Thank You For Calling!

Reviews For Thank You For Calling!

Get ready to laugh and cringe and rage at some hilarious and incredulous customer service stories from the front lines and from the customer's end too. I mean, deep down, haven't we all had a customer threaten us if we didn't have the game he wanted? Or go through heck trying to just get a reliable internet connection from a major telecom? Frustration and laughs abound.
Everyone who works is in customer service in one way or another. It is a nice balance to hear some of the great, positive case studies, along with other episodes that vent about some of the bad and some of the downright awful!
Considering my entire life's work has involved some form or another of CRM in one format or another, I loved the idea when I heard it mentioned by Merlin Mann & John Roderick on their podcast, so I jumped over & listened... It is GREAT! I belive it would be a solid listen if in CRM or not! PLEASE keep 'em coming!