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Just like listening to your nerdy gay friends chitchating about daily tech news. Informative, albeit subjective (read 'bias') on things they love - but hey, it's their show! ;)
Hey Guys! This is a great podcast. It's about as current as you can get as they record every night. Anything about mobile tech that is in the current foreground is discussed or at the very least mentioned. The two hosts have great rapport with each other and keep the discussion going without getting off on tangents. Very enjoyable and hope that you subscribe to this or the weekly show or both! :)
I love these guys! Peter and Pinoyboy are really great GOMOS! They are very technologically aware, and their funny comments always crack me up. This show is highly recommendable, especially for Mac geeks.
Here's a shout out from New York City!!! Great podcast with mac info thrown in too! It's fun and imformative. Check out the history of OSX. YOU GO GUYS!!! KEEP IT COMING!!
Peter! I have so many episodes to catch up on! You're almost at your 100th episode!! Yea!!! Gimme a few weeks, I'll catch up. Glad you're still pcasting!