Reviews For Choogle On – Story Making with Dave "Uncle Weed" Olson

what can you say about uncle weed?. the hardest working man in the podcast buisness, his poddness uncle weed is at his core a nice guy, and it comes through in spades and aces in the choogle on series. well traveled, well read, and well spoken, this podcast is always a h()()t, or is it w()()t, i'm working that one out, or is it oat.
I've been listening to Uncle Weed now for over a year and I can attest to every episode being entertaining and thought provoking. The subjects range from of course our favorite herb to hockey to saving the trees. What more could you ask for? The latest episode (two parts with part 2 on uncle weed on 12/17 and part 1 on the is of epic proportions and quite possibly the most fun podcast I've ever enjoyed. Give Uncle Weed a listen and get ready to hoot, in more ways than one...
Experience the adventures and thoughts of uncle weed as he choogles on with his comedic undertones. A very refreshing and interesting podcast.
Love these podcasts! I always feel like I'm right there with him during his adventures! He feels like a friend though we have never met! We love you Uncle Weed! We will choogle on with you forever! ; )
one of my favorite potcasts! entertaining and informative. makes me miss hanging out in BC, can't wait to get back. keep up the good work dave!!
We found Uncle Weed's podcast after returning to the US from our first trip to Vancouver, B.C. Some places are great to visit, but you wouldn't want to live there. Vancouver is different. From our first day it became our home in our hearts. Listening to Uncle Weed brings back all of the best memories of Vancouver. The unforgettable droning of the seabus or the clink and clatter of the sculpture outside of the science museum along with his easy Canadian accent is an audio treat we look forward to and relish every episode. Uncle Weed also visits places we haven't seen, but his descriptions and edutainment style bring the sights to life. I learn something new every episode. True to his name, he also describes his refreshments in tantalizing detail prompting Pavlovian responses. :) All in all, a great listen- highly recommended. Choogle On!
I have many podcasts in my ipod, but this is easily one of my favorites. Uncle Weed takes you along with him on his random adventures around Western Canada (among other places). Obviously this is a cannabis friendly podcast (hopefully you can figure that one out based on the name, right? if not don't bother, 'eh?). This is the perfect podcast to load up if you're looking for someone to torch one with. Uncle Weed wasn't Choogling for a couple of months there, which really bummed me out, but I for one am so glad he's back! Hey Uncle Weed, if you're ever in Michigan, you've got a place to crash! CHOOGLE ON BROTHER!
And I do mean "OFF"!! Uncle Weed leads you through the underbelly of the Vancouver Pot scene to the boardrooms of the high-tech companies, to the beach and mountains of the west coast, as well as occasional world travel reports. Uncle Weed is at this best when telling some long-rambling story about his travels and adventures therein, including his hasty trip to Belize after his corporate "Human Resources Incident", or just hang with him and Cosmo after smoking too many spliffs, and playing musical stones in south Seattle. As always, watch out for werewolfs. World Renowned as the originator of "cannabis" podcasts, he aptly deserves the title "Uncle" (not yet grumpy) for his travel and experience in the hemp/cannabis world. Being a Cannabis Cup 2002 Attendee and Special Judge, his best stories are of his wanderings in Amsterdam and Europe, in an "amnesia haze." :-)