Reviews For thebostoncast

terrible! I thought this might be good considering I love pretty much all of Boston's teams, but when I listened to it all the guy said was "Ok guys, this is going to be a great show." This is the worst podcast ever! If you want Red Sox news listen to the MSR Red Sox podcast!
i agree with the guy that said he reads the stories word for word, for people who want better, check out the soxcast. Oh and by the way the person who gave the 5 star review is the kid who does the podcast.
This guy had good intentions, but atleast have some of your own material. I am a B's fan so I thought Id check out the B's episode. All he did was read from the B's website and tell us about the Scatchard/Tanabe trade. Both names he butchers and then went on to tell us that the B's play in Toronto on Wed about 9 times in 1 7 min PodCast. Just make some notes about stories you want to tell people about and then read to stories and then talk to us about them! DONT READ THE STORIES WORD FOR WORD! Sorry but Boston should have better!
I love the show, It is really on topic covers all of the Boston sports. The content covered is great, and it is lways on topic and gives me the information that i need. The shows are twice weekly, and this way i am always caught up with my Boston sports. I am also happy that he covers BU now! Go Boston, and go thebostoncast!

1/5 that is funny, goodluck