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Excellent stuff from start to finish. Two guys who know what they are talking about really convey their love for the art form and inform and entertain at the same time. A 'must have' for anyone with even a passing interest in the comic book universe.
I’ve really enjoyed Giant Size. It seems that every episode they suggest a new book for me to read, this past episode (#42) it was Mythic. The discussion between the hosts is always informative.
This has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. I'm a relatively new convert to comic books and the way Moises and John cover their topics makes it easy for anyone interested to jump in and not feel lost or feel like they're missing something. If you're new to comics or been reading for a long time, I think Giant Size has some thing for everyone. I'm especially loving their current series on comic cross over events. It is definitely living up to the name of the show.


Really enjoy your reading recommendations. Thanks for helping me catch up after having been a lapse reader.
You love comics? Or you used to love them but got into other things and are curious again now that comics are everywhere? Come on down! Each episode of Moises' Pals 'n' Gals comes jam-packed with plenty of comics talk like past and current characters and storylines as well as creator interviews (the man hustles when he goes to conventions) to stoke your internal comics furnace to a full blaze. It's my favorite comics podcast.
Giant Size has become my favorite ESN program. I listened to the various 5by5 incarnations of the show, and the ESN edition has settled into a format that balances the discussion and interview aspects of the podcast and better serves the show’s goal of introducing listeners to characters, stories, and creators. The interview clips are focused and feel more integrated into the overall theme of individual episodes (take the fourth episode, “Personal and Honest,” as an example). Panel-heavy episodes, such as the sixth episode’s discussion of Captain America, give a taste of what you can expect from a character’s history, as well as jumping-on points if you want to explore further. I’ve only recently become a regular comics reader. From what I’ve read online, many people share my situation: having picked up comics sporadically over the years, we have gaps in our knowledge of some mainstream stories and characters, in addition to not knowing about other great work. The mix of books that Moisés, John, and guests talk about is valuable. Recommendations made on the podcast include plenty of superhero comics, both classic story arcs and ongoing series that are not receiving enough attention. However, you might find your reading habits shifting toward unfamiliar genres. I now read sci-fi, horror, and pulp books, as well as more personal comics from independent creators. I wouldn’t have considered getting into most of these books had I not caught them on Giant Size.
I know less than nothing, but Moises and his guests are very good at making the medium approachable, and even just listening is entertaining. If you have seen some of the recent comics-based movies, if you read them as a kid, or if you’re just interested in finding out what comics are all about this is a great podcast to listen to. (Of course, based on the other reviews it seems to be well received by the real comics geeks, but I can’t speck to that… take their words for it!)
Great podcast with excellent hosts, content, and production. I love the fact that they cover not only traditional single issue comic books but also movies, TV shows, and really anything related to comics in general. Listening to Moises and John is awesome but the episodes that feature guests provide additional insight and perspective — love those episodes. The creator interviews are amazing and provide a lot of insight into the industry as well as just being plain interesting.
Excellent for anyone who is into or wants to get into comics. I have long been interested in a number of comic characters, but don’t read a lot of comics. I am really enjoying the in depth conversations without feeling like I have to read hundreds of comics to listen and enjoy.
Like a Dark Phoenix rising from the ashes, I'm so glad it's back!
Greatest podcast I’ve heard on X-Men comics.. a must listen! Can’t wait for the part II.
The new Giant Size is just as great as ever and I look forward to future episodes. Merlin Mann got me into reading comics, and the previous Giant Size stoked the fire. As much as I'd like to hear Merlin guest on every episode of this podcast, I'm still holding out hope that Ungainly X-Mann will see the light of day.