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And to think I didn't know that much about milk, having spent so much time consuming it.... Great program when you want to listen to something with some storyline and flow, not your more commonly found "lecture." Friendly.
Great podcast great lectures
The host goes out in New York City and reports on interesting research or scientific goings-on. "Reporting" style.
I stumbled upon this podcast by chance, and I was so suprised at the quality of the content. They've interviewed some really high-profile guests about very intriguing topics. However, I was really disappointed at the shabby sound quality. In the Oliver Sacks episode, you can hear sirens and traffic in the background. In others, there are often noisy distractions and fuzzy interference. I hope the creators work out these kinks a little bit, as this show could easily compete with other big science podcasts, like NPR's Science Friday. I'd also like to hear the interviewer interact with the guest a little more. She seems somewhat passive and sometimes lets the guest wander from the topic. Let's hear a dialogue, not a one-way chat with some "uh-huhs" thrown in! Good podcast, but it has the potential to be phenomenal.
You don't have to live in NYC to get a wonderful chance to experience NYAS, and I am so grateful for that.
individual panel speakers sometimes sound a lot esoteric and ingrown. strange that the academy introduces a lot of different ideas, while at the same time the thinkers seem to not get out a lot. its a good thing there is a variety of speakers, it would be silly otherwise. who wants to hear an hour of conversation about the exquisite wing flap of the death beetle? (didn't happen, but the speakers seem like that.) sometimes the annoyance of listening leads me to click delete.
this is a science podcast that's accessible, smart, and surprising. its lively, thought-provoking interviews and science-cultural discussions make NYC seem like the center of the science universe. who knew?
This is a first rate podcast with top level interviewers and guests. The Bob Park lecture is highly recommended, containing a coherent arguement against creationism.