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I am glad that I get to listen to nature podcast as I get to work. It is stimulating and informative and great to listen. You guys do it very well!
This podcast has been extremely educational and enjoyable! I am always eager for the next episode to come out!
Awful attempt to make the material more “relatable”. Pathetic. This podcast used to be better. The intro is way too long and the presenters lack professionalism and, frankly, the talent to pull off this feeble attempt to jazz up the science. It’s insulting to a well-respected journal to trivialize it in this way and to any listener with half a brain.
This is my one stop podcoast to keep up with all the latst in areas of science beyond the molecular biology I deal with daily. The information is provided in a way that I can clearly understand articles ranging from particle physics to astronomy or quantum chemistry! Love the Brit accents as well!!
This is my favorite Podcast by far. I am a research scientist, and this is real science. The production may not be as polished as you’re used to from your favorite news source, but that’s because the hosts are chosen for their extensive background. The topics presented here are legitimate and drawn directly from the primary sources. To know what’s really cutting edge and relevant in science, look no further!
Good Podcast
As a scientist I listen to this show to get inspiration and keep up with what's going on in other disciplines. Approachable!
A fun, interesting way to keep up with some of what’s going on in the science world.


By Billc60
My favorite podcast. Funny interesting and informative.
The Nature podcast is my companion on many late nights in the lab. The hosts have a goofy sense of humor combined with impressive knowledge of science and are excellent at distilling the week’s science into an enjoyable 23 minutes. Many generations of bacteria in my lab have grown up listening to the podcast and I like to think they like it too!
I love this podcast and look forward to listening to it each week. It helps to keep me current on many different branches of scientific research and discovery of interest. It’s also a good primer for reading the journal.


By Mkmow
I spent most of my 2-hour commute today listening to this podcast, and every 5 minutes i was yelling “no way!” out loud in my car. Granted, I have only listened to 1.5 episodes. BUT the full episode I listened to was about soft microbots and manipulable holograms. Thanks for keeping alive the part of science that feels like magic.
Well presented, not a surface look but also not bogged down with the entirety of tech speak without accompanying explanation. Easy to listen to.
Broad range of science and science policy topics that is informative, interesting, and well produced.
Professionally presented and full of interesting information. Basically the audio equivalent of reading Nature magazine, which is very convenient, because I can absorb the content while multitasking instead of setting aside time in the day to read a magazine.
This is the only science podcast on earth. I am so grateful to the team behind this, who make my daily commute bearable. I wish it could be possible to release it daily. I would be glad to pay for it. I can't believe all other news outlets and science journals don't have their science podcasts. The ones they call science are really not.
I listen to dozens of science podcasts and this is my favorite. It is the perfect combination of interesting topics, entertaining presentation, and moderate duration. I listen while cycling to and from work and I never miss an episode. I am sorry, though, that the hostess (Kerri Smith) is moving on to other things. I have really enjoyed her style these past several years.
I'm a middle school science teacher - a science fanboy rather than a practitioner - and this podcast is right at my level; never so technical as to lose me, but rarely oversimplified. And the low-key, and very British, wit that occurs throughout is a much-appreciated aspect.
This show is one of my required podcasts each week. The summaries of exciting new scientific stories, interesting perspectives on natural science, and thoughtful applied science pieces are all wonderful. The lovely rapport between the hosts is just a magnificent bonus. I'm always happy to download the latest episode and see what science has been up to this week. Please keep up the excellent work.
This review is short, I have listened to pretty most every science podcast available, and this is the best podcast available. It is comprehensive, well produced, great quality sound, fun to listen to, and has enough detail and complexity to keep a well informed lay-person interested.
This is a first-rate program that explains but does not oversimplify scientific news in the fashion of many media outlets. It assumes that its listeners possess intelligence, curiosity and a sense of humor. It makes my commute time fly by.
These guys are funny and entertaining, and make keeping up with the latest news in science highly accessible, especially for a busy grad student working in the lab who doesn't have time to sit down and read the news!


By kmos1
Well done and funny. I love learning more about the world with such guides.
An indispensable tool for any scientist
This is a great podcast. I am a research scientist in ecology and too often find it difficult to keep up with what's new and important outside of my own field. However every week I know I can download the Nature Podcast, and by the time my run is over I feel like I've got a good sense about what's exciting outside of my narrow corner of the ivory tower. Well done!
Does a good job of breaking down scientific news into general layman's terms, and most importantly, explaining why it matters.
Great way to keep up with some major scientific highlights each week! I also love the 'futures' science fiction slot!
Sorry it took me so long to give you these well-deserved stars! Four years this has been and remains my favorite weekly science podcast. I swear it's the British humor and wit that set it apart, not just the great science coverage and journalism. ;)
The length of each episode is just perfect. I imagine it takes the right amount of time if you're washing dishes, driving to work, or working out to listen to a full episode. The research highlights are nice as are the interviews with actual scientists from around the world. I love the science fiction episodes once a month. These come in handy when I need to sleep or take a nap after a long day at the lab. Thanks to everyone who works on the podcast and especially the hosts.
I wish more podcasts were done in this way! Every report is well thought through, and the podcast team keeps including their little puns and little jokes. There's hardly any episode that I don't forward to friends, so I'd also like to recommend it here! One criticism here: Somehow the podcast team believes that one shuldn't include too many numbers in a story such that it's easier for the listeners. I however love numbers, so I wish there would be a bit less number obmissions in their stories.
I have listened to the Nature podcast with fascination for years. From the first episode I heard, it has been must-hear audio for me. I can't let more than a few hours pass after the posting before I listen to it each week. The podcast's combination of extremely substantive reporting with the infectious, clever enthusiasm of hosts Kerri Smith and Adam Levy, leavened by numerous interviews with the scientists behind the discoveries, is always compelling. Hats off to the whole Nature podcast team! And thanks to Nature Publishing, for underwriting such an effective way of increasing understanding of and appreciation for its flagship publication, the monumental magazine Nature.
Keep the fawning over Obama under control. It cheapens the otherwise interesting podcast. I do not care what you think of the least potent president in history.


By Blake4
Little science and a lot of political correctness!!!
As the host, editors and interviewees move through the latest science stories, they keep a witty banter that I find endearing and hilarious. The information is always interesting and well presented.
I thought this would be about nature as in plants and animals. But it has a lot of boring talk about archeology, space, drugs, whatever. It is also too long.
This is the main podcast I listen to for important news in science. It’s presented really well, the stories are compelling and fascinating, and I’ve come to look forward to each episode. It’s a nice mark in my regular routine whenever I’m studying or in the lab, or even just doing errands. Keep making awesome podcasts!
I've been listening to this podcast for years, and always look forward to it. I find it very listenable and informative. It's not too technical, although it's definitely aimed at an audience with more than a superficial interest in science.
I'm not sure I could ask for more from a podcast. The show is well produced and narrated by a group of dynamic and passionate reporters whose interest in the content is contagious. Although the reports are mostly based on Nature publications (there are a few from Science as well), the show does a great job of presenting current events that affect the scientific world as a whole. As an organic chemist, I come here first to get updates on the rest of science outside of my narrow field. Great job Nature team!
These guys are not as smart as they think they are. Each week they produce highly predictable guesses masqueading as science. They should interview competing theories as opposed to taking sides on speculation.
They always have a great selection of stories to discuss. It's very accessible, not too technical. Their extras are always interesting, too.
Fantastic, uplifting news. Also, I love the "Futures" section
Listening to the Nature Podcast of 30 June 2016 about Dolly the sheep. Honestly, the narrator, Ewen Callaway, is terrible for this and has the complete wrong tone to narrate this important topic. His voice is weird, has odd delivery, is unpleasant to listen to and is not fitting for announcing. It sounds like he's wistfully reading poetry being emotional. Just terrible for narrating science topics.
Not a moment of boredom. Love it.
I love the flow and hosts of this podcast. I love the range of topics covered, but I can't help feeling disappointed that the topics covered are so shallow. Everyone at Nature knows every great scientific discovery that is published in your journals has an enormous history. It is much more important to know what avenues are opened with each discovery, and what avenues led to breakthrough reaearch. Even just take you "nature reviews" and pick your favorite article and read it in depth! It can't take more than a week to understand a review article and how it fits in its field! Please make this podcast!
Informative, timely, and in-depth science reporting. Great interviews and questions to the movers and shakers about scientific enterprise.
I've been listening to this podcast for years. I liked it at the start and it has only gotten better.
It is always interesting to hear from the authors and get a summary of the information from the journal. The crew performing the interviews and holding discussions are also interesting and excellent at their jobs. Extra segments on science in the news, special coverage of major events (e.g. gravity waves), etc. round this out to one of the best podcasts available in any subject area. Highly recommended.
This is easily one of my favorite podcasts. Very well presented, interesting topics, engaging guests.