Reviews For Sex With Emily

I can’t thank you enough! Love your show!
I cannot believe how unprofessional she is by the mass amounts of interruptions she does while her guests are talking. She will also interrupt multiple times in an attempt to get them off the phone and to the next caller. One episode in and it happened so many times I’m not sure how she hasn’t improved this awful bad habit.
Great show but please stop interrupting your guests so much. It’s hard to listen to it all the time.


By Dino500
Emily is a fantastic host and making it easier for people to communicate around this topic. Very much appreciate this podcast!
Guys do yourself a favor and listen to a few episodes a week. It really helps.
Are there any ladies here 😏😏😏
Lovely information that Emily is sharing on the podcast but the amount of times that she interrupts her guests with one liners is obnoxious !!! please let your guess finish their sentences you’re not adding anything important With these one-liners …the episode with Wednesday Martin was just crazy the amount of times she had to add something.
Can Emily get some better recording equipment? The sound quality is really poor some episodes, but not all of them. Also, please stop eating on air. It’s distracting to us and you.
I love this podcast because Emily is such an pro and really answers so many questions that I think too many people don’t talk about. Emily also talks about subjects with compassion and kindness and it’s just so refreshing. Very grateful I found this podcast!
Great podcast! Thank you for everything


By Ps123$!
Love the podcast but you talk over your guests too much
Cannot say enough about this show. It has been a great game changer to not only my own confidence but mine and my partners relationship.
I am DISGUSTED. Jamie Lynn Spears was given a platform on this podcast. It’s not without notice that Lou Taylor follows the host of the show on social media. Will not listen again to this podcast. Abusers should not be given a platform to lie and gaslight. The host shouldn’t be called Daddy- horrific money chaser with no morals is a more appropriate term. Steer clear.
I appreciate how the show’s content and subject matter have evolved throughout the years to become more inclusive and holistic. Emily’s interview style is more grounded than ever, and this year's guests were exceptional. Emily, thank you for sharing your learning journey and path to self-discovery with your listeners. The 2021 recap does a great job of highlighting this growth and progression.
She’s so Hot! Too good-looking and Too smart for podcasts. Emily needs to be on TV 📺.
This is one of my favorite podcasts! I’ve been listening for quite some time and I love Emily’s casual, yet informative approach!
Love the Podcast! My wife and I have found Dr Emily very informative, entertaining, and helpful! Love all the communication tips too!
Very diverse and helpful topics. She’s super enthusiastic and nonjudgmental!
Love listening to this podcast and I think Emily has a lot of great advice BUT I can’t stand how often she interrupts her guests and rushes them off the line. Please let them speak!
I always learn something each episode!
Love the podcast. Everyone will find something interesting, educational or simply entertaining! Recommending to all of my friends.
Enjoy listening to the variety of topics & guests. Emily is great!


By Joestak
I enjoy listening to the soft voice and educational care taken with such a delicate topic. There are many sessions that I listen to with the hope of enjoying time with my wife. Most sessions are at the very lease thought provoking and enjoyable. These topics discussed are beneficial and enjoyable for us as a couple. Thank you for providing such helpful information with an entertaining quality. The wife even took a look at some stuff too. Eventually we will be able to try some more stuff out. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you
Really wanted to like this podcast after 2 friends recommended it, but I find the topics of conversation pretty boring and don’t feel like Emily’s advice is anything different from what you can read in a silly cosmo article. Someone will call in with a nuanced/complex situation and she’ll just say “have you tried communicating with your partner?!” I also don’t feel she deeply connects with her guests who call in and always seems eager to end the call and move on to the next, it feels awkward.
Episode “Up Your Love Language” is so good.. I’m only half way through right now but it’s worth it. I also love all her others too.
I love Emily’s energy and how educational she is. No questions are off limits and you can tell she never judges her writers/callers at all!
Emily seems nice but Menace comes off like a jerky 20-something. He has ridiculously misogynistic views and really wants everyone to hear them. I thought Emily might wisen him up at some point but no, she agrees with his views most of the time.
Just about every show gives singles and couples helpful information on how to help maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your partner/partners. And for those individuals who are less experienced..... This is the place to learn about yourself and what others like! Now the negatives....There is way too many promotional segments! It seems that there are more promotional segments, than actual discussions. Just have your thumb on the "fast forward" button! Too much promotional content!
Loved this episode. So enlightening and really explains a lot to me about my relationships over the years. Thanks Emily for bringing so much value to your listeners. Love your show.
Not the podcast though. Follow my social medias guys. My Instagram and tiktok is sonnywalters2001 and my Twitter is sonnywalters_
Thanks for all you do!