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Kara’s reading is well-paced. She has an excellent voice for audio. We are enjoying the history series and poems. Thank you!
Racist, biased and most disgusting. I dont understand people who wish to feed their children such hate and mixture of history and misinformation Beware of poison in honey
Simply wonderful, an enchanting voice. I highly recommend listening to her readings. Very enjoyable!


Awesome podcast! Please make more!
this is a nice podcast. We have really enjoyed listening to the history of our country. Thank you for this great resource.
I sometimes have trouble winding down at night and I love these stories! They relax me and are entertaining. Lovely voice.
Love this podcast... I have a request.. On the road by jack Kerouac thanks!
These books are so wonderful. I especially like The Swiss Family Robinson.
Love your choice of stories and your pleasant, well-enunciated reading! A joy to listen!
thanks for the awesome site, but please please continue with mr. carroll and present "through the looking glass" sept. 8th---thank you!!!
Browsed a bit before I found these for my daughter. Great little stories for her and synced to her ipod, she loves to listen to them as a break from reading them. Keep it up Kara!
Everyday I play your books while I am rocking my grandsons to sleep for their naps. You are very entertaining. I love listening to you read as much as my grandchilden do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a blessing!
Well read, great books and pleasant voice.
Love tha reader a bunch!! Great job!
Thanks Kara for the steady passion you keep for reading these stories. Your presentation is so natural and well measured. A pleasure in life that should not be missed.
Thank you for putting these to audio. This is wonderful for my son and I enjoy it, too!
Thank you so much for reading these books aloud. You have such an even and soothing tone. Your voice it very entertaining to listen to. I am currently listening to Swiss FAmily Robinson and it is incredible
Great job on the secret garden! Look forward to hearing more!
I love listening to Kara read whether on this podcast or Librivox. I have to say that Helen's Babies and The Secret Garden are my favorites so far. Kara's voice is distinct and lovely to listen. She brings the characters to life and keeps me interested from the first chapter. Thank you Kara.
I am addicted to Kara's story telling. I am a mother of four and find her voice to be soothing but not so much that you fall asleep. She picks great stories to read and does it very professionally. Personally I love Sally's adventures and wait impatiently every week for the next installment. No matter the age- adult or child, Kara's stories are a treasure for the entire family!


By ~Min~
This is a great podcast!! the last files for sallys adventures are not downloading help!!
I really love all Kara's work. She has one of those voices that's excellent for story telling! I have most of her podcasts. If I got them all, I wouldn't have room for anything else, and I have an 80GB! Keep up the good work Kara!
My 5 and 7 year old girls love to listen to the Just So Stories read by Kara at bedtime, which is great when I'm too tired to read to them myself. Their favorites are How the Camel Got His Hump and The Cat That Walked by Himself. My little one can navigate to Kinoma on my PDA to start them herself which makes her feel special.
hey, you have the same name as me. awesome.
yeah im a teenager, and i still love this stuff! thanks kara, for helping me get to sleep on those dreaded sleepless nights!!!!
Great little collection of stories! I love classic children’s' literature but with my busy schedule I hardly have time for pleasure reading. This really solves the problem.
My eight-year-old son is loving The Secret Garden! Thanks Kara for dedicating your time! I wonder if you might consider reading collections of shorter classics or poetry for younger children in the 6-8 age range?
Kara does a great job reciting some of my favorite books. Very well done and free, at that! I'll listen to anything she'll record.