Reviews For Lock is Lit Pinball Podcast

This podcast is wonderful, the hosts Marc and Rick have great chemistry and say in the very first episode that this is pinball for dummies. That is exactly what I needed because I was sitting home alone with my first pinball scared to death that I was in way over my head. I was researching local West Virginia pinball resources online and stumbled on this podcast recorded in my back yard! Despite where you live they do a great job of covering the basic parts of a machine, repair tips, safety tips, where to locate pins online, LED upgrades, tools needed and blanket it with funny stories. This podcast is great for teaching noobs like me the basics and gives pinball repair gurus like Marc Crouse something to laugh at. BIG BOB KENSINGTON LIVES!
No over-the-top personalities, just every day folks like you & me for pinball discussion. And that's a good thing.