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Ed Young is the best speaker I've ever heard in my life. If you've never heard him you've got to give him a listen. So easy to understand and comprehend. You feel like he's talking to you one on one.
I love Ed Young's down to earth application of the Bible. Both Bible scholars and those hearing this for the first time always walk away with something!
Beware of teachers like Ed Young Jr. He is a master at Twisting Scriptures & is nothing more than a clever businessman who uses God's Word for his own gain. He is not a Pastor but a C.E.O. of The False Religion of American Corporate Christianity. If you would like to listen to real Biblical Teachings, I would recommend Pastors like Carter Conlon & David Platt.
I really enjoy listening to your enthusiasm! Please post older podcasts. I listen to you and others in my warehouse "All Day Everyday"!!! You, Joyce, Joel and Andy Stanley. You know of any other people that are good?
Thanks for sharing these podcast Ed. There great & I have learned so much & I'm so thankful that I ran across ur podcast. Only complaint I have is that a new one is not added every day because I love listening to ur word from GOD. Please add more often if u can. Even if you add old messages. Thanks for everything & GOD BLESS!!!!!!
Ed Young has been my pastor for over ten years! I have been attending his church since I was little. He makes learning God's word easier and exciting. I love that he can break the scripture down into easy to understand sections; I can almost always relate to the story/scripture. He is entertaining, funny and is a big reason of why I became a Christian, other than, of course, the bigger reason up stairs. Love it!!
I love coming every Saturday to see Ed preach. He totally the funniest yet most understandable pastor I've ever heard. These podcast are great for anyone wanting to learn Jesus' word.
Thea poscasts are like spiritual manna from heaven. Make it rain Ed!!
I need more than just 10. Pastor Ed cuts straight into my heart in every message. I love how literal it is. We can't reach this generation by using words like 'ye' and 'thou'. If there was a 10 star rating Fellowship Church would get it.
Pop-minded, people-pleasing, entertainment-oriented, so-called-relevant pastor-poser. What kind of sick thrill seeking audience must he entertain to bring an expensive sport car to the church stage? How about hanging on a rope, to make dumb sheeople to get excited.. Well, the trick with the balls was the most boring one. Wonder what's next?
I absolutely LOVE that I am able to watch these via my iPhone. God is GREAT and will do anything to make sure we hear His message! Thank you Ed and Lisa! And staff!
Thank you for putting these up. I'm a college student in San Marcos, Texas, and I enjoy these a lot. I was introduced to your work by a book my mother gave me a few years back. Though you didn't bring me back to Christ during my crazy years, you aid in keeping me on "track" now. I can tell that a lot of work goes into your messages, and it is greatly helpful and appreciated. Thank you!
These podcasts are awesome!!! God's word for free!!! Ed Young is great!!!
Please put on more podcasts
pastor ed is great pastor and teacher. thanks for the podcast.
What a great tool to use throughout the week and in those times where we need some encouragement! Essential! The a beautiful heart Ed Young has is demonstrated by his desire to feed those who are in the trenches helping others and changing lives. This is Bread for the hungry!
This podcast is wonderful and powerful to anyone in ministry and leadership. Highly recommended!
I have been attending Ed's church (Fellowship Church, Grapevine, TX) for 7 years and I think he is awesome!! I am so glad his messages are available to download onto my Ipod. His messages are always relavent, entertaining and most important are Biblically correct.


Ed's leadership message to church leaders is that the church ought to be the most creative place on the planet. We are, after all, worshipping and serving the One with infinite creativity. I am a life changed by God who used (uses) Ed's teaching to challenge me in the areas of discipleship, service, leadership, humility, and so much more. Hardly a week goes by that I am not convicted about an area in my life that could use surrender to the ultimate Authority, a behavior that could change in my desire to be more like Christ and reflect Him to the world around me. The dramatic change in my life is all God, but He uses Ed's innovative, Biblically based teaching to reach me - mind, heart, and soul. I am grateful that this podcast helps keep me connected to the words of this wonderful student-teacher of the greatest creative master-Teacher, Christ Himself.
This podcast is pricelsss and really speaks of Pastor Youngs heart to help others. I don't miss a single episode thank you Ed.
I am proud to say that Ed Young is my pastor. He is creative and innovative. He delivers relevant messages each week that connects and relates to people of all kinds. He adds energy and humor to his talks that keeps your attention and focus and uses analogies and ryhmes that helps you remember what he is teaching about Jesus, God's Word, etc. If more pastors were like Ed we would reach even more people who don't know Chirst.
Anyone who says that EdYoung's messages are trite "Glory Theology" hasn't really been listening. Week after week Ed's messages challenge me to grow in Biblical discipleship - to be a better father, a better husband, a better citizen and a much more humble, generous and sacrifical servant within the Kingdom of God.
I LOVE to listen to Ed Young teach. It's creative. It's fresh. It's relavant. It's deep. It's good stuff. Whether you are new to the "Jesus Thing" or if you've been around the church for years - you will learn something when you listen to Ed.
Ed Young seems to communicate the gospel creativly and intelligently. Being an artist I can tell you I've seen both and few people successfully weave the two together. If you are looking for a "light" to help you along a dark path. Ed shines bright.