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I don’t really listen anymore and I should’ve reviewed you when you asked us to a couple years ago) but I just wanted to say this is a great show and Andy and his crew have a great level of honesty and integrity regarding Batman, DC and whatever else they cram in there (except for Jamie and his ridiculous hatred of the Patriots; it was a bad call 20 years ago and a year later the Raiders followed it up with a 5 INT Super Bowl performance, get over it :)). As this new chapter of DC and WB begins I’m sure the Batcast crew will continue to do a great job.
Was looking for more podcast and already listen to other RF4RM podcast and this podcast restarted my fandom towards everything Batman and DC universe related
The guys are the number one DC Podcast for me. I listen to about 35 hours worth of Podcasts each week, and these guys are my favorite. They loyal to their listeners, they love to interact with us and get us involved in the show. Andy, Jamie And Mick The Bush Kangaroo have great chemistry, they always bring a smile to my face. :)
Professional, informed, entertaining Bat/DC talk.
I’m also a Batman fan I don’t know everything about Batman. One request I would do is put some comedy in your podcast it doesn’t have to be dirty it can be clean well if you want it clean. You also need to just go forth and just talk about Batman. It’s already a long podcast it will be better if you just talk about the Batman comics
I’ve been listening to this show since 2014, I believe, regardless it’s a fun trip every time nonetheless. Andy, Jamie and that See You Next Tuesday Brendan are a great group of fans that just love the Bat. You get varied opinions on DC content that really fleshes the discussion out as well as fun banter between the co-hosts. If you need a BatFan fix, get it here. It’s all love.
I love this show. I especially love listening with my brother on car rides
This pod has been around for a while now and does a great job covering all things Bat! Definitely recommend!
Love your podcast keep it up and if you would like maybe you should talk about Batman the brave and the bold and scooby do❤️😊👍🦇🃏
This is one of the few podcasts that is a must-listen for me. Andy, Jamie, & Brendan are always entertaining and insightful. Always look forward to this release each week. (Chris Harrelson aka Commodore Schmidlapp)
Was enjoying but then you got All pc on your batwoman episode
No structure. Boring random thoughts with no structure. Listen at bedtime to fall asleep quickly.
Great pod cast. Found it in June after shuffling through a few Batman podcasts I found this and loved it. Hopefully I can catch up by the end of the year so much show to listen to, quality first world problems to have. My only gripe with the show is that the Batman the animated series review is what really brought me into the pod cast and that has been lacking lately. Though I have a hundred more episodes to listen so maybe it picks up. Even so it definitely makes the day go faster listening to you guys discuss Batman.
Absolutely love the show! My favorite podcast to listen to whenever I’m driving, walking around campus, or have time between classes!
I have been listening to Andy and his friends talk about Batman for a few years now and I felt it was finally time to leave a review that I should have left years ago. Andy and friends usually positive attitudes towards everything DC keeps me coming back every episode. Holy BatCast has become my main source of news for all the happenings around the DC universe keep it up guys and thank you!
Andy, Jamie, and Brendan are great and have such great chemistry! I love the fact that they all have their own opinions and are not just agreeing with one another. Well done guys and I look forward to hearing more Bat related everything. Happy 80th Anniversary to Batman! love, Michelle
Great podcast that covers everything you will ever want to know about Batman. If you the character, you will love this podcast.
Great pod for not just Batman fans but DC fans in general. Love the movie reviews. Keep up the good work fellas. Tell Jamie to put more respect on Batman Beyond.
Andy,Jamie,and Brendan are the Batman,robin,and batgirl of podcasts. Their opinions and insight of these dc characters we love so much is highly enjoyable and I strongly recommend everyone give them a listen. You’ll be happier than a tornado in a trailer park!!
Andy and Jamie put out an absolutely amazing show every single week. Perfect for nerds and newcomers alike. This show is actually what got me back into Batman, and now I am as big of a fan as they get. This is purely the best. Congratulations on 200 episodes and here’s to 200 more!
Andy and his fellow caped crusaders never fail to deliver a fresh, exciting and informative episode that makes you an even bigger Batman fan! I love the way everyone seems to gel well together. Thanks for being one of the many that has inspired me to develop my own Batman podcast: Vigilante 1939. Keep on answering that Bat signal.
By far, the best podcast all things DC. Always look forward to the opinions and reviews of whatever is going on week to week. Also, unreal how my opinions coincide with Jamie’s haha. Also, a very positive approach to the DC universe, even when they dislike it.
You guys make a great show and I have been listening since the first episode you guys are great and hey Jamie why so serious just wondering
Year 3 is basically a Robin story I think You two would really like it. don’t think it’s in a trade though. Great review on year 2 probably have the same trade as Jamie. And one question for Andy do you remember Graham Cracker Comics in the Chicago area. Thanks for all the great podcasts.
If you love anything DC and DC related (especially Batman), you’ll love this podcast. Andy, Jamie and sometimes Brendon are great to listen to particularly because of the amazing chemistry they have. The definitive DC/Batman podcast for sure
The hosts Andy and Jamie really have a passion for all things Batman, informative, entertaining and fun! If you’re a fan of Batman, you’ll be a fan of this podcast! -Chris S.
This is the Batman podcast that every Batfan should tune in to. Andy, Jamie, and the wide variety of guests meet up every week or so to talk Batman and subsequently, DC related content. It is always a wonderous occasion to download an episode of Holy Batcast, due to the sheer amount of love and commitment to the character that is present in this show. Kudos to all involved and keep up the great work guys. Much love.
I’ve been listening to podcasts for years but only recently started looking for a Batman podcast. Out of all I heard, this is the one I subscribed to. Listening to Andy and Jamie disagree over something is reminiscent of Siskel and Ebert. Keep up the good work! -Justin Anderson
I just had to write a review for one of the best Batman podcasts that exist. I also just became a Patron. Keep up the great work guys.
This has been the best Bat-cast I can find. They really do Now there batman
I found Holy Batcast while listening to the The Suicide Squadcast crossover review of Batman Begins and I am so happy I did! The bat brothers Andy and Jamie are truly awesome guys and I often find myself laughing out loud as they chat about the stuff we all love! This show is super entertaining and definitely an awesome place to celebrate all things DC, which is awesome because it's harder to find these days it seems. This is easily one of my favorite podcasts and I feel like I found a little community in these people even though I hardly communicate online. I am in the process of becoming a comic book artist (it is my dream to work with DC) and college has been keeping me very busy. I absolutely love listening to this show as I work, drive or just while I'm chilling. This is an excellent podcast, with entertaining hosts, awesome guests, all with a very positive outlook which I always appreciate! Thank you guys! -David
Just found this podcast, really enjoying!!! Great stuff guys!
Listen once and you'll become addicted! I subscribed to this podcast a few months ago and haven't looked back. Each week I look foward to listening to new episodes and furthing my love for the Dark Knight. The hosts Andy and Jamie are true Batman fans and you'll appreciate their love and positivity when discussing the character. I highly recommend listening to this podcast if your fan of Batman or the DC world. You won't find anything better.
Love the positivity of the show & how often they pump out new episodes. One thing I love in podcasts is when the hosts make you feel apart of the conversation & makes you feel less lonely. Also love how Jamie is open about being a Christian! P.S. Tim Drake is cool but Nightwing needs more love on the show. I think he’s the real & only heir to the cowl! Thanks guys!
Andy and Jaime are two of the best who weekly discuss everything Batman. I have been listening to this dynamic duo for almost 2 years now and this is THE podcast I look forward to the most each week. Their joy and positivity on DC Films is a breath of fresh air in a sea of negativity - now they call a spade a spade but they do it with class. I enjoy their interviews with various folks who have been associated with the Dark Knight and my personal favorite segment of the show the “Waynemanor Mailbox”. Keep up the good work guys!
I started listening to this podcast over a year ago looking for some up- to-date Batman news and I've never looked back. Andy seems like a genuinely good dude who seems to look for the positives even in the worst of Batman content (cough, cough, Batman&Robin) I espeically love the animated series reviews, as that's what truly inspired my love for the character. If you love all things Batman, this is the podcast for you.
I have been a listener for years now and I can honestly say this is hands down the best podcast on Batman. Being a Batman collector for over 30 years I decided to start a podcast on Batman to share my thoughts, views and knowledge of the caped crusader. I started doing some research in podcast and after listening to Andy and Jamie on this podcast I realize no need in starting one as the best podcast possible was already available. Thank you both for bringing me Bat-Joy every week.
Holy BatCast is a fun, positive spin on all things Batman. They're very relatable and give me something great to listen to while I'm out training, mowing, lifting weights, or just meal prepping in the kitchen. Thanks guys for giving a fellow geek a bright spot in his week!
I love this podcast! I love dc comics. I often try to talk about them with my friends and family who sometimes get tired of hearing about it. I feel like by listening to this podcast I finally found a group of people with similar interests. Andy, and co hosts do a great job at talking at a pace that’s pleasant to listen to. You can also tell that these people are really fans of dc comics. I’ve tried several other DC podcasts, but this is one of the two DC podcasts I keep coming back to. If you’re a fan of Batman or DC comics this is a must listen to.
I’m only giving it five stars because there isn’t a higher option! A great and fun show that is sure to be one of the highlights to any Bat-fan’s week! Simply awesome.
One of the better DC fan podcasts. Always reliable for well thought out opinions and not too fanboyish but not overly critical either. I'm a long time listener and I don't see that changing anytime soon.
This is the best podcast for dc fans. Andy's optomistic attitude paired with Jamie's comical rants make the show funny while eachother's knowledge of the characters is very insightful
Holy Batcast with Andy and Jamie (and guests) is quite simply one of my favorite podcasts to listen to, and one of the best Batman podcasts out there. The chemistry between Andy and Jamie is top-notch, and although they each have their different preferences for the character, chances are "your Batman" will be represented on the show. They cover a variety of topics in the DC Universe, meaning everyone will have something to enjoy. Highly recommend!
I drive a 300 mile a day route for a day job. So, needless to say, I listen to MANY podcasts throughout the week. This is the only one that I listen to without fail, each and every time a new episode is released. As a lifelong, die hard DC fan, I love hearing all the latest reviews, rumors, and news. These guys produce a quality podcast and I highly recommend it!
Been listening for a few months now, sorry it took so long to write a review. This is my favorite podcast, the conversations are always interesting and insightful. My friends and family don’t hold the same level of obsession for Batman as I do so it’s really nice to listen to you guys and feel like I’m in the room hanging out with you. Keep up the good work! P.S. I’ll swing by the patreon too and donate what I can. I’m currently student teaching and they don’t exactly pay me 😂😂
I have been listening to podcasts for over 10 years and this is by far my favorite podcast I have ever listened to. You need to listen!
Great podcast, love the content and the chemistry between you guys! You guys stay positive even when it’s a negative subject, and in world full of negativity you guys are a gem! Thanks and keep up the fantastic work!
Holy Batcast is by far one of the best podcasts to listen to. Every topic that is discussed is without bias, or at least discussed from all sides. Even when a divisive topic may be brought up, everyone’s opinion and encouraged to have a productive conversation. Keep up the fantastic work as the future of DC unfolds