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Please keep up ONLY the orthodox teaching. The entirety of Gods counsel! Not buying into modernist culture full of errors. Not allowing the culture CHANGE the church. Especially during our current times- we are reminded that our only hope is in Jesus Christ. He is the answer to transformation of ourselves and our culture. So encouraging. So convicting. Thank you thank you thank you.
Great teaching but so hard to listen to. You have to continually turn the volume up and down, up and down......
Is there some way you guys can regulate the volume of this podcast so at times we aren’t straining to here and at other times I’m getting my ears blown out with my headset on. I understand the need to emphasize certain Scripture or ideas but the decibel swing is a bit much at times. Thanks
I don’t understand why so many preachers feel the need to yell. When I listen to my podcast early in the morning it is a bit irritating.
I don’t live in Texas but wish I did! These sermons are a great addition to my own study of Scripture and have greatly helped me as I grow in my faith!
I live in Florida, but I wish I could move to Texas just to be apart of this church.
It gets me through the day
When I’m struggling I’ll go listen to one of these sermons and it gets my heart right
This podcast was recommended to me by a friend. I was seeking deeper teaching than I was getting at my church and she recommended Village Church. I was driving home listening, into like my 4th message when I just began to cry. I wasn’t crying over what was being taught, it wasn’t conviction of the words, so I stopped and thought; why am I crying? I realized I was crying because I had never heard God’s Word taught like this. It was simple. It was truth. It was beautiful. There wasn’t glitz or glamour. No 5 steps to a happier me. No catchy phrases. It was the simple gospel broken down and explained. It was the purity of His Word.
I’ve been listening to the Village Church for YEARS. I love that each sermon stirs up my affection for Jesus!
The Village sermons have been a go podcast for me for several years. I appreciate their the gospel-centered content!


By yesMcno
Matt Chandler has been an inspiration for me. I grew up in church and got tired of it and left. Matt Chandler’s pure motives for teaching the scriptures has allowed me to hear the truth as I make my way back to Christian living.
I agree I really enjoy listening to Matt Chandler
It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find sermons preached by Matt Chandler on here. I wish they would post his sermons along with the other campuses...
Wish he would be the one preaching in all these sermons.
TVC sermons has been such a solid resource in my Christian life. I appreciate the boldness in their preaching and authoritative stand they take on scripture. There’s not been a week I don’t pop up one of their sermons throughout the week on my commute around town. Most of all, I have been challenged to love my triune God more because of this podcast. Thank you TVC!
God has spoken to me through TVC in many different situations of life through this Podcast. Pastor Matt has a God given talent, he is able to connect SO well! I mean, I listen to him preach while driving long distances and I just can’t get distracted, it feels as though he is sitting in the passenger seat! Through the sermons in this Podcast I have been convicted, encouraged, and even educated! Thank you for making this available to us as we live in another state, this is such a great biblical supplement to what we already have. May God continue to bless you!
I look forward to this download every week. Even though I don’t belong to the SBC and live 1,000 miles from DFW I always find something that specifically relates to my journey. It encourages and stretches me. The series on the Kingdom was so full of points to ponder that I listened multiple times. I appreciate the attitude and perspective of the pastors at The Village Church. Thanks for bringing redeeming value to my drive time!
How does talking about the building cost helping me with my Spiritual Development?
This is a great supplement to what I’m getting at my local church! Really love the honest preaching of the Word and it challenges me to have a deeper walk with Christ. Thank you to all the Village Staff!
Matt Chandler and the other pastors have a special way of communicating what’s in the Bible. I have gained a much more thorough understanding of the Scriptures and what God is trying to teach us. Well worth listening to.
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Matt Chandler is wonderful.
Matt Chandler’s Preaching has been so influential in my own life and ministry. He preaches Christ better than most. He loves the Bible, the church, and the mission. I praise God for the Village.
This was the first podcast I started to listen to over a decade ago. It is still my favorite. Chandler never fails to bring God's word in a way that challenges, inspires, and motivates.
I downloaded "The Divine Sovereignty of God" -- over 10 minutes into the 42 minute podcast and the speaker is still talking about himself. I turned it off. I always tell my children - if you learn more about the pastor and his family than God in a sermon walk away.
I never have much to say. Just leaving a review to help the ranking.
I live out of state but listen to Village Church sermons on my runs all the time. I love the biblically based preaching.
The village church has some of the BEST teaching - gospel centered, full of truth, fun to listen to... big fan
OH. MY. GOSH. What a great sermon on salvation, by faith alone, and grace alone! Thank you JT for helping us to better understand the Triune God... which leads to better undersanding of salvation.
I Pastor Matt Chandler, and the village church. I love their solid biblical teaching.
Apart from my church home's teachings, this podcast is my favorite resource. Thank you for making these sermons available. They really stir my affections for Christ.
Never have I ever heard such wisdom, discernment, grace, compassion, truth, biblical teaching from anyone. I've heard LOTS of different pastors and biblical teachers from all denominations and Matt Chandler is hands down, the best. I leave challenged and enlightened.
Thankful for the village church. I hope the God continues to bless this ministry and make it fruitful.
Amazing!! But I only listen for Matt Chandler; the others aren't very good. Matt is awesome though!
Matt, please don't ever stop doing what you are doing. You deliver the gospel in a winsome, relevant way that is better than any preaching I have come across. I will pray for your ministry.
The reading of Exodus 15 at the beginning of the Dec 18, 2016 episode ..... you should have a podcast of just that. A chapter a day. I PROMISE you, people will subscribe. - 12/25/16
Great sermons with solid bible teaching.


By BeeGerW
Really good teaching!
Pastor Matt Chandler is by far one of the greatest preachers/teachers this generation has ever seen. He loves the Word of God and speaks so much truth. He is bold and beyond passionate about the issues that matter to God.
Been keeping up with this podcast for a couple years now and have enjoyed the gospel-centered, expositional approach Village Church takes to sharing Biblical truth!
Mostly biblical stuff if you can get past his loud obnoxious and rude voice and attitude.
A brother in Christ pointed me to Matt Chanlder two years ago. I noly started listening to his sermons since October 2015, and every time I listen to his sermons the I feel the truth and joy of His (God's) Love working through Matt's sermons. Chandler loves the Lord and his love is evident in the sermons he gives, and he has become one of my few role models because of it. Chandler is not afraid to break down in tears and show his true self before his congregation in order to preach God's Word. He is against the false teachers of today (which I love) and is not afraid to offend his followers in order to show them the truth of God's Word. He often says that if someone has issue with what he preaches, go ahead and by all means read the scripture yourself and if your still offended then the issue is between you and the Lord and not me, I merely just shed light on it." If I'm ever in Dallas I need to meet him in person. He is by far my favorite preacher and would strongly reccomend listening to his sermons. His Explicit Gospel sermon is amazing (I've listened to it 10 times in 1 week and I learned something new everytime!) and his James series is really insightfull!
For anyone who wants to hear the gospel, hear who Jesus is and how He flips who is at the centered of our lives this is a wonderful source. I hope one day to be an intern at the Village Church because of the love Matt and Lauren have for Jesus and the rest of the staff I've heard on this podcast. The best and most challenging part of each sermon or interview I've heard from anyone at their church is how they speak of God's love for them, not their love for God!
This community of believers gets it!
Matt Chandler is a great Bible teacher. I haven't missed a sermon of his in years.