Reviews For Sex With Emily


Emily and her staff are SO knowledgable and helpful. I have learned so much from this podcast and look forward to Tuesday and Friday every week to listen to the new episodes. Keep up the amazing work!!
Extremely one sided and ableist views on birth control??
Not the podcast though
I was recommended this pod by a friend, and was excited to check out the episode on boundaries. Less than halfway through the episode the guest & host had each mentioned people with personality disorders in a stigmatizing way. Do better. Automatically grouping people with personality disorders as “toxic” or unable to understand boundaries is hurtful and adds to the shame and stigma we experience.
I had heard great things about this podcast but was so disappointed at how much it made me cringe. Not terribly helpful advice and she CONSTANTLY talks over her guests and interrupts them.
Emily and her guests make me feel completely at home here - bowled over by brilliant advice and nourishing conversations. Grateful for this amazing resource!
I’m only 11 mins in and am cringing with every interruption you spew out while your guest is speaking. I know you might be excited and might not want to forget what you want to talk about, but Christ, let them speak. So rude and ruins it, especially when I tune in for the guest you have on. I will never listen again.
So glad I found this podcast. Great advice and tips ♥️
05 Jan 2021 episode This is So very helpful.
Love her voice and glad this place spreads awareness and understanding
the Chicago are, Love your show. Your tips& tricks work well
As a longtime listers I appreciate the perspective and openness from your podcasts. You look great !
Awesome show, found you from Call her Daddy. The only thing is that in the latest episode there is a loud noise in the background the entire time that made me not able to finish the episode. It sounds like someone is scratching their head non stop :(
Just nonsense talk
so i heard about Emily from Call Her Daddy and i fell in love with her . idk how to put this but for the longest i have been looking for assistance dealing with intimacy but i was way too ... scared to ask anyone . my friend referred me to podcasts bc there may be people who understand and have been thru it too that i could hear out . listening to that podcast brought me a mixture of laughter , shock , amazement , and TIPS . I tried a few things mentioned and wow i love this . I also love how they don’t just talk about “doing the do” , but also the straight up deep thoughts everyone has and the empowerment of doing what you feel is right , and pleasing yourself before anyone. omg i love this , and i’m listening to every episode as we speak. i wish i knew about her and Alex earlier. ❤️game changers ❤️
Smart. To the point. And she delivers information in a legible and approachable way. Thank you, Emily.
She has a bachelor’s degree... she doesn’t have a doctorate degree
Cannot support someone who brings on Alex Cooper as a guest. She gives the worst advice and it often very misogynistic.
Wut😳😳😳 I do not get the point of this podcast.🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
I guess this show isn’t what I was looking for. When you bring in a specialist who is a Psychological Astrologist, I’m going to have to bow out. Horoscopes may be a fun gimmick, but they don’t have a place when you’re giving people serious advice.
Emily is very informative and has advice from pleasure, health and relationships!! She has several guests that are specialized in specific industries and other healthcare officials.
Having read numerous reviews, I think I’ll unsubscribe without listening to any episodes. A lot of times podcasts can get a wide range of reviews. “Dr.” Morse seems to have difficulty letting her guests talk without being interrupted. I’m not even going to waste my time.
Started listening and was disappointed with the level of depth in discussion. Very opinion based. Give the host a Google and see where she got her higher Ed “degree.” She’s just a radio personality.
Hi Emily, Hope all is well with you! Listen I absolutely love your Podcast as your tips are absolutely the best . Thanks have a fantastic day!!
I just recently heard about this podcast because of an instagram post and was looking forward to listening to the “biohack” episodes. I was pretty disappointed. First, the host talks in strict terms of “male and female” and “men and women” and clearly does not understand the spectrum of gender. Not queer friendly. Second, she makes very broad sweeping claims about both men and women that does not acknowledge ANY nuance in human experience. She talks about women as all having the exact same body and experiences and men as all having the exact same body and experiences. This is a poorly informed podcast.
Awesome episode. John is not only fun to listen to but gives great advice. Please have him on more
Amazing show and you learn a lot from this!! Keep it up Emily this is awesome !!!
I would love this podcast if Menace had nothing to do with it. I can’t stand the overly neurotic and misogynist attitude. Love Emily though.
I listened to the whole 1st episode and of the whole hour they had the only spend 10 minutes actually talking about the title topic. The rest was just random talking which isn’t what I wanted from this podcast. I was fairly disappointed by this.
This show makes me feel less crazy for being one of those girls that has always been a little too sexual for most people.. I love that she can talk openly about things that would make most people embarrassed.. The guests she has are always interesting too
These are great episodes chock full of information and advice. Well worth listening to. I have just one small complaint. Emily sometimes talks over her guests trying to make a point instead of waiting for her guest to finish and then making her point.
Have been listening for years! Love Emily and Jamie! I think she’s an incredible interviewer. She talks as much as I do and I love it! No judgement just love xoxoxo
Used to like this show but after signing with satalite radio it is obvious that the podcast is an afterthought. Disappointed, but I guess thats how it goes. Sometimes it seems like a call in show, other times a long commercial. In short, not what it used to be, not in a good way.
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