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Reviews For Liquid Church

I have found your ministry about a year ago and a love everything I have heard from it. I enjoy the way the message is delivered and the insight that is with each one. As I select my podcast for downloading I am very impressed about the clear grouping of the messages. Some other podcast do not clearly identify the podcast message as well as this ministry has. Thank you
Pastor Tim is relevant. He is authentic and if he doesn't know he says so. Good news is he'll do his best to find out. His sermons are thought provoking to say the least. I can't get enough and when I miss church there are several mediums to catch up. I do prefer live best bc he meets you at whatever modality you happen to learn best. You never catch ANYONE snoozing!!
I listen to several Christian podcasts and Tim Lucas is among the best. Great message, relevant to current times, and a joy to listen to each week. He does not compromise the bible and tells the truth the way it was intended. Good job Pastor Tim.
Pastor Tim is funny and hip and real. He isn't afraid to address topics that many pastors won't talk about. I never get bored listening to these sermons and every sermon is able to relate the Bible to today's world & where I'm at in my life right now. Thank you so much, Tim, for doing what you do. God is really using you!
He goes over specifics. He gives concrete examples and really goes in depth and makes a concrete argument for Christianity. It's refreshing to hear. Most Chrisitians either don't bother with making a convincing argument for Christianity, prefering to argue among themselves about little things in the bible, and others seem to just go along with whatever the bible says or at least whatever other people tell them it says. This is really usefull even for people who aren't Christian.
Even if you're an atheist (or an agnostic) you can learn and grow as a person with Tim's messages, an example of how a Christian community can be like Christ in the 21th century.
This guy Tim is worthy of respect. He cuts straight to the heart of the matter. He doesn't side-step the tough issues you and I are really silently wondering about, and he doesn't use fluffy "church terms" - he talks honestly and directly just like regular people (but he just happens to know history and the Bible, and seems to have a genuine faith that plays out in his imperfect life, which he speaks about to give personal examples). His surmons last almost one full hour each (!), and unlike the distant, preachy, or out-of-touch-with-reality surmons I'm mostly used to, at the end of Tim's surmons I'm almost always left wishing it would keep going. Most importntly, I feel truly motivated to change and improve my life in some specific way after each message. Bravo Tim and Liquid - and thank you!!!
Well, I've been a suscriber to this Podcast for about a month now and honestly I have to say that Pastor Tim Lucas definitely speaks an anointed word for God's people. Especially young people. Liquid definitely gives insight on the world around us and encourages God's people to be just that - God's people. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone born again or not. God Bless!!!!
What a great way to hear the Word! The topics that Liquid speaks of are real, honest and very much needed for today. I have a great church that I go to, but the sermons at Liquid are a great addition to any teaching that I get elsewhere. Liquid is truly "living water for a thirsty generation". I highly recommend this podcast! Give it a try today! Deb Mpls, MN
If you're a believer in Christ, or if you're not... if you're a disgruntled believer, if you're tired of hipocrits, or if you're just wondering about those "Christians." However you would describe yourself in the world's religious kaleidoscope, Liquid will WOW you. There are very few pastors that deliver such a genuine message for us. Liquid & Tim do far more than deliver a "relevant" message (as if the word of the Most High was ever "NOT" relevant.) With LC, it's not Church as Usual & messages that applied to lives lived long ago. Instead, you'll find yourself listening, not to a church sermon, but the heart of Christ. One speaker boiled it down so eloquently "Love G-d, Love others." Liquid balances the message of seeking, saving & serving with living, learning & growing. Instead, they have challenged church people to quit going to church & start BEING the church. Liquid affords people the right to doubt christians & so begin to actually believe the most high! So if you're tired of christians, church or religiosity... or if you're just curious. Take a listen. You'll never regret it.