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Mark and Derrick really have something special here with this podcast. I especially liked the Purge: Election Year episode. You guys have a new fan!
Do yourself a favor and listen to the heavy metal of exploitation cinema podcasting...ASTRO RADIO Z! Mr. Derrick Carey brings on different minds from all over the world every episode to discuss genre films, heavy metal music, filmmaking on a tight budget...and just about anything else cool and worth talking about. Join in on the conversation and subscribe to one of the finest podcast channels around...ASTRO RADIO Z!
He has for a great radio voice and it's awesome to listen to, and the few episodes that I checked out have been exactly what was promised in the description 😄 great place for heavy metal music! I can't complain at all!
I was looking for a good source for indie film information. I saw horror and was hesitant but it said other movies as well. I should have followed my gut. People who are obsessed with crappy horror are sick in the head. This crew is dumb. I guess the only redeeming quality is that the host has a good radio voice. Thumbs down to this lame podcast.
I found this podcast via the Tangent Bound Network family of podcasts and was delighted to find that, in addition to the Stoogecast which originally picqued my interest, there are also other shows that are relavent to my interests. As a long time Stooges fan, Larry being my favorite,I really enjoyed the Steve Cox interview episode. Having read Mr. Cox's book One Fine Stooge, I still found out a lot of great insider knowledge on the inner circle of the Stooges. I look forward not only to catching up on the rest of the Stoogecast, but in delving into the rest of the shows included under this channel. Great work, guys!
Great show, just found out about it...Gotta get caught up.
Just started listening, and you can count me in as a subscriber. Horror podcasting done well!!!