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It is a truly funny podcast, and even if it is not as huge as critical role or other big D&D podcasts/shows, I love it, and respect the cast for putting work in to it. Won’t stop listening. EVER.
I have been playing AD&D for over 30 years. Listening to this group has brought back so many memories. Now I think I may even want to try 5th edition. Thanks guys for making me smile all day. Of course my party may not be to happy? Oh well, such is the life of a quester.
There are a lot of D&D actual play podcasts. What makes this one special? It’s a little shaggy. It’s funny. The players are less concerned with character development (though there’s a little of that) than they are with exploring dungeons and wrecking/getting wrecked by monsters. The folks playing aren’t professional voice actors or comedians: they’re smart, funny people having a good time. And they get into enough scrapes that you’ll be cheering along with them when they do manage to finally take down whatever just about killed them all.
total Party Kill has been my favorite role playing podcast for a long time now… But the 10gu takes there adventuring silliness to a whole new level!
...and never bailed on one. Until now. Sorry, but GammaWorld comes across as one of those constructs where “anything can happen - and does!” The problem with that is, it doesn’t make for a good story: if anything can happen, nothing that does happen is very interesting. And the interplay between characters is curiously flat. Say what you will about Eglath’s Angels (which has dragged on way too long) but the interplay between characters in character, players, and GM is fun. This feels like nobody wants to be there, and the episode is just filler while Snell is on the road. Bring back something from the Action Castle lineup. Or anything else. Please let GammaWorld go.
A very funny, engaging live play Dungeons and Dragons podcast with rotating multiple campaigns. The players and game masters don't take themselves too seriously, which leads to many laugh-out-loud moments. They DO take sound quality, editing, and honest gameplay seriously, which makes for a more entertaining listen. While I also like The Adventure Zone podcast, I like Total Party Kill better. TPK lacks the near-constant swearing. TPK also has a little larger group of player characters, including women (they can play D&D too, you know!). A few more characters makes for more interesting combat and role-playing. Keep up the good work!
This is one of my favorite podcasts and I always am excited when a new episode pops into my feed.
everyone on this show is great but tbh i can't wait until the guy who ran the campaign in the desert gets to dm again!
Crazy fun – literally! All of the campaigns are tons of fun, but delving the Underdark to work off a sandwich shop debt has to be one of my favorite plots ever.
So funny and exciting
Mainly focused on comedy and combat, the great C's of the Dungeons and Dragons franchise. Total Party Kill, will leave your sides in stitches with reference I don't get, but if you have even an ounce of culture, it will leave you with those stitches bursting open, and large amounts of comedy gold pouring down upon the ground, but hopefully not on your head. OMG, Game of Thrones. But for serious. They enjoy 4th edition, and I too enjoy hearing them go through battles. They keep it entertaining and always on the joke up stroke.
I never would have guessed listening to people play D&D on the internet would be entertaining, but it totally is.
This is the first D&D podcast I listened to and I got hooked. Now I listen to the adventure zone as well as drunks and dragons in addition to this.
This group manages the impossible, making D&D entertaining to someone who has no interest in it. From the outset, listening to people play D&D seemed like a boring concept, but after one episode I was hooked. They have fun and it's infectious. I've already seen copycat podcasts popping up now trying to replicate it, to little success.
I love this podcast. The first season is perfect. However, from campaign 2 and beyond, a participant called Georgia Dow joins the team, and her voice and fake laugh are like nails on a chalkboard. It's a shame, because this is one of my favorite podcasts. Hopefully she will not be in the next campaign.
A live play D&D campaign. Good sound quality, and not boring.
It’s not as hilarious or creative as The Adventure Zone but still a very good and fun D&D podcast.
of characters with poor decision-making abilities :) But really, a fun group of folks being silly in D&D for our amusement. As promised in the tagline.
Totally gets my approval! If I wasn't already dead I would say more.....
How is this show so entertaining? Even the Trivial Pursuit episode was fantastic. One of my new favorites. Every single time I open my podcast app, I specifically check to see if a new TPK has been posted. It’s so good!
By rights, this should be boring as hell, but it's not! "This is truly it." AutoCorrect didn't let me say what I want, but I'll take it. This is truly a hip thing.
I’ve never played D&D, but listening to the Incomparable crew makes up for that. I wish it was recorded more often. … and car.
I can not believe I enjoy listening to people play DnD, but I do. Crazy. I would like to see more overhead maps online though so I know what is going on a little better.
This may sound strange, but I really enjoy listening in as a group of friends play Dungeons & Dragons on the internet. It's funny and suspenseful and I'm looking forward to whatever challenge they face next.
This brings back so many memories of playing D&D. These guys are just like my old group. Love the wit and interplay. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry.
But let's face it, it pretty much has to be.
Actually, not misspent. But I am playing D & D online with my friends and this sounds so gloriously familiar (bad jokes, banter, dice disasters, poor strategic choices) that it makes me happy to listen to. I’m also fascinated by listening to people actually play 4th edition, which I always thought was unworkably complicated.
While different than many of the other podcasts I listen to, it’s definitely a must listen to. It’s always hard waiting for the next episode to come out and find out what happens next.
Best hour on the internet, great decision to split it off into a separate show since I get more D&D and The Incomparable at the same time. Eglath lives!
If you are interested in hearing other people go unconscious over and over again due to overly aggressive battle tactics, you will love this series. It's entertaining people enjoying themselves playing a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. What's not to like? If you are inexperienced you might learn something about the game. If you are experienced you'll enjoy yelling at your iPhone. There's something for everyone. ZIP-ZOP!
This show is awesome. Think of an old radio drama with loads of snarky hilarity. Despite the bouts of incompetence, I find myself pulling for the characters and looking forward to finding out what will kill them next.
Some Incomparable regulars go on fantastic adventures through digital pen and paper. Sometimes inept and always hilarious, this show makes my commute fly by. I want to drink beer and play D&D with these people. Also: Eat it, Lutz!
There’s a few podcasts that get ‘instant listen’ applied to them, and this is one of them. There’s something about TPKill that makes listening to them like being with a group of your oldest friends, where everyone picks up right where you left off the last time.
I've never played D&D in my life, but listening to these folks play is so much fun. It's had me biting my lip trying not to laugh out loud at work while listening. (I can only imagine the faces of my coworkers if I tried to explain I was listening to people play D&D and yes it is actually that hilarious at times.) Well worth listening to.
Interactive storytelling at it's best! I love listening to this podcast and can't wait for each new episode! I started listening via The Incomparable and I've loved hearing the players develop and grow! You guys and gal are the greatest! Zip-zop! It's time for the old Templar's fist!
Some of the funniest and most memorable podcasts (or any media) I listened to in the last year were the episodes from The Incomparable that make up the first 10 or so episodes of Total Party Kill. If you're coming into this show cold, start with episode 1 rather than the most recent episode - you'll want to listen to the story from the beginning to get the most out of it. The new episodes are just as good as the early ones, but I can't give a believable five star review without one minor complaint/compliment. Our adventurers aren't as incompetent as they were at the start which I miss just a tiny bit (not that I'd be any better).
I am so happy we get regular installments of The Incomparable plays D&D. I've never played and don't really have any interest to. But listening to this group of friends play is absolutely fun! They have a camaraderie that is engaging and just the right blend of wit, sarcasm, and humor to make this an extremely fun listen. I am chuckling and laughing the entire hour. For new listeners, the first 11 episodes here are their adventures as posted in bigger chunks on the Incomparable. Episode 12 picks up anew.
This show has no right to be so entertaining. It should be boring. Listening to a group of people playing Dungeons & Dragons? Yawn. Yet, somehow it's hilarious... and sometimes suspenseful! I've never played D&D, but I love this show. I'm looking forward to many more episodes.
Thank you for spinning this off. I can only hope that this means more of this type of episode. These are so much fun to listen to.