I am late to discover this podcast but I’m so glad I did! I’ve been thinking of starting a little side hustle and Elise and all her guests are so interesting and helpful.
I've been following Elise for years and just love this podcast. She provides the perfect mix of solo musings and guest interviews, and every episode bursts with inspiration, practical tips, and craft/business/life wisdom. Highly recommend -- and I am also a devoted user of her Get To Work Book!
I’ve listened to so many episodes & they’ve all been so uplifting, given me a lot of good things to think about, and I’ve learned a lot too! Definitely an enjoyable & worthwhile listen whether you have a small creative business like I do or just want to learn some new good tips for life.
Elise chats with makers of all kinds and chats with them about their art and how to they got to where they are. I am inspired after almost every episode. It’s really great to get to hear from such a variety of artists.
Really inspiring to hear from such creative people, love listening to these conversations!
I look forward to listening to these podcasts! They are full of so many great pieces of wisdom and I love hearing how small business creatives have made their businesses succeed! Thanks for making doing the dishes a little bit more enjoyable with something fun to listen to!
Fun to listen to and really interesting!
I've been a long-time follower of Elise's and a Get to Work Book convert. I really love this podcast -- a lot of the reason why is because Elise is so upfront and honest about how she approaches her projects. Taking on big goals is a big motivator for her and she knows that she won't do it perfectly at first (whatever it is), but she has to "just start" or she might never do it at all. That's how she approached starting the podcast in the first place (I've totally listened to the first episode a couple times just to get that "just start" inspiration!) and it's a philosphy that I try to implement in my life whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed about projects. Highly recommend for makers; interviews are really enjoyable too!
I started listening to this podcast in 2014 and really enjoyed the topics! As a small business owner myself, I enjoyed listening to other business owners talk about a variety of subjects and found the pocast helps me learn about subjects that are hard to google search. The sound quality is one reason I have almost completely quit listening to this podcast, but additionally, Elise has not had new material to talk about in awhile. I feel like I am hearing similar guests (or repeat guests) and the subject matter is all about the same.
Words cannot describe how much I love Elise's podcast and how much I look forward to new episodes. As a wife and stepmom with a "big kid job" and crafty side hustle dreams, this is so the creative fuel that I need with people who are just real and completely inspiring. Love listening to this! It totally brightens my everyday tasks/commute.
Elise host of Elise Gets Crafty highlights all aspects of design in this can’t miss podcast. The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!


By LL P.
This podcast is so helpful for me. I am starting a business and I am learning a lot from this blog!!!
Great show, I love the variety of makers and businesspeople she interviews. It's a really good mix of people and perspectives. What I love most though is the inspirational and uplifting tone of the whole thing. Elise gives honest and real advice but always leaves me feeling really encouraged.
I love this podcast! Elise has a great variety of guests and her conversations flow so naturally.
I love listening to this podcast on my walks. It's entertaining and easy to listen to while still giving me inspiration and a little pep talk to get going with something. I usually take away something in each thing, even if it's just a recommendation for another podcast or book. Keep it up!
So many small business podcasts focus on service industries. It's really nice to hear helpful information and conversations focused on small businesses who actually make things!
Elise offers her own great insight and insight from other talented makers and creative business owners.
Love listening! Great info and insight for small businesses and general life as well.
Just found this podcast to get motivated with my new little business. I love it!!
So so SO happy to have found a business women who has a family, small children and a husband! So many artists who decide to go indie do so at the expense of their families and it was nothing I ever wanted to sacrifice for my own gain. So happy to hear this is all possible with the love and kinship with a family in house!
Are when she's solo and tells of honest struggles to be as amazing as she is. Specifically - recent episode of 'state of my business' was really good.
Thank you for this wonderful podcast! I really admire how your ability to think outside the box invites more joy and richness to your daily life (and, by extension, mine!)
I've been following Elise on multiple platforms for upwards of 7 years now. Huge fan of her journey, earnestness, and success. The podcast is inspirational and informative, and I think it could benefit from an update in the name. "Crafty" makes me think popsicle sticks and glue... And while her business started out closer to this realm, she's evolved significantly over the years. The interviews tackle real issues for freelancers and small business owners, and I think a name that reflects that more directly would help to align her brand, and gain a wider audience. Overall, a wonderful job.
As an aspiring creative entrepreneur it's inspiring and helpful to peek inside existing businesses to learn what works, what doesn't, and hear advice about how to move forward. Elise's podcast is part of my virtual mastermind as I am leveling up my life and business.
I enjoy the conversations whether I can relate or not; I look forward to every episode. Its very interesting to hear different perspectives on various situations. There's times where I enjoy the soft feminine touch and I'm not feeling intimidated. But there are times where it's too much "dead air"? - giggling, off topics, ummms, etc. I wonder if there's ever an agenda or just free talking a subject.
I can't believe it's taken me until now to write this review! Seriously, Elise, I am so in love with this podcast. I can't get enough of it. It's insightful, interesting, useful, and not overly long. I've listened to every episode at least once and I find myself referring back to this show, in conversation, all the time. Thank you for entertaining me during my daily stroller walks (365-goal tracking, woot!) with the dogs while I get my son to nap. Everyone wins. And I couldn't be happier. :)
I look forward to this every week! Elise is charming and inspiring, and very smart when it comes to running a creative business. She feels relateable and like a friend you might grab coffee with. Love hearing about her learnings as she plants her flag in the world.
This is what I turn to when I need to look at my work from a fresh perspective. Elise always delivers inspiring content and supporting guests, while still remaining relatable, attainable, and honest. The only podcast I stalk for new episodes. I think the conversation and tone is comparable to Grace Bonney’s ‘After the Jump’ podcast.
Elise comes to podcasting like she does everything else- with a sense of curiosity and a drive to learn. I recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about small business for creatives.
I continue to listen to this podcast but I too often find myself fast forwarding and then eventually dropping off halfway through an episode. What I like about this podcast is the host's warm personality, the quality of her guests, and the discussions about what it's like to run a small creative business. Unfortunately, it's very hard for me to continue listening for a few reasons. First, while I admire Elise as a blogger/business owner, I don't find her to be an effective interviewer or podcast host. Often times, the conversations with guests seem to ramble, and I wish Elise would do more to advance the conversation or to ask compelling questions. Instead, I feel she tends to parrot back whatever the guest is saying, or ask very basic/simplistic questions, or talk about her own experience without really moving the needle forward. Like some other reviewers, I also find her use of conversation fillers (the uh huh's, totally's, etc.) distracting, but for me, it's secondary to my previous point. Occasionally, there will be some real gems--Elise will give specifics about running her business that I would not have been able to find elsewhere. Or a guest will have an interesting story about how she got to where she is currently in her business. Most of the time, though, despite the catchy episode titles, there just isn't enough substance for me to listen start to finish. I really think this podcast could be improved tenfold if some better interview techniques were implemented and if the conversation stayed focused (i.e., not ramble for too long--listeners' time is precious!). I hope it will.


By xo_vsBB
The only podcast that I listen to AS SOON AS it posts. The most inspirational piece of media out there with tangible information to use on your small business.
I love this podcast and listen to it daily! It's so informative and I love Elise's resourcefulness and honesty. The only comment I'd make, which I see others have already said, is to ease up on phrases like "cool" and "totally". I'm a California girl too and I get t but it can be quite distracting at times. It's just a small tidbit but overall, I absolutely love it!
This podcast is great for many reasons. Even if you aren't a blogger or a crafter, you would benefit from listening to the positivity and great business skills discussed on the podcast.
Elise's podcast is for anyone who wants to learn more about operating a small business or blogging. She's an open book when it comes to her vast knowledge of both. Even better, Elise is straightforward & honest when it comes to advice and brings on guests who are the same. I highly recommend this podcast to any gal (or guy!) who has/wants to start a biz or blog!
Just found her today and am already on episode 4! So great to hear her stories as well as others that have been there and done it before!
Elise’s podcast is simple & inspiring. I want to follow all of her advice & the advice of her guests to run a creative business! — and also to create a podcast. =)
This is an enjoyable podcast as well as informative
I enjoy Elise's podcasts. Her podcast are always well prepared with great guests and content. Elise has a beautiful speaking voice.
I love this podcast and look forward to each new episode - always super inspiring!
This is a great, though unassuming, podcast. The content is really good and I enjoy the selection of guests. Looking forward to more!
I did not even know about Elise and her businesses before I found this podcast. I listened to 1 1/2 seasons in about a week. That’s unheard of for me. She’s that good. It’s conversational, but the guests are great and I always walk away feeling so motivated and refreshed. Thanks, Elise! Please keep recording.
I absolutely love this podcast. As a small business owner I appreciate the willingness of Elise and her guests to be completely transparent and discuss the nitty gritty in a way that even a beginner can understand. The topics are so varied that episodes never feel redundant. I admire what Elise has built her brand into and am inspired by this look into her process.
I've been following Elise's blog for almost two years now and decided to binge-listen to her podcast last month. The audio quality greatly improved after the 2014 holiday hiatus, which has made listening an even greater joy. Most of the guests are successful bloggers and small business owners, so I sometimes got content fatigue during my Elise Gets Crafty binge. Overall, wonderful podcast if you're a creative type wanting to launch or expand a small business.
If you have a creative business, you need to listen to this podcast. I can grab a cup of coffee and throw on the podcast any day to feel like I'm just hanging out with a good friend and chatting about business. Elise is fabulous and authentic and I always look forward to opportunities to catch up on podcast episodes.
I really enjoy the 30 minute format that focuses on the guest plus a topic or theme. I think Elise's enthusiasm for her guests and topics is really great. As with every interview podcast, how much I enjoy it depends greatly on the guest but I'd say 90% of Elise's shows have been wins for me. It's the one podcast I listen to as soon as it shows up in iTunes (and I have a LOT of podcasts in iTunes)
I totally love this podcast! Elise is smart, fun and lovely! I look forward to each new episode! Don't change a thing Elise even the use of totally!!! That's what I love about you!


By HevWam
I've loved Elise's blog forever and have listened to every episode of her podcast, some I've listened to multiple times. I'm so glad that she's back!
I love the podcast but at this point (episode 38) I feel like the sound quality should be better. It sounds like two people speaking to each other on speakerphone. The content is terrific, and I know elise embraces the imperfections, but if she wants this to be a part of her professional career, it should sound professional. I hate to be nitpicky but it has turned me off from the podcast completely.


I want to love this podcast. The topics are interesting but the sound quality is not great - especially the guests. I have to agree with another reviewer about the constant use of the word “totally.” Ugh. It’s good information, but needs a bit more professionalism for me to take it to seriously.