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Awesome show, with alot of content. I was concerned with this being boring at first, but they always have great interviews, insight, and conversations of the sport many of us enjoy!
Where did the show go?
Being a female NPC competitor, I thoroughly enjoy following the sport via Dan and Bob. They are quite professional in their presentation of information...great guests, IFBB stars, interviews, reviewing shows, etc. If you are a bodybuilding fan - SUBSCRIBE TODAY!


By apuz13
I just love this show.I wish it was on more often then just once a gives great infomation on the bodybuilding scene.I also think Dan and Bob are great keep up the good work guys and please do more shows if you can


By Fink13
Great job gents. Always enjoy the podcast. Do you guys listen to any yourselves?
I enjoy all the information and interviews I've not followed bodybuilding since late 80's. This is a great podcast for my daily commute. Keep up the good work and I will spread the word.
This podcast has good content and provides great inside information on the pro bodybuilding scene. However, after a couple months, I have found this podcast unlistenable because of the host's annoying way of speaking. He literally pops almost all of his letters, seemingly on purpose (think p's, b's, etc). At first I overlooked it, but at this point I just can't take it anymore; for shame...
I love this show, great interviews and insight into the world of body building! Can't wait for the next season to start, Keep up the great work!
Dan & Bob your show is the best! I can't wait for Monday's to come so I can see what you guys have in store for me...keep up the good work!
I'm a huge fan of Podcasts, I'm a gym rat, I buy my protein & creatine from the Bodybuilding (dot) com store, I'm on Bodyspace & the Bodybuilding (dot) com forums, I'm constantly surfing Bodybuilding (dot) com for contest results and all things Bodybuilding....... how is it I never knew this podcast existed until now? I asked around the gym and nobody else heard of it either. I noticed there are only 4 reviews to date, so it seems like this podcast doesn't enjoy the success it deserves. Bob & Dan you need to get the word out.... this podcast is truly inspirational!!! Keep up the great work!!!
If your a fan of bodybuilding, you HAVE to subscribe to this show. Features all the biggest names in bodybuilding, and Dan and Bob are fantastic hosts. Keep up the great work guys!
I just turned 38 and I'm getting back into bodybuilding. I haven't really excercised since I graduated high school where I played football. Having access to something like this really keeps me in the mood to workout. Keep up the great shows.
This show is great. Dan Solomon & Bob Cicherillo are great hosts and Shawn Ray is a great backup host. If you are looking to know the inside scope on Bodybuilding this is the show. You don't just get the opinions of the host you get info straight from the athletes themselves. I love this show.