Three From Leith

Reviews For Three From Leith

We've been listening to him from almost the beginning and have even had the pleasure of meeting him! He's wished my husband happy birthday as well as welcomed the birth of our twins. We absolutely adore Grant Mason (and the music is good as well!) Keep up the great work in Leith Grant!
This podcast feels very personal and real; like Grant is a friend of yours who loves discovering fresh sounds from independent artists and sharing them with you.
New music. Just enough talk. I wish I could give it 6 stars. I look forward to each and every show and I'm never disappointed. If I had a podcast I would wish it sounded like this.
This is an excellent podcast... I listen to the episodes repeatedly because they are too short! That's the only problem... not long enough! Me want more! Me want more!
From high atop a tower in Leith Scotland comes one of the best music shows around. Every show is guaranteed to introduce you three indie bands that range the spectrum of genres and which always are unique. Nice chat and an enchanting intro announcer add up to a fine weekly podcast not to be missed.