Reviews For Masters Cast the He-Man and She-Ra Podcast

Admittedly I didn’t listen to every episode of the podcast so I’m not aware of the highs and lows the show reaches. I listened to a handful and just hit the wall. As much as I wish I could be positive about this show I feel like every time some of the people on it open their mouths when their internet connections actually want to work it just makes my teeth stand on edge. The host of the show, The Shadow, is someone I’d be constantly bickering with if I actually met him, I’m sure. In the episodes I listened to he seems to want to bludgeon anyone with a contrary opinion to his. He seems to excel at complaining and ranting about how he would do things better if he was in charge. His snide and whiny voice doesn’t help his case. As for the rest I honestly really only remember Katy and Lioncourt. Katy made me literally cringe every time she had to explain a contrary option to Shadow because her voice literally gets so high that a dog whistle probably is audible compared to her. And I realize that podcasts are meant to be entertaining and fun but she laughs so much in this teenager sort of way at practically everything that I truly had to shut off the show at points and regroup from being so frustrated at that. I’m sure she is a great person but her personality just doesn’t mesh for the subject matter in my opinion. Lioncourt is the show’s MVP all the way for me. I enjoy his insight into Masters and find I agree with him more than not. Probably why I know I’d bicker like hell with the host since they disagreed as much as I do. His presence alone elevates the show into better than it should be status and would be the reason I’d keep listening in small doses since I have to make my way through the rest of the cohosts. I understand they might have been the first Masters podcast and that is worthy of note. But in an age where there’s many places to go to listen to Masters fans, their show just feels like it’s an amateur attempt to keep going rather than a thoughtful and insightful show. Too much giggling and arguing and frustrating for someone like me. I’m sorry.
The first, the liveliest, the best!
Don't waste your time with this podcast. "The Shadow" is insulting to fans and talks over the others trying to be funny. The only reason I listened as long as I did was the interesting perspective of Lion Court, but unfortunately "The Shadow" turned me off from this podcast. Try "The Podcasters of the Universe" if you want a good MOTU podcast.
With the possibility of a new movie and now a new She-ra cartoon...there is room for more content.
Did these guys pod fade?


Seems silly to write a review of a podcast that hasn't aired in over a year but I just started listening to the show. I enjoyed the topics and insight but partway through the third episode I listened to I had to stop listening as Katy's constant giggling for no apparent finally worked my last nerve.
When I first saw this I was really excited, but it didn't take long to see that it was not what I was hoping for. I was looking for something that talked about the episodes comprehensively, which sometimes they did, but it was few and far between. I made it to episode 20 and the majority of the podcasts seemed to be breakdowns for the toys, but only when they were able to stay on topic. Shadow really seems to like to talk over the others and only cares about what he feels needs to be said. To much arguing. To much talking about the color of the toys, statues, or busts and not enough about the actual shows.
But Shadow is Michael Scott from The Office and he treats Lioncourt like Toby, i.e. Shadow is an annoying prankster and bully to the professional Lioncourt. The woman Rainbow Brite is the geek you see at conventions, the gullible naive nerd who giggles at Shadow and will not even rush to Lioncourt's aid. Too bad they do not review every MOTU comic book from DC monthly.
When the show stays on topic, I really enjoy it. There are times when things seem to degrade and go off the rails, but most of the time it is acceptable. Jon's rants/opinions seem to try to overpower the views of Josh while Katy is pretty useless. Her incessant cackling and piercing screeches are annoying and makes me want to turn the podcast off.
This podcast really grew on me. Great information and fun to listen to. Please cast more often. Great audio and off the cuff remarks.
Ive listened to about half the podcasts now, and I must say the show grows on you. The round table suffers from having an overpowering voice, and two minor voices, which happens in this style podcast. I also wish the episodes had specific agendas, but sometimes they have run on rants and get off track by singing and other silly stuff. If they had more episodes with topics of the episode and points to cover, I think the show would get much more mileage. For example an episode on collecting aspect of the toys, another on repairing toys, the mini comics, etc, etc.
Fun podcast with hosts offering a variety of interesting perspectives on the world of He-Man: female, blind, gay, and British. I only wish they would record more often!
WHEN they stay on track, it's a really good show! I could only give it three stars due to the lack of regular episodes.
When are you guys doing new cast? I'll send you a new He Man if you cast up soon!
This podcast is usually an hour or more of just incomprehensable gibberish. The 4 people, especially the Shadow, usually do not have a real idea of what they're talking about. If that is not annoying enough you have to get through Katy cackling like a female crypt keeper every 30 seconds for no apparent reason. She reminds me of a Bob and Tom laugh track that they hit over and over. Please, these should not be made anymore. These make all MOTU fans seem like morons.
I'm so flippin' excited about the return of the Masters Cast...a fantastic podcast about the greatest franchise ever! These guys were an inspiration for me to dive into the podcast world myself... the "chicken pop pod" podcast, check it out thx for bringing back the Masters Cast
Whether you consider He-Man/She-Ra serious sci-fi/fantasy or a cute, nostalgic cartoon, or both, this podcast will reward you, because it contains both viewpoints. The hosts love both He-man and She-ra and treat them equally. They hold passionate opinions about certain episodes, series, toys, ideas and storylines. Sometimes they disagree, which is good, because you get different points of view. The hosts generally stay on topic, and are always funny and entertaining. And they are very much in touch with the rest of the fan base and what's going on. They pretty much cover everything He-man/she-ra related. Plus the He-man/Shera inspired music by Josh de Lioncourt in later episodes is great. And they interview Larry DiTillio and Lou and Erika Scheimer at the Comi-con! And, compared to some other fan podcasts, the audio quality is, over all, excellent. P.S. Don't be turned off if you find the introduction episode a little bit boring, it gets exciting fast!
The Shadow, Lioncourt, and Rainbow Brite are all very knowledgeable in the mythos of our beloved 80s cartoons. The podcast is highly entertaining and very informative, definately one of the best ones (of any genre) out there. A "must listen" for any MOTU/POP fan! Thanks!
Masters Cast is fantastic! The Shadow, Lioncourt and Rainbow Brite are not only entertaining to listen to, they have a firm grip and a vast knowledge of the subject matter. I have been a fan of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" and "She-Ra: Princess of Power" for more than 20 years. This podcast does both shows justice, as well as the two later series. I highly recommend this podcast.
Jon Kallis (The Shadow), Josh de Lioncourt (Lioncourt), and The ever sparkle Katy Cartee (Rainbow Brite), regulars from have come together to create a wonderful show about the best of the 80's toy properties, Masters of the Universe. They discuss the good, the bad, from the 80's hit tv show, the toys, the movies, to the most recent 200X TV Show and Toy line, the comics, and the Stactions by NECA. And they discuss their love for the property.
Thanks so much for doing this it's great to listen to! Keep up the good work! Patrick Fogarty aka PADDY04401
Masters Cast is a wonderful discussion of the 1980's toyline/cartoon/comic/film He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. You can tell the three hosts really know and love He-Man and She-Ra.