Reviews For Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast: Raising Multilingual Children, Multicultural Living, Growing Up With Multiple Languages.

I'm a NYC based wedding photographer who photographs multicultural couples & as they transition to having families & living together, the question of how to raise bilibgual comes up often. I've listened to this podcast & love that it's grounded in realness & addresses waht most multicultural couples struggle with. Great job!
It is wonderful to finally find a resource for raising bilingual kids. Olena is doing this herself and has many ideas about ways to incorporate this into your family lifestyle. Thanks, Olena!
Those of us who are parenting abroad need all the support we can get when it comes to language learning. This podcast has an excellent mix of solid advice and encouragement to keep going! Thanks, Olena!
This show is great for everyone! In our fast moving extremely connected world we live in this show shares ways to teach our children the power of knowing and speaking other languages
Helps you grow in everyday life we love this! 👍🏼 keep t rocking Nicholas and amanda Bayerle!
My husband and I don't currently have children but I stumbled we do plan to live internationally in the coming years and, if we do children, plan to raise them with exposure to other countries and languages. I'm trying to learn a second language as an adult and am really wishing I would've have exposed to multiple languages when I was younger and it would've been easier to pick up. This is a GREAT show for anyone currently going through this with their children.
If you want to give your child a huge advantage in life - raise them bilingual or multilingual. This podcast will show you the way,
As a father of two I really enjoyed this perspective and podcast!
Being a bilingual kid and raising three I can relate!
What a wonderful idea for a podcast. Way to take action and make this show happen Olena!! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch
What a great show tapping into multilingual lifestyles! You will hear terrific stories and fabulous advice in raising your children in a multilingual household.
What a great idea for a podcast. Such an important topic for so many families.
I just listened to episode #30 with Mandie Davis: How to lead by example when raising bilingual children. Olena Centeno does a splendid job as host interviewing her guests so that they can share their experiences, insights and strategies to help listeners who are raising multilingual children on their own journeys. Brava, Olena, a wonderful idea well done!
You will appreciate this podcast especially if you are raising multilingual children. A must listen to all multilingual families out there!
Great podcast and a must listen if you are bilingual or multilingual and especially if you have kids. Two thumbs up!
This show is refreshing because it’s practical. There’s too much theory out there from people who study it, but don’t live what they study. My wife is Korean and I’m American. Though we don’t have any children yet, both of us will be pouring through these episodes as we get closer to that time. I can’t thank you enough for bringing this show to our oft-forgotten family dynamic. ;)
I listened to the first episode and found the content to be very refreshing--this is unique information and I'm interested in hearing more!
Great podcast and host!
Great show. The world stage is smaller than it was before. Find out how to navigate and communicate within it here.
We live in a multi lingual world. This podcast is very applicable, even if your children are not bi-lingual, likely they are friends with children that are or you hope your child will learn another language. This podcast is very informative! Great topics, great host. Well done.
Raising a bilingual child can be challenging but it is also amazing and this podcast is so relatable and has some great tips. I highly recommend to anyone raising a bilingual child!
I believe that learning a second language is a lot easier the earlier you start. My family is not bilingual, but I’ve always encouraged my kids to learn other lungs. I even had my daughter start learning sign language as a baby. I love this show and feel that it gives great insight into bilingual families.
This is a great way to learn and to gain insight into raising bilingual children. The host has terrific English even though her background is Russian. Very impressive!
Very well produced show. My kids speak English and are also learning Spanish. This is going to be a helpful podcast!
This show is a way to be able to connect our thoughts to others who doesn’t speak the way we are. A very positive show!
The dream I have as a parent - raising my kids in the spirit of global language and understanding. Great resource!
Awesome show, learned alot about growing up in a multicultural bilingual household. I can relate.


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such a greta little niche you have found here. Love the show!
In todays day and age raising a global citizen to the world is what it’s all about, love the show. 5 Stars!
Very interesting topic. I love the show!
I wish I was raising bilingual children. I wish I could speak another language. I will share this with parents who has this option.
The answer to so many bilingual parents prayers!
So much useful information and great stories.
Olena fills an great niche that is growing rapidly - rainign multingual and multi-cultural kids - great information - Well done, keep moving forward
Awesome! I am from Ukraine originally, and I am raising 2 bilingual kids. Good podcast!
As a mother of seven, I appreciate all that Olena is doing to raise multicultural and bilingual kids. Awesome stuff!
When trying to teach my children two languages, one of the things I was missing was interactions with parents like me. I would always ask myself if it was worth it, if it really would help my kids and what I could do better--like tips and tricks from the "insiders". This podcast is all about interviews with the insiders--those who have lived the life of a parent like me--one who is trying to give their kids the gift of being bilingual.
Olena’s podcasts are truly intriguing for those who are interested in bilingual parenting and language education. She interviews well-known social media personalities and down-to-earth parents who offer insight into the journey of raising multilingual kids. Whether you’re wondering about different approaches for raising little bilinguals, how to move past family language difficulties, or which ideas have been successful for others, you will enjoy these episodes. My favorite past episodes include (in any order): • 001: Olena and her husband discuss their language journey and raising their children multilingual (Russian/Ukrainian/English) • 005: Adam Beck, blogger at Bilingual Monkeys (Japanese/English-speaking children) • 011: Maria Babin, blogger at Trilingual Mama (French/English/Spanish-speaking children) • 007: Cordelia Newlin de Rojas, blogger at Multilingual Mama (French/English/Spanish/Thai speaking children) Disclaimer: Olena plans to interview me for a future podcast episode (I blog at & raise my children in French/English), but I was a fan long before she asked me to participate. BKR is clear, professional, informative, & humorous.
Anabella had a great podcast and information was useful to me :D Thanks a lot!!
The info shared in these podcasts is priceless. Thank you guys for sharing your stories. I really love hearing about other people's experience and find it very relevant and useful. These podcasts are great for everyone who's looking to engage children into the world of bilingualism (trilingualism?) and stimulate their cognitive and language skills, because being bilingual obviously makes you special!!👍👍👍
Ful disclosure: I am actually one of the people interviewed. But I assure you that’s not why I like this series! I started blogging about multilingual parenting because I felt utterly alone. The community has grown and it is so exciting to actually “hear” others talk about their experiences and advice raising bilingual kids. Hugely grateful to Olena Centeno for creating this series.
So much useful information and great stories! Thank you!
I listen to the first podcast about monolingual parent support. It was great to hear both sides of the partnership and know what it is that the monolingual parent can do to make it efficient and more meaningful, although they may not speak the minority language.
Hagan más énfasis en episodios en español.. (Y)
I've seen my sister and brother in law struggle to raise their kids bilingual and they will appreciate all the help in this regard, so thank you for making it so readily available and relatable.
OK - so I need to be transparent. I'm married to the woman who created this show. That being said - I am a business owner and love listening to podcasts daily. The Bilingual Kids Rock Podcast is worth your time because Olena focuses on helping YOU raise bilingual children. She does this through: 1. Detailed interviews with parents just like you who are in the trenches making it happen. 2. Supporting her discussions with the research she has come across so you can be sure it works. 3. Focusing on tactics she has used to raise three bilingual children herself (despite having a monolingual husband - me!) 4. Supporting all this with a detailed blog that breaks out the topics important to parents raising bilingual children. I have seen the passion she puts into this and I know you'll feel it when you listen to her for yourself. Respectfully, Antonio