Reviews For The Digital Story Photography Podcast

Derrick publishes a very informative and upbeat podcast every Tuesday - just like clockwork. He’s a professional photographer and educator rolled into one. I became a Patreon supporter to help Derrick continue to contribute fresh ideas everything week. Highly recommended.
Although we’ve never met, It seems like Derrick is the good neighbor you look forward to chatting with (by way of his podcasts). Every week he transports us to a place he’s been scouting, an event he’s been supporting, or to the office in his studio. No matter where he is, be assured the delivery of his words will have you right there with him. Derrick has a good sense what will interest his listeners. I hope you’ll stop by for some inspiration from the Digital Story.
Derrick Story not only has the best photography podcast for photo enthusiasts, but he’s also a podcasting pioneer with The Digital Story running for almost two decades now. Derrick’s approach to podcasting is to treat the listener as if they were a fellow member of a photo club, he talks with you, not to you or down to you. Derrick discusses not only new technology, but he also addresses the everyday challenges that all photographers have. Unlike many other photo podcasts, his style is conversational and down to earth rather than being preachy. It’s also worth noting that Derrick has also built a great online community for his inner circle members where we can share our work, our insight, as well as being a place where we can ask our fellow photographers for feedback or help with issues. Broavo to you Derrick for predicting such a fantastic podcast,
Club photography can be very competitive and discouraging, but Derrick’s podcasts and inner circle are always positive and affirming while providing helpful advice and suggestions. This is undoubtedly due to Derrick’s kind and gentle personality. I always find his podcast inspiring!
Thanks Mr Story been listening to your podcasts also for many years.Would be nice to meet you in person.Happy New Year From the far East Conneaut Lake PA
Thanks for a great podcast that covers a wide variety of interesting and timely topics. In particular I appreciate his product reviews. It is great to hear unvarnished thoughts on a product. So many podcasters are shills and sound like there are reading the publicity release I look forward to it every week. Thanks again Derrick, your efforts are appreciated. Don Davidson
I have been listening to Derrick for many many years. I enjoy is take on the latest photo industry news and reviews. He covers all aspects of photography, from being a creative person to the current gear and everything in-between. A feed years ago when I switched camera systems the podcast was a great reference.
Derrick is the absolutely one of the best , if not the best, photo podcasters ever. He isn’t one of these photographer podcasters who is looking to show off his work or push his photo workshops or products. He doesn’t push big and heavy ridiculous gear to gear snobs . He talks about many great photo topics- my favorite podcaster! Keep it up Derrick!!
Derrick always provides great news and advice that are helpful for enthusiast photographers who want to improve their work and have more fun with photography. The podcast pays particular attention to the concept of “nimble photography,” which means making great photos with small, lightweight equipment. All of this great information is delivered in a low-key, friendly way.
I look forward to each weeks podcast. Derrick has a down to earth, friendly way of speaking.
Derek always has up-to-date news on photographic techniques and equipment, and often focuses on smaller cameras like Micro 4/3. His podcast is particularly valuable for me as an Olympus user, but it also would be valuable if you shoot Sony or Fuji.For that matter, Derek provides valuable tips for any photographer – no matter what kind of camera use. And Derrick is a nice guy, which I also like. His style is very down to earth, and practical.
Every week Derek Story has timely photography information to teach me something new or inspire me to get out and take interesting photographs. I started listening years ago and the weekly podcast always entertains, educates, and informs. Every single week! It feels like checking in with an old friend or a mentor for wise advice and experience. Derek offers insightful and well-reasoned perspectives on all things photography. He is not afraid to laugh and show a bit of dry humor. Derek Story has inspired me to be a more agile photographer. The Digital Story podcast is a great companion. Subscribe to join the weekly podcast and as Derek said recently about getting out with your camera “… treat yourself to a short getaway. The change of scenery will do you wonders.” (episode #476)
I've listened to a lot of photographic podcasts, but this is one of the best one's out there; Derrick hits on all of the main news / photographic topics of the day and does it in a very... kind and rational manner. His honesty and low key approach is much appreciated.
I don’t know how Derrick Story finds enough time in his day to do what he does! The amount of information about photography, printing and the photography industry that I have heard over the years on this show is staggering! Seeing things in a different perspective can get rid of the things that hold back your creative self and move you into more exploratory realms to see new and expressive ways to capture your images! The interviews with real working photographers that have made their mark or are making their mark in the industry are astounding! It’s always a breath of fresh air to listen to the Nimble Photographer Derrick Story and The Digital Story podcast!!! ✌️😎👍
Great topics, well produced, positive and informative! Derrick covers interesting topics. His positive attitude is refreshing. Listening is well worth the time spent.
Derrick Story has one of the longest running photography podcasts, and, in my experience, the best. It is consistently professional in its production, always chooses currently important subjects, and displays a sense of humor and self-effacement sadly lacking in a lot of online personalities. It is on my short list of "must listen" podcasts, and at the top of my photography list. Check it out.
I've been listening to thi podcast since almost the beginning. It's always interesting, informative, and entertaining. Unless it happens to be on a topic I'm really not interested in, it's always a great learning experience
I have been listening to a wide variety of photography podcasts over the last decade. Podcasts have been an invaluable tool to help me ramp up my knowledge and skills. While flashier shows have come and gone, Derrick has been a remarkably good and consistent resource and coach. His personal style is low key but his knowledge is wide and deep. I have also attended two of Derrick's workshops in the CA Eastern Sierra and Wine Country and both were big fun and I came away with some of my all-time favorite pictures. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning more about quality photography, whether you shoot on an iPhone or pro level gear. It should also be noted that Derrick's podcast is not front-end loaded with annoying advertising. Sure, Derrick has sponsors but he qualifies and presents them well. Red River Paper is a good example - great products, great service, great match for this podcast.
Do you ever wish you had a good friend who was an expert in photography to give you tips, advice and gear recommendations? That’s Derrick in a nutshell.
The digital story podcast is one of my “must listen” podcasts. It is both informative and entertaining. Derrick has a wonderful style that is more like sitting down with a good friend who is telling you about photography, rather than a “show”. This makes him very easy to listen to. Derrick refers to his audience as his virtual camera club - and it really feels like this. Highly recommended 👍😀
I have probably subscribed and listened to every photography podcast out there and The Digital Story is the only one I continue to listen to and enjoy. The podcast is both informative and inspiring, and Derrick does a great job creating a sense of community with his listeners.
Derrick has a warm, West Coast personality which comes through in his podcasts. I enjoy the photography news he provides on the latest and greatest and his photo tips, where I nearly always learn something new.
I listen to podcasts during the week while editing wedding photos and The Digital Story (although it isn't a wedding photography show) provides a great soundtrack as I toil away at hundreds of images every week. I love Derrick's warm and friendly demeanor as he chats away about photography related musings.
I've been listening to this podcast for many years and I never get tired of it. I've subscribed to many "photography" related podcasts over the years but this is the only one that I continue to listen to. Derrick brings us interesting topics each week. Listen on a regular basis - you'll continually learn something and will often be inspired.
This is not a “how to” but rather a dialogue of personal adventures with a camera. Often he reviews new products, cameras or software. I often come away with “I’m glad he thought of that.”
Derrick, host of the Digital Story Photography podcast, highlights all aspects of photography and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Derrick is able to put together a very informative photography podcast with great variety, making it much more interesting than the usual "one theme" boring podcast. Excallent job.
Shtick is getting old and D.S. decided he needed to embrace and own niches, so he's migrated to camera gear and software that most people/pros don't use, so he can differentiate himself and his marketing. (As he did with his 'Nimble Photographer' side-deal.) When he was involved with Olympus he only discusses Oly gear. Association expires, and he suddenly disovers other brands. Same for when he was employed by LowePro (or worked with Aperture) - you heard about them every week, with recommendations, but once fired he doesn't mention them any more. This makes *any* recommendations by him suspect.
I've been listening to Derrick for quite a few years and he brings a unique viewpoint to the world of photography. His point of view is that of a professional who deals with the kinds of problems and situations that us normal photographers encounter every day.
The Digital Story, along with the excellent The Candid Frame, are my two must listen photography related podcasts each week. Derrick has a terrific, California cool approach that is both familar and informative. Listen to a few and you'll be convinced you and Derrick are simply sitting in a pub talking about photography, which would be realy cool. Immensly enjoyable and heartfelt podcasts.
I have a 35 minute drive to work and this is the podcast I look forward to listening too each week. If you are new to photography or an expert, you will learn something new each show! Love Mr. Story and his dedication to show !!
The Digital Story is always a treat to listen to, I look forward to it each Tuesday!
This may be the most pleasant photo podcast I listen to, thanks to the Derrick's easygoing attitude. I look forward to taking one of his workshops.
I have been listening to this podcast since it first became available and that's a long time. I suspect it's one of the longest photo-centric podcasts ; that is for a reason too The host has a chatty informative style and derrick does not preach but inform. He shares his tips and ideas and impressions. It's fast passed and broken up into segments that move right along. Give it a listen if your a photographer form smartphone to DSLR ... or even SLR.
I’ve been listening to Derrick’s podcast for quite awhile now. He’s very helpful and enjoyable to listen to. I really like his easy going fun manner. Feels like a nice conversation with a friend.
Love the format and Derek’s style. Really good podcast for beginners.
I love this show. Derrick Story has an easy, relaxed way of covering his subjects with just enough professional polish to make it consistently listenable. It is very much a one to one experience like talking shop with a friend, except in this case your friend is very talented at something (photography) that you want to be better at. The show features a good balance of topics and while I’m not crazy about some of the recent changes (lame theme, kind of hokey billboard at the top) these are such small nits to pick with a program that is one of the very few on my “must listen to every week” list. Great for the newbie and pro alike.
I really enjoy this podcast. It is both informative and entertaining. Each episode always teaches me something, whether it is something about creativity, technique or gear/software. And the podcast has inspired me to print more of my images. I enjoy Derrick’s conversational presentation style. Listening to the podcast makes me feel like I am having a conversation with a friend.
Derrick is a wonderful teacher. I have listened to The Digital Story for nearly five years and Derrick has been a big part of my development as a photographer. If you are looking for a podcast that provides great perspective on all aspects of the photography industry, you have come to the right place.
Derrick, I listen to your podcast on a regular basis. In all honesty, I like yours the best. I love your style and content. You come across as very knowageble but not a "know it all.” You touch upon the key photography stories of the week and am an Apple user. You also keep me up to date on the Olympus four-thirds cameras. I love my Olympus OM 1 and OM 5 as well as the associated pro lenses. Please keep up the great work. I will continue to look forward to each and every podcast.
If you’re a learning photographer, Derrick Story is a pleasure to listen to. He’s humble, informative, and just seems like a good guy you’d want to hang out with. I’ve followed a good deal of his sensible advice, both on gear and technique, and have never been unhappy I did. Definitely a podcast for photography geeks, but a good one.
This audio podcast about photography is one of the very few worth following! Derrick Story is a practical, friendly advisor on matters of interest to advanced amateurs. I have been active with digital cameras since 2004, and learned a lot, and yet TDS gives me news and practical advice that I really like every week. Here we are a year later, and I still wouldn’t miss an episode.
I have reviewed this podcast in the past but feel it is time to refresh my input. I listen to many photography-related podcasts and this is one of two that have long been steady listens for me. This is a great source of inspiration for me as a serious hobbyist photographer. This is much more than Derrick musing over photographic themes. Rather he works very hard each week to bring new ideas and fresh topics to the table. He is often on the leading edge of understanding and testing new equipment, software or other photographic ideas. He has a great enthusiasm for teaching and a childlike love for all thing photographic. His recommendations are considerate of the “everyman” who does not have an unlimited budget and he often presents ideas for DIY projects. Lastly, Derrick has built a very nice online community of photographers allowing for opportunities to share images and learn from each other. This is a top notch podcast for photographic enthusiasts.
Tremendously motivated. You finally pushed me over to mirror less. Now having my camera with me tenfold. Olympus omdem10 is awesome. Already drooling over the 5-mark 2. Please keep up the good work.
Derrick Story does a fantastic job each week with his podcast on photography topics. I always seem to come away learning some new things - and his style makes it fun and entertaining. A great listen!
News and current trends in the world of photo, tips, gear reviews, software reviews, interesting interviews, and humor. This and much more has me anxiously waiting for each new installment of The Digital Story podcast. Keep up the great work Derrick.
Timely news and great tips make this a must listen.
I’ve been listening to the Digital Story for years, but I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed it. I started my own podcast recently and quit after three episodes because podcasting is really hard and time consuming. It basically takes up an entire day. As a professional photographer, I just can’t give up an entire day each week. That’s why Derrick is amazing! I don’t know how he finds time to record a new episode each week with all his other responsibilities. My only complaint about the Digital Story has always been the length - I wish it was longer!!! Still do! But now I understand why it’s only 30 minutes! Because podcasting is serious work. The truth is, I don’t shoot like Derrick, I don’t use the same gear he does, I don’t even agree with his nimble philosophy. But I still tune in to every episode because I just genuinely like the guy. Unlike most photographers, he’s not egotistical, he doesn’t talk about how grand he is. He’s just a genuinely nice guy who happens to be a great photographer! I look forward to new episodes for years to come!!
Always listen as soon as it is released. Good info and entertaining.