podcasts highly motivating, fun and uplifting... dare to dream, indeed!
All the Wonders is wonderful and is a must listen if you're someone who is passionate about books for children. The stories, the process, the pull behind the curtain glimpse inside the minds of writers / illustrators / art directors / editors / you name it Matthew Winner and his team has got it. As an illustrator / writer myself it's that extra boost of modivation I need to get my brain and hand working together to get something on paper. I'm always eagerly awaiting the next episode to come out, you guys are doing an absolutely fantastic job for the kid lit community and want you to know I'm a huge fan and cheering you on!
This is the best kid lit podcast out there! I listen regularly and visit the website often. Add it to your "must listen" list!
What a wonderful podcast! It is so much fun to hear from authors and learn about their new books. Thank you for all that you do to bring us such great content, Matthew.
This podcast is my go-to companion for laundry folding. And now I never have extra laundry piled up! I absolutely love Matthew's enthusiasm for all things kidlit. I particularly enjoy hearing about writer's and illustrator's process, and learning about new titles. And who is listening that doesn't just belt it out and sing along with that awesome theme song? Ah- ah- ahhhllll the wonders...
All The Wonders provides an deep look into the stories behind the stories. Listen, if you are a parent who loves children’s books. Listen, if you are a student learning about children’s books. Listen, if you are a writer, illustrator, editor, or designer looking for industry insight into children’s books. Matthew Winner and his team have done an incredible job with All the Wonders.
I listen religiously and have been meaning to write a review for a while. A MUST-LISTEN for all newbies in kids' lit. Should be a requirement for all college and graduate illustration programs! I think I may have learned more about picture books here than in school... shhhh....
I recently found this podcast. I love it! I am looking to getting to children's book illustration. I love hearing the working writer/illustrator perspectives. It's great to listen to while in the studio. Thank you
Thank you All the Wonders and Mathew Winter. Each week I'm inspired, laugh and learn so much as you talk with such passion about books for children. It is indeed a good thing! (Love that) Dorothia Rohner
I'm a children's book author and illustrator and I love listening to this podcast while I work! Matthew's interviews and the guests he brings on the show are so inspirational and really keep me motivated. Thanks Matthew for All the Wonders!
This is the must-have podcast for anyone interested in or remotely involved with children's literature today. Love it!
I have listened to nearly every episode and can say that this show is my absolute favorite! Matthew is such a wealth of knowledge and enthusiam, and he can always be counted upon to bring in guests who's talents absolutely amaze me! I am an illustrator and can't get enough of all the insightful industry talk, as well as inspiring success stories! Thank you Matthew, you are a Winner, and your podcast motivates me like none other! :)
Love the podcast - and think it's a great window into cihldren's publishing. Pet peeve: I wish Matthew would let his guests finish their own sentences LOL - and he's a bit too gushy -- but what the heck, you can hear his excitement and know that he's a fan of the industry. Top notch guests, interesting variety - which leads to a successful and engaging podcast.
I had been trying to find podcasts about art, writing, and storytelling and I found all of them in All the Wonders. It's a joy to hear Matt talk with all the writers and artists that come by and to hear their process and stories of getting the ideas onto a published page. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in storytelling or the creative process.
ATW introduces all the friends I'm excited to meet. When I get the opportunity to meet them, I better understand their artistic journey and work, and my appreciation grows bigger. What I mean to say is just thanks for connecting children, librarians, author and illustrators! All The Wonders takes the loneliness out of being alone in the studio.
I love that you record this in your library office! I love that you talk to everyone I want to talk to in the kid lit world. You help my students in Kuala Lumpur get their hands on the best books around- spolier alert, I buy a lot of books!
Matthew continues to put out such an informative, engaging podcast. The sound quality is consistently good, and the caliber of the interviews is excellent. I really enjoy hearing from authors or illustrators of books I've read, and this podcast has helped me find some gems I wouldn't have otherwise. It's always fun to get more of the author's personality. On the Robert Sabuda episode, I learned it takes over 1,000 people to make one of his pop-up books. Amazing!
This is the ultimate podcast for fans of children's literature. Host Matthew Winner's gets the most amazing guests on his show from picture book authors and illustrators, to creators of graphic novels, middle grade, and young adult novels, as well as agents, editors, and award-winners. Matthew Winner is truly the Johnny Carson of Kidlit. Can I get a 'My Word!'?
Matthew Winner is WINNING. He is the “Charlie Rose” of Picture book Author interviews.
It is so refreshing and energizing to listen to Matthew Winner. His excitement for these creators and love for their books is so genuine it is infectious. He makes me want to find new ways to seek out and engage with children's literature. The guests that he invites are fantastic. Each one has an inspiring approach and viewpoint. The conversational back and forth creates an intimate setting allowing me to feel like we are all neighbors and friends celebrating a recent achievement. At the end of each podcast I wish I could hug and high five everyone.
In his essay for the 1981 book, "Celebrating Children's Books," Arnold Lobel recalls an interview with Dr. Seuss in which a reporter callously says, "Don't you feel that the general quality of children's books is quiet low?" Dr. Seuss, taken-aback by the question responds, "Now don't ask me to denigrate children's books. You're not going to make me do that." Lobel comments on this interaction by saying, "Here, obviously, was a man who... having been around children's books for a long time, was well aware of their real worth." Matthew Winner is cut from this same cloth. Here is a man who lives a life celebrating children's literature and the people who create it and understands fully their "real worth." His interviews are consistently fun and insightful and he speaks with some of the greatest writers and illustrators working in the industry today. The podcast motivates and inspires me to do the best possible work I can. Thank you, Matthew!
Teachers, librarians, anyone in children's literature... if you haven't listened to this podcast yet, you are really missing out. Matthew Winner creates an atmosphere of cozy kidlit intimacy that makes the listener feel like they're hanging out and chatting with the host and guest (I like to imagine I'm holding a cup of hot chocolate and sitting by a fire with them). Insightful, heartwarming discourse, an absolute pleasure to listen to. The perfect mix of ear-candy and therapy.
Matthew Winner, after listening to your podcast for several months now, I feel like I know you. (Maybe our paths will cross in real life some day!) I am a children's librarian turned author, and lucky me, I have most certainly stumbled upon a pot of gold with "All the Wonders!" I am learing so much from you and your guests, and I smile every time I hear the name of an author or publisher whose books I have loved and shared with children for years. Thank you for helping me feel closer to those I admire. Your enthusiasm and passion for the craft of making children's books is inspiring!
I'm a reading specialist and work with children who typically dislike reading. This podcast gives me all kinds of information about books to recommend to my students. I can listen on my way to school and on my way home. It's a great resource.
Just listened to the interview with Cathy Camper & Raul the Third and we are totally nerding out! My son LOVES reading all types of books and we are excited to be learning a little bit more about who these amazing creators are what goes on behind the scenes. Thank you Matt!
I've been listening for about three months now and absolutely love hearing Matthew's conversations with book people! As a fellow librarian I'm inspired by these conversations and would love to see Matthew in action in his school LMC!
I love learning about new books, and hearing from familiar friends through this podcast. In every episode I learn something new to share with my students. I find myself laughing along, agreeing out loud and "awww-ing" as I listen to authors, illustrators and others in the kidlit world share with Matthew. Every episode is a celebration of the people that dedicate their lives to helping make the world a beautiful place for children.
If you love children's books, love getting children's books for your kids, work in the publishing field, or are an offer and/or illustrator - THIS is the podcast you need. Matthews INFECTIOUS energy is perfect for a children's podcast. You NEED this podcast. There is nothing else like it. Check it out and you won't regret it!
All The Wonders is a must-listen for me as a writer, Mama, and kidlit enthusiast. Host Matthew Winner's endless curiosity and enthusiasm combined with a roster of fascinating guests entertain, inform, and add to my gotta-read-it list week after week.