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Loved this sermon. Thank you!
This is an amazing opportunity to hear some powerful and insightful messages. The message is always grounded in scripture and is often times uncomfortable. This church has continually challenged my view on Christianity. I have had the privilege of attending this church for 14 years, and every year has been truly changed by this! If you are willing to challenge your understanding of your faith and of the Bible, then listen to these fantastic words of wisdom!
I stumbled upon Rick's teaching while doing a google search on "wrestling with God in marriage". I was curious about jacobs wrestle with God and Dr. James macdonald's interpretation of it concerning family. Wow Rick's whole wrestling with God series opened my eyes. It was like scales fell off my eyes. I was glad to hear that Rick believes in one of God's greatest characteristics which is His Sovereignty!! This church and pastor has ministered to me and I live in Florida!!
Imago's teachings have been some of the most inspiring. I consider them essential for every day living as well as community outreach
I have the pleasure of listening to Rick every Sunday in person at Imago Dei Community Church and these podcast serve as a reminder that allow me to live the message all week long. Rick is a Prophet of God and I don't use that term lightly! Very forward, truthful and whole- heartedly honest minus the "let's not offend anyone" watered down delivery you might be use to hearing. Also, Rick could quite preaching and be stand up comedian at any time. It's that refreshing and truly, a genuine gift from the Lord! I'm done, download and listen!
I'm a church planter from Thousand Oaks, Ca. We started by going through the book of Romans and Rick/Imago was a key point of reference for us on how to best understand and communicate the concepts in Romans. He did a series back in 07' on Romans and it is just fantastic. I highly recommend this podcast and if you live in the Portland area, check out Imago!

By Tslam
This podcast is a gem among gems among gems. Pastor Rick and his church truly are biblically based and I feel I learn more from these podcasts than I have from anything I've ever heard in person. It's enough to make this humble 16 year old want to hop on a plane from Michigan to Oregon just to visit Imago Dei. Quit reading this, download, and listen already!
tune in and listen to the wisdoms of the ancient of days. I've only got one gripe, the sound is produced a little on the quiet side. This is the only podcast that I cannot hear while I ride my moped into work. Its great if you're in a room but with the wind at 35 mph it gets drowned out no matter what buds I use.


These sermons are just beautiful. This is the same church talked about by Donald Miller in his book Blue Like Jazz, and it opens up an honest dialogue about being a Follower of Christ, a Christian in this modern age where being religious is looked at with much more negative filter. If you have been searching for where to hear a genuine conversation on God and the Bible, please, look no further.
Rick is an extraordinarily gifted speaker and pastor and I love being able to listen to him every week.
This church changed my life, and these podcasts help me to catch up on what I've been missing. Superb! :)
This church is SCRIPTURE based! Especially the sermons….Not emotionally based... The head-pastor really is an amazing man after Gods heart. The sermons preached here are totally different than I have ever heard. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
well there are at least two of us listening while training for a marathon! i found imago dei through a high school classmate, who sometimes gives the message.... i now have a hard time listening to music before one of the pod casts while training. John MacMurray/Don Miller is i train along the ocean....and see HIS Creation in a very personal way when i run. I am happy training and being in his word while doing my fun thing!
I stumbled upon this podcast somehow, and recognized the name of the church from Don Miller's book and thought I would give it a shot. The sermons have spoken into my life in surprising ways and have helped me serve stronger in my local community, while also teaching in ways not found in my local area. I'd strongly urge anyone who resonates with "Blue Like Jazz" or "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell to give these podcasts a try. It's worth the 40 minutes of the day (I just listen to them while commuting or excersizing).
I also learned of "Pastor Rick" from reading "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller. I discovered his amazing book "Jesus in the Margins", and then his sermon podcasts. Life has not been the same since! His sermons have challenged me to re-examine the gospels - "unpacking" them, as Rick so often says. His down-to-earth delivery break it down into more meaningful, digestible chunks. Rick McKinley and Imago Dei seem to be redefining what it truly means to be a follower of Christ in the 21st century!
I'm 26 years old, and I never would have thought in 1000 years I would be excited to go to a church service on Sundays... Well, Imago is for real (I've been attending for about 3 years now...) I've never felt more comfortable going to a place such as this, one which I don't feel judged the moment I walk in, and one where the pretention just doesn't exist - and people are REAL... Now - thanks to this handy little Podcast, if I ever have to work on a Sunday, I can hear it later that day and not skip a beat! Give it a shot - it's the next best thing to being there in the community...