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I've learned so much from these small podcasts that shed God's light on the many, many problems with evolution and the Big Bang theory. You'll enjoy every single one and their website for further information.
This podcast offers a glimpse into other possible explanations for creation beyond that which is allowed to be taught in schools. It is not religion, but rather it uses scientific evidence and Biblical evidence to search for the truth. You can criticize it, but you can't ignore its conclusions unless you are absolutely close minded.
Good quick bite of information. Yes the viewpoint may be different than yours, but if scientists did not re-evaluate/push the boundaries of the accepted hypothesis of the day, we would have a lot to still discover. Look how the fat/cholesterol guidelines have changed from eat, don't eat, and back to eat over the last 40 years. Even Jack Horner believes a third or more of the named dinosaur species are actually juveniles of larger and/or evolved species. Check out his TED talk.
Excellent scientific evidence in support of the Creator!
The host has no idea what evolution is, or deliberately misrepresents it. Thankfully they are so short which is the only thing I can say about it
I've caught this show on the radio a number of times over the years and always enjoy the little reminder that God is trustworthy and his creation is amazing. The short format does mean it has to stick to one concept which makes it ideal to share with kids and check that they understand what is going on. God bless, Ian Taylor!
This podcast is wonderfully produced. It belongs in the science section. Those 'evolution inquisition' advocates who want to put all creationists under house arrest (like Galileo was) need to take a chill pill. True science is about free dialogue!
Several commentators have noted that this podcast does not present science. This is simply disingenuous. Science is merely a term derived from Latin scientia, which simply means "having knowledge". Simply because one person's knowledge is not naturalistic does not mean that it is not science. What these commentators refer to as science is, in reality, a worldview (which the US Supreme Court calls "religion") called naturalism. This view holds that all knowledge exists without reference to the supernatural. Therefore, any discussion of any supernatural phenomena are excluded from naturalistic science, not because it is not science per se, but because it considers knowledge that exists outside of an arbitrary paradigm. Let us not be trapped by ignorant semantic mis-assignment.
Evolution is theory at best; this podcast exposes the evolution as science fraud. From my first visit as a child on an elementary school field trip to the La Brea Tar Puts in Los Angeles, I never bought into this theory of evolution; it simply makes no sense.
This podcast is a steady stream of garbage masquerading as science. I tried keeping track of the logical fallacies in a couple episodes but quickly lost count. Don't waste your time with this shameful nonsense.
Well yes definitely a religious podcast but great insights into items not usually thought about. Definitely gives some insights into why creation or intelligent design is even more plausible or at least as plausible as any evolution design theories can be.
It's amazing how all the negative comments fail to point out where this podcast goes wrong. Notice that all they say is that, "It's garbage", or "it's completely wrong." Instead of making this sweeping claim, how about we identify specific instances where the host IS wrong…if anywhere!! Since there is no specific example of an incorrect statement, we must assume that those who make the comments haven't really done their research and are just hoping that you will take their words as…=)…gospel! Another thing, the flurry of attacking comments all have the same arguments. "This isn't even science!" "If you would debate with me, define your terms." Well, I don't know what dictionary you're looking at but the New Oxford American Dictionary defines "Science" as "the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment." I don't see where this podcast fails in the above definition!! In fact, it most certain is science! Isaac Newton described science as "thinking God's thoughts after Him." Well…this podcast is spot on! The negative comments simply stem from those who don't want to deal with the fact that they are accountable to a God that holds all power. It's as simple as that! This podcast is amazing!! I love the little tie bits of science that the host provides each day. It's truly amazing how God has design "all creatures, great and small."
These are short but great. If you are into science you will love these.


Why is this garbage in the science category?
This parody of creationists is hilarious... its like listening to the onion news.
This is a great podcast if you are a christian gives more evidance of god and some facts about nature.
I love it though for its brief, but interesting and thought-provoking information.
I love to hear these wonderful facts of God's Word.
I think this podcast should be listed as Religion as well as Science. The other reviewers are showing their narrow focus that current science theory, eg. Darwinism could be wrong and that the Bible is right and comments presented in this podcast are on the right track. If you are not willing to understand all sides of this issue then you are only showing your ignorance.
If you are intrigued by the supernatural, if claims of the miraculous appeal to you on any level, if you need a truly rational, logical viewpoint with scientific proofs, historical accuracy, in context datum and quotes, then survey the vast compilation of educational and useful moments on this application. It satisfies my daily need to learn something new!
If you are looking for a Podcast to help you spot logical fallacies in an argument, then this is the right one. From "Poisoning the Well" to "Special Pleading", this podcast has them all. Throw in a few quotes from scientists taken out of context, and a staggering misunderstanding of Evolution. What a Gem.
This website is the truth in creation. The facts speak for themselves. What a joy to hear.
These articles highlight a little known or overlooked fact from the natural world and show how evident it is that the Lord God designed and created it. This is particularly inspiring for believers, but it should make anyone stop and think.
Finally! It's great to see all the one star reviews. There is no more proof to the big bang theory than there is to the creationist theory. If we evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys? Why are all the self proclaimed scientists so mad about this?? Is it possible that a God could have actually made us and everything around us. Open your hearts to having a relationship with Him and you too will understand!!
Some please remove these ignorant evolutionists comments. But I guess they are born from monkeys which are not so intelligent, so ill just ignore this nonsense.
Since when is denialism and lies "science"?
Apple, please move this to an appropriate catagory
Let's establish that science is what is observable, testable and provable. Since no one has ever observed, tested or proven evolution as defined by one species evolving from another species, it is also a belief system, and therefore should also be categorized as "religion". Keep in mind that minor adaptations within the same species are not supportive of the huge jumps that evolutionists claims that small changes cumulate into over millions of years. Genetics doesn't support evolution, nor does the fossil record; it is an entirely faith based assumption, founded solely on the premise that God is supernatural, and science deals with the natural. Yet the Bible has been scientifically accurate to a fault, stating the earth as round (Isa. 40:22) over two thousand years before scientists; stating that the oceans had deep trenches (Job 38:16), again thousands of years ahead of science; stating that the sun had an orbit (Ps. 19:4-6) (you guessed it, a couple thousands of years ahead of science); and stating the earth was suspended in space (Job 26:7) thousands of years ahead of science.
Thank you for this wonderful TRUTH-FILLED podcast. I'm reading all the comments below, and the only reason they're giving your podcast one star is because they are God-hating atheists. (excuse my spelling problems =P) Your podcast is great. KEEP IT UP!
At least this is in the correct category. Naturalism isn't the only faith in science.
iTunes now has a feature where you can ask Apple to recategorize a podcast. Please add your vote and have this podcast taken out of Natural Sciences.
This podcast offers a wide variety of evidences for biblical creation and opposing Darwinian evolution ... and it does so in brief segments that are perfect for busy people. And when I want to listen to more, I just go to the Creation Moments website, where they have over a thousand episodes I can listen to whenever I want. Evolutionists will hate this podcast, but those who believe the Bible will love it!
this is not science, please remove
Discusses real science and draws conclusions from a Christian perspective
Science this is science it's about looking at nature and evolution just does not have any proof every proof has vanished creation and intelligent desing are the future
I hate that people need proof for the truth when it's around them daily!
To whomever put this in the SCIENCE category and to all those who think this really is science, please answer the following question. Claims in science have three basic tenets: 1) It must be testable: a person who makes a scientific claim must devise a test to verify the claim. 2) It must be falsifiable: You must be able to state what facts would REFUTE the claim. 3) it must be predictive: You must be able to state a PREDICTION which logically follows from your claim. As far as I know, Creationism meets none of these criteria. Evolution, OTOH, meets all of them. If you care to refute this, please post. I'd be interested in hearing a counter argument.
If you put five stars on this rating please don't have children.
I love how people care enough to write how they don't think this is science.. haha... if you LISTEN to what is being said, it's science... GOD is the one who MADE science... and if you don't feel that way, why do you care enough to listen or write about it??? planting the seed!!! LOVE IT!!! AMEN!!!!
Are creationists really this ignorant of basic science? Or is it possible that this is a satirical poke at the religious right?
This podcast is not science. It is, at best, manipulative rhetoric and poor reasoning. Take, for example, the episode on the discovery of "Lucy," a 40% complete specimen of Australopithecus afarensis discovered in 1973. The podcast host uses a "straw man" argument to claim that because the fossils from this one specimen were spread over a mile or two (not unusual for fossils), the existence of evoluationary species is questionable. He conveniently fails to mention that Lucy was one of a number of consistent specimens of different ages and dispositions found in the area. Such desperate attempts to cherry-pick the facts and ignore those that contradict your position demonstrate the weakness of the podcaster's position. These folks would do well to remember the teachings of theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer: religious become dangerous and destructive when they deny the reality of the world around them. Keep in mind that this podcast does not argue for the Bible or Christianity -- it simply tries to defend a weak, Western interpretation of one portion of the Old Testament.
I very much enjoy this broadcast and the truth that it presents.
This is not science, so look elsewhere if that's what you're after. This podcast needs to be under religion.
The claims made in this podcast are utterly preposterous. I thought that this could be an interesting podcast to hear what this guy claimed was "proof." He points out wierd corners of the natural world that are funny or interesting and then claims that this is his proof of the "divine creator." He does this without any actual evidence. Sorry, guys, just because it is wierd does not mean that someone decided that it was "created." If the universe was "created," who created the creator? You did ... Let's actually learn more about our world instead of stopping the usefulness of science by claiming that it doesn't matter because some "creator just did it that way."


By bschuft
It’s readily apparent that the producers have never invested the time to understand evolutionary theory, if they’ve even studied it at all.
When people insist on flaunting their stupidity and ignorance, it makes us all look bad. This is not science. It is a joke.
This is one of the truly scientific and factual podcasts out there. If you would ask yourself what evidence Evolution had that was truly factual and that could be reproduced, you would find that Evolution is not fact, it is a belief system. Everything stated by Ken Ham and Creationists can be supported by evidence that can be backed up or reproduced. Listen with an open heart and hear the truth revealed...
If you are looking for science you won't find it here. These ID'ers (creationists) just can't seem to see the difference between religion and science. Too bad this podcast shows up in natural sciences.