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I love all of Mike B's mixes. The energy he infuses into the songs is invigorating. These mixes will get you through any workout or day. Mike B is the best!!!!
Haven't listened in a while but nothing changed he is still killing it hardstyle!!!!!! One of the best everyone else on here, doesn't get any better than this. Wish I could get a new one every day!!!!!! But I'll settle for the constant updates! Thanks Mike B!
Mike B is killing it, with mixes of todays hits. Sounds like saturday night in ATL and every week waiting for my fix from this podcast
I knew him when he used to get naked in my hot tub!!! Nice work man, keep on keepin on!!!!!!
Is this the same Mike B that now lives in Florida? Used to go to Greenville NC to ECU to visit/party? Spun a couple of times in Myrtle Beach?
I used to go see him live in Myrtle Beach back in my chemical induced days and let me assure you, HE DOES NOT DISAPOINT!!! He takes the songs you love and gives them life. Its amazing to me hes not more well known! I wish there was a way I could share some of my old mix tapes with all of you beacause I'm yet to turn them on to someone who is not blown away! Try to sit back and enjoy but my guess is with the way this guy spins em' you wont be sitting for long!
I love DJ MIke B's podcasts, I listen to them everywhere at the gym, in the whips, at work, EVERYWHERE they keep my head bobbin and my heart rate jumpin.
I am so glad i came across this podcast because it is amazing the music is great it just makes u want to dance.
This has enough energy to get me though an entire workout and then some.......
duuuuuuddde the summer mix is the bomb u droped it once again brotha!!! thanx for the great mixes
Perfect mixes. Current music made better. I have yet to come across a better DJ.
Well, if you like that Hip Hop junk and speeded up songs so they can mix, then this is your podcast. This is definitely NOT vocal trance... Every thirty seconds it annnounces who the dj is..Dude, no one is stealing your mixes, believe me. If you are in your teens, you will love this guy. But for someone that likes REAL vocal trance...don't waste your time.
Why have I not found this podcast BEFORE?!?!??!? WOW IT'S AWESOME!!!!! This is now BY FAR my favorite podcast on my iPod!!!!!! Keep it up!!
I agree with everyone on here that has given him 5 stars!! I feel like i'm at Avalon NYC listening to the pod casts. This is the best podcast on itunes, and I highly reccomend it!


This is a great podcast, but it is not Mike B from 3 Bad Brothers. He is out of Atl and this Mike B is out of Chicago IL, still I enjoyed it!
Mike B is an excellent DJ. I think he is the same DJ Mike B that is in 3 BAD BROTHERS-
This Podcast is really good. It's upbeat and it sounds like you're in a New York Club. And best of all, it's free! Try this out and you'll really love it. This guy really knows how to mix songs!