The Math Factor

Reviews For The Math Factor

Accessible math without the lectures. Only the fun challenging stuff - none of the tedium. THANKS
Best thing on iTunes!
Our hosts, while providing interesting information, like to chit-chat. Personally, I find it distracting. I'd prefer a bit of concise information or enlightenment without the social interchange.
Great variety of topics. As an AP Calculus teacher I enjoy exploring the subject matter with my students and challenging them with the puzzles.
awesome!!! should be changed to a twice weekly show
A wonderful podcast. Short puzzles to make you think. I really enjoy the two hosts. Makes you feel that maybe the Ozark Mountains aren't a bad place to settle down. And do math. But the math is really easy and these guys make you feel smart.
Moves beyond "Train A leaves Station B" questions into fascinating aspects of math, logic and science.
This is a great podcast with math and logic stuff to fill one's brain. Chaim and Kyle definitely deliver a quality program.
This podcast will be loved by the math experts and the beginners alike. As an adult of only average mathematical ability, this podcast opened up doors for me, showing me that math is not abstract cryptic cave-paintings, but instead a logical and constant system of thinking. The two hosts are pleasant to hear and provide clarity and translation to concepts that were most likely explained poorly in one's past schooling. If you enjoy math, this is your podcast, but if you do not enjoy math, this is also your podcast. Because the segments are from radio, the times are limited (from 2 to 7 minutes or so), but the backlog is impressive, and will sustain you for a while. Give this a chance, and you will likely love it, especially if math was never your strongest ability. I credit this podcast with rekindling my learning of math... I can feel the neurons connecting each time I listen.
Great show, fun puzzles, and the possibility of free Math Cards and Math Stickers. I mean, free Math cards! They are cards with Math! And they are free!
I love puzzles and math, but this got off to a slow start with simple stuff like a fox, chicken, and corn crossing the river. I found it difficult to hear, speak up a little. Also a little too much Ozark insider hee-haw. Yet I stayed with it and several episodes in the puzzles became more challenging, the audio clearer, and the humor more cosmopolitan. Will keep listening.
Nicely done, keep it up !
It's pretty good. I'm home schooled and I can get high school credit for listening to it... so I like it!
This is a fun, engaging math or number puzzle based podcast. It is short, concise and entertaining. The episodes I have listened to so far were well produced with no volume issues.
This podcast is a lot of fun to listen to -- math can be fun! I would give it 5 stars except for one very annoying thing -- the audio quality is horrible. Please record the show at a much higher volume, and make sure the program is static free. Otherwise...I love it!
A pensive, entertaining, and light hearted discussion about math. The hosts get to the point with examples and solutions that can be used to amuse others. Great listening during walks.
I really like this podcast. It is very interesting. Well... to me it is, because i'm a nerd. hehehehe. So if u r a nurd like me, i recomend it.