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I’ve been listening since The Hood Hypes days, this shows has been consistently great!
Best independent music keep it up!
I thought it was hoodhype forever, but this show really fell off after major left. I like mola1 but major was a natural at hosting. I still check for the show every now and then but it's not the same show I use to love. I understand all good things don't last forever and must come to a end sooner or later, but i didn't think major would retire this soon. Jmac and mola1 is cool, but ain't nothing like major, jmac, and phro.
I love listening to hood hype, there aren't many 2-3 hour long podcasts I can listen to in 1 sitting. I started listening about 6 months ago and haven't stopped. Go Team Mayo # M and K Dominguez
What up guys wanted to show some support here on iTunes! (#176). Thanks keeping these podcasts going! Im currently stationed overseas, I listen to guys on my drives to work and back home. Weather I wake up in a terrible mood or have a terrible day, the drive and listening to guys breaks me away from whatever stress I'm going through. Its very refreshing! Anyone new to these podcast and a true Hip-Hop head, listen! you will not be disappointed! LALO HD!
How can I get my music on your podcast?
Maybe it's the Midwest vibe but I find this soooo corny! This show is extremely boring overly talkative and to much gratuitous cursing.
Latest shows, blog posts, stash, flix and more! Really thought through app, love it! Go get it too
Great music, great info, LOTS of laughs,
Best music podcast out there. Point blank.
Critical at times but great conversation about topics I discuss with my friends. And has put me on to plenty new music. Gotta give props for representing the underground. Oh, and more pigs feet.
A very dope show. The 3 hosts have a great chemistry that I haven't heard in a while. With all the B.S. (commercial) hip hop thats being played right now, HH provides an alternative for the pure hip hop head (b-boy). I've been listening for 3 yrs. now and I hope they get to mainstream status to push these indie artist to be heard by the masses.....HOODHYPE 4EVA
yall seem to talk more about what yall dont like than what u do like with plenty of co-signer
Love the show, been a fan for about two years! Keeps me updated on the newest and hottest REAL hip hop.
Great show, best Hiphop on the net! Just hate when I miss an episode I have to wait a week before it's posted! I feel if I'm just down the road(KY) U guys should hook it up. (ComeOnMan) oh ya- HipHopForever!!!!!
Da bezt podcast ever with gr8 songz
Best Music Podcast Out!
Whether you're looking for a radio style show, or just some new hot music, you'll get what you want here. I found this show after GRL (Graffiti Radio Live) went off and this show filled that void perfect. Everything you want and need for three hours straight.
Just switched to the iPhone 4 a few months ago and I found this podcast while I was customizing and I love it! It's refreshing to know that there are people out there who still love REAL Hip-Hop as much as I do! I love the reviews, studio talk and the real critique of where hip-hop is and is headed. I am part of the 5 years that came up with real hip-hop! You guys have my support as long as you continue to keep it HIP-HOP!!! -Jay
This is the only podcast i listen to on a routine basis. Great music & great talk that isn't annoying. These guys are hilarious on multiple levels & get me through my workday. Only suggestion I would have is to play more female emcees. I look forward to the stashbox or "snatchbox" segment each show lol. keep it comin! i'm a loyal subscriber.
my new favorite podcast, honest and funny as hell
Hoodhype is doing there thing right now so much respect and love also keep the shows coming.
Do yourself a favor, check this show out. It is one of the best on the net.


By djevole
If you want a good hip hop podcast.This is the first one you shoould subscribe to. They play dope underground music from around the world and have the best topics.The conversations are fun and keep you listening from beginnig to end. Nobody does it like Major,J Mack and Phro. Trust me,you won`t be disappointed.
Came in around 56 and i went back to 1 and went all the way throu too 100 amazing music/talk/ all that .. good work guys
Yo they got it on lock. Best urban hip hop podcast period. From hot topics, to great interviews, to underground hungry artist trying to make it spitn that fire on hot beats, and video games. Been with HH since episode 1 (major doing shows solo lol) to now top flight quality. They keep to ear to the street. HH #1
I love the new HH. It was already ill but the combo of mixtape n indie makes it even better. Production n quality of this show is top notch. If you subscribe, u def wont regret it. Keep makin the show! The best always rise to the top, ur time will come.


Keep making the show
Major, JMack, & Phro Ya'll Golden!! I Stumbled On To Ya'll Show About Two Days Ago Good Ish...Was Checking The Backlog And I Heard About Phro Coming To Tampa (Funny As Hell And So True!!) But Then I Heard Show #15 And Was On Cloud 9 But Actually S.E.M.I. Is And Always Has Been From Tampa, FL Established In '99 We Have Been Up And Down The Eastern Seaboard From Florida To Derby In Kentucky So That's Probably How Ya'll Got The Track "Fresh 2 Def"...Ya'll Show Crazy Love To The UnderGround So Keep It Going...Oh And I'm Submitting Some Tracks From Our New Album "The Rico Act." And Whenever Ya'll In Tampa Holla @ S.E.M.I...HOODHYPE.COM It's A Movement.
Alright when I first downloaded the hoodhype podcast, they had already been producing podcasts for awhile. I listened to every episode from the first to the most recent. My only complaint is I can't listen to it all day like I used to. These guys are in it for the music truely. If you don't like their podcast well you need to re-educate yourself, or get some culture in your life. These guys stay true to what they do, bringing the underground to the listeners and the listeners to the underground. Keep it up. Shout out to J-Mack and Major, o yea can't for get the Phro! Benjamin J.
HoodHype is 1 or maybe the best Hip hop Podcast out
I've never come across anything like this on the internet before. The way this show is put together with the different interviews and the showcasing of music by unsigned artists...its classic. I just got done listening to their latest episode and it features a call from Bishop Lamont from Aftermath records! Jmack, Major and Phro, keep doing what your doing fam, you got a listener for life! 313
HH is a great show that presents an awesome cross-section of all things R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop. Featuring music and talent from a huge collection of unsigned and otherwise underground artists, HoodHype is all about the music. This show makes the urban genres much more accessible to people who believe (incorrectly) that the whole scene is about nothing more than spitting about your bling, your hos or your money. Want to hear the big secret that record companies have been keeping from you? Listen to HoodHype! It's guaranteed to make you re-think how you view the urban music scene! Much love for JMack and The Major!
Yall arent the average show and thats what I love. Alot of shows try to copy normal radio, but yall talk about the real. Especially when you touch on race subjects most people are scared to touch on. And that interview with GZA was nuts! Not to mention the FIRE music yall be playin. Yall get the hotttest underground music Ive heard! Keep doin the damn thing fam!
I've been along for the ride since episode one, and so I gotta let you guys know about how much I look forward to every new episode. Major, you're getting better and better at your game. You sound great, show sounds great and as far as the artists you've assembled for the now 17 amazing shows, there isn't anything better out there. As far as I'm concerned, as a source of independant hip hop, r&b, reggae and all around soul, this is the only cast worth tuning into, week by week and month by month, and soon to be year by year ;)