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I love Stu's show! They are always well done & have amazing guests. His interviews are a good mix of information and fun - definitely recommend!
Just got started with this, enjoyed all I have heard, just wondering where the next one might be. Stu where are you!
This podcast has potential. If Stu could stop the 1960s deejay thing and plan out his interview questions some more, he could be a top-notch host...he has plenty of enthusiasm. The big asset of this podcast is the casting: the guests and the supporting hosts. I've been listening, now six months later, to the 2006 Tour de France series and it is like listening to a podcast of the passengers on the Titanic dancing the night away while the iceberg looms in the distance. Just spellbinding, because we know the conclusion. There's a great lesson there in the danger of non-journalists trying to be journalists. I'm hopeful everyone associated with this podcast will be smarter in the I said, this thing has potential. Still, Endurance Planet's podcasts are the current gold standard in triathlon podcasting.
I lost 70lbs and changed my life. I am a triathlon nut now...beginner and hungry for knowlege. I found this podcast to be the best - easier than reading books and full of information. Listening to your podcast while training, makes that much better. Thank you, Stu!
Great show! Good info. Great energy! Keep up the good work!
It seems like half the show is spent on stating how darn awesome everybody in the triathlon community happens to be. Stu just fall over himself with excessive praise for every guest he has. That is fine and good but he takes it to an extreme (a wickedly awesome extreme with swag). Other than that keep up the good work.
This show doesn't hit volume 10, it goes all the way to volume 11 !
Stu loves this sport and it really comes out in his PodCasts. Thanks for the encouragement you bring to the sport we love!
What a great conduit of info. I enjoy the interviews as they get me motivated to get out there and participate. I enjoy the tri stuff more than the tour stuff though and that's why only four stars. OTHERWISE be sure to subscribe and enjoy.
Stu does an awesome job. Good info, great for beginners and awesome interviews. How do you get all these great guests? Interviews are very professional and he asks all the questions I would ask. Keep up the good work as it is entertaining and appreciated.
This is a great pod-cast in that there is good balance of interviews, product reviews and general training tips. Up beat and encouraging, i love it!
Simply Stu's podcast is a great motivational tool for new triathletes! This podcast is perfect to take along on workouts as it will psych you up while you learn about the sport from Stu and some of the top pros. Enjoy!
Simply Stu is one of the most informational triathlon podcast out there. His friendly and exciting personality comes through with every episode. He is truly a triathlete's best friend on those long training rides and runs. Keep up the great work
Great motivation, great content. Nothing gets me through a run workout like Stu on my iPod. If you're a budding or experienced triathlete, or even if you're just curious about the sport, this is a must listen!
Simply Stu sets the standard for triathlon podcasts. And, he gives away swag too! Thanks for the Core book :-)
Stu is the most enthusiastic podcaster I've heard. He does great interviews with pro triathletes, gives insights into multisport gear, technical information, and general information on being a triathlete or any other kind of endurance athlete for that matter. Check it out or you'll miss out.
...this is the pod cast for you. Stu not only features content for all levels of triathlete, he celebrates them. His light-heartedness and kitchy mannerisms help remind me that while its hard work, this sport is about having a good time and having a unique shared experience. If you're not listening, your missing out!
Just a little illiteration to start my review....This guy is fantastic! I smile ear to ear when I listen to his podcasts. The other reviewers are right...he makes you want to jump out of your chair and start training! I haven't run my first triathlon yet, but I am training extensively at the moment and this guy couldn't be more helpful!!! I already feel like a seasoned pro after listening to him give such a wealth of great information about triathlons and I haven't done a single one yet!!! Zen and the art of Triathlon and SimplyStu are two best podcasts out there and like "Zen"...Stu takes you along on some of his training exercises and make you feel like you are right next to him during a run or bike! I listen to him while i am training and minutes just FLY BY!!! I sometimes get so caught up in his podcasts that I forget how many laps I have done. Another thing...SimplyStu has a great motivating speaking style! I laugh to myself whenever I hear him say, "Super Cool!" and "Wicked Awesome" when describing a new piece of triathlon technology or gear. If you listen to his podcasts enough, you, yourself will start repeating some of his "Stu-isms" when describing something...I have already caught myself a couple times doing that... Now People, SimplyStu is your personal triathlon training coach that you cannot live without! I guarantee that you'll love it! See ya!!!! (Rob, Illinois)
This podcast is so great to listen to, especially if you're in need of some motivation - like I was. You don't need to be a triathlete to appreciate the great stories and interviews in his podcasts. And, Stu presents all the material with a great positive attitude and so much energy!
SimplyStu is fantastic! There are only a handful of podcasts I want to hear while I'm out running, and Stu is the leader of the pack. When I heard him testing that Otterbox to the limit, I knew that here was a podcast of power and truth. Keep up the good work, Stu, and we'll keep running (and biking, and swimming) along with you.
Simply Stu is the friend in your ear keeping you motivated and interested in triathlons. What a voice and enthusiasm. If He would do a podcast about my job I would work double shifts. There are two A+ podcasts about triathlon and this is one of them. I love the insight and the down to earth advice and triathlon specific info. THANKS STU!!!!!!
Stu does a great job of simplifying the Triathlon jungle and does it with enthusiasm that you just have to hear. Some great interviews with a variety of people who tell you real stories about nearly everything from training to racing. Some of the stories are just good examples of why the Triathlon community is such a great family, because there are such great people involved. Check it out, you'll be hooked.
Excellent podcast for both the beginner and experienced triathlete. Product reviews, quality interviews and solid advice. Creative and varied content keep the program informative and interesting. Love the "Workout Series". Highly motivational!
This is "Simply" the best podcast for triathletes! Stu's energy and enthusiasm is infectious and the interviews are top notch. Check out the Frank Ferrar story. Awesome!