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Brian, that was a wonderful two-part interview with Ian Little. What a unique guy with great stories to tell! It was really cool to get an alternative behind-the-scenes look at Duran Duran's recording process in that timeframe.
The list of guests on this show is impressive enough, then you hear the host Brian Sword bring it all together and it’s 100% worth a listen. Great show!
Brian Sword delivers a great show! and is seriously a great guy, saw it in action at the Rock N Pod expo! Podfather approved!
Excellent podcast for fans of hard rock (or just music junkies in general). Brian's style is laid back and knowledgable. Wish he produced more often.
I look forward to meeting you Swordsman at the Nashville Rock N' Pod👍🏻
Looking forward to new episodes, in the mean time, great to hear Brian on that other podcast! A great listen, highly recommended.
Brian is a natural interviewer. Asks questions that music nerds really want the answers to. The show is fantastic!
What I find the most appealing is Brian's ability to just let the guest talk!! Breathing in a conversation is vital and just like phrasing a good guitar solo, topic, abilities, experience and support are all given in this Podcast. As a touring musician, it is good to know this Podcast is actually about the guests, not just a solo for Mr. Sword. I've listened to 82 of them and yet to be disappointed. Even from people I would not normally get into. Well done.
The industry insite, historic details and personalities are fascinating. Rock stars are cool and all, but I actually enjoy the perspectives from the engineers and producers the most. They've had a front row seat to some amazing experiences and they share them well. The roster of talent Brian Sword interviews has gained access to is impressive and the openness of those on the other end of the line is equally so. The interviews are engaging and Brian does a great job of giving the artists room to talk. Its also obvious that Brian does his research and is on point when it comes to keeping the conversation focused with forward momentum. Production value is high. Love this podcast! More please!! ~m
Brian is a great, and well informed interviewer, and has assembled a who's who of hard rock monsters for us to enjoy! Thanks Brian! AND, there's little to no cursing, so I can listen in the car with my kids! :)
one of my favorite rock music podcasts! brian does a FANTASTIC job with all of the interviews. he really knows his stuff and knows what questions to ask and when. while other interviewers will keep interjecting every so often, brian will let his guests go if they're very talkative. he really digs deep with his questions and it just makes the interviews very informative and entertaining at the same time. nice work brian! keep it up!
I enjoy this podcast a lot. It's good.
This is an excellent place to hear in-depth interviews with many key players in the metal and hard rock world - including producers. Brian, the host, does a good job of letting these guys talk. I recommend skipping the first 5-10 minutes of each interview bc it's always a little tiring hearing about every garage band each guest was in, etc.
Brian's podcast is immensely informative and entertaining. He interviews a wide variety of individuals in the music business, usually producers or other behind-the-scenes players but sometimes musicians themselves. There's a general focus on '70s-'80s hard rock, but the show is by no means limited to this genre and era. I for one would have no issue with Brian taking sponsorships or reading ads at some point, because I just want this podcast to have a long, successful life. It's that good.
All the interviews are interesting. I’m digging hearing guys from bands I barely ever listened to share great stories. Highly recommend.
Brian Sword is an excellent interviewer. Gets good guests. Asks well-informed questions and then gets out of the way and lets the subject answer completely. He stays positive and offers just enough of his own thoughts and opinions to keep things conversational. Never interrupts or digs for unnecessary dirt, though some of the dirt that comes unprompted from his subjects is pretty great! His session with Eric Martin might be the best musician interview I've ever heard.
I have been listening to The Double Stop podcast now for a little over a year. These are the best interviews around if you love 80's music and musicians. I thought I knew alot about these musicians myself, but each week I learn something new and exciting from Brian and his interviews. I am a musicphope who loves music and listens to music obsessively, and The Double Stop podcast is the 1st thing I listen to on Monday mornings to start my work week off right!!!!!!
The DOUBLE STOP is a phenomenal podcast. Features insightful interviews with musicians, producers, and much much more. Expertly put together by host BRIAN SWORD, I've heard them ALL and genuinely look forward to each episode. May the DOUBLE STOP be here forever!!!!!
One of my Favorite podcasts cool inside interviews with interesting guests, Brain always asks the right questions
As if all of these artists haven’t inspired me enough it really is inspirational to discover how friendly and insightful they can be while sharing their personal stories about the trials and travails of living and succeeding as an artist. Brian is doing rock fans a great service with this show.
I recently listened to the Greg Howe episode. I’ve listened to Shrapnel Records shredders for years, and after this interview decided to give Greg another listen, and thanks to The Double Stop, I can search through his catalog of music with some sense of context. It’s hard to explain, but just hearing Greg talk about how he learned to play made me want to take the time to at least listen to his body of work, and it turns out I’m a fan of some of it! The Double Stop is a fantastic podcast. I love learning about the people I already know and the people I might need to take the time to discover - even if it’s a producer instead if a musician. Thanks for your hard work!
Brian draws on his personal expertise as a director and interviewing expert (and a massive rock buff) and knows exactly how to have his guests take us on a ride through their careers. Every episode has an “ohmigod!” moment of revelation, and the guests will more often than not exclaim “How did you know that?!?” at Sword as well! A must-listen. Make sure you even listen to the lesser-known guys, those ones are entertaining too!


Very well done.
Brian does a tremendous job interviewing a vast array of producers, engineers, and musicians. Following their career timelines we get to hear their history and personal stories related to some of the greatest albums ever made. I've enjoyed every episode with some of the best being Richie Kotzen, Keith Olson, Brian Tichy and Stevie Salas (who is one of my favorite guitar players of all time.) If you want a music podcast that covers a lot of ground THIS IS THE ONE!
Brian does an excellent job preparing for and conducting each weeks podcast. He is patient throughout the interview never talking over the interviewee. Brian also conducts himself in a very professional manner never bad mouthing other bands, producers or podcasters. As good a music related podcast as is available. Thanks for the hard work!
Only episode I've heard is Bob St. John. Being a huge Nuno/Extreme fan, I was glued to the episode and wanted more!