Reviews For Sex With Emily

Emily, please slow down and stop interrupting people. It makes the guests feel like they also have to talk fast just to be able to say anything and then I have to stop and make sure I didn't hit the 2x speed button.
Please don't have another drunk person on your podcast. #Lynette Carolla. Not cool.
I listened to your podcast about master bating and noticed my girlfriend was really stressed, so I asked her if she knew how to master bate and she said no. Then I told her how and she was so happy and great full it made me feel great! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
This podcast is amazing because Emily clearly loves to make it!
I absolutely love this podcast! I love hearing Emily answer everyone's emails and especially when she has guests on the show. I love hearing everyone's different views on sex topics. I have learned so much and become more comfortable with talking about sex with my boyfriend and asking for what I need and want in bed. Thank you so much for that Emily!! You are awesome! I've even got all my friends listening now too:)
Emily is so entertaining and informative! I'm learning so much from her! This show is helping me take my sex life to a whole other level!
The show is more comedy/banter than informative sex education. It is entertaining but not so educational. It has opportunity to be better but The side banter of dopey guests like Menace and Anderson sink the show. Emily you are better solo.


I love listening to this show, it makes long road trips way more fun. Emily is a true professional and always offers great advice without being harsh or judgmental. Plus I love that she's an entrepreneur! The show has recommended many tips and toys that have helped my relationship and sex life. Emily and the staff are great and I can tell they're passionate about what they do. Thanks for helping so many people!
I listened to this thinking it was gonna be something entertaining. And it was for a little while. But it got dull real quick. I feel the whole show is jst this chick bringing her friends on and talk about how awesome they are. Her advice isn't anything great. I feel like you can do a simple google search and get the same advice in stead of wasting you're time writing to her. All she talks about is communication is lubrication and giving BJs or eating out. And constant pitches for her " sponsors". Unless your bored at work or something I wouldn't waste the wifi or battery life or even any bit of my unlimited data to down load these pod casts.
Do you like commercials? I'm not talking about Superbowl quality, I'm talking about the exact same one over and over and over and draaaaaawn out! This entire podcast revolves around a brand (I'm not going to continue advertising it for her) it starts with it, ends with it, she mentiones it during the show and even chooses callers (maybe even stages it!) who have questions that can be answered with her toy or lube advice. They all have to make a buck, it's a free podcast after all, but when the content is all about your advertising, it's ridiculous.
I always enjoy listening to Emily answer questions with no judgement!
I'm surprised to read so many negative reviews but I personally find Emily super helpful and educating with it comes to sex and trying new sexual experiences. Keep up the good work team!
I love the podcast and Emily is really down to earth and answers your quesions without judgement.
I refused to think or talk about sex until I started listening to Sex With Emily. Now, I LOVE every episode that's released: tips for the bedroom, advice for relationships and so much more! I event went as far as sending in my own question and she answered on the show (I was a little star-struck). If you have sex/relationship questions, concerns or just want to learn more about such a taboo topic, Sex With Emily is your place to go!
Thinly veiled sexism, useless advice, uncaring hosts only interested in their own ideas and egos. Look elsewhere.
Have listened for 10 years and learned so much that has translated into a much better sex life. Go emily
Can't recommend this highly enough.


By E.set
I've listened to this podcast for over a year and I've just about had enough with Emily. Her advice can be good but her delivery is awful. She has good ideas on how to increase confidence surrounding sexuality which has helped me. However, she constantly talks over and interrupts her guests to put in her two cents- the problem is she talks so fast you can't understand either person, and this happens throughout the ENTIRE episodes. The guests have interesting and valuable things to say and the interrupting is just her trying to say it first to make herself look good. Emily- check your ego and let your guests talk.
Cool show for an alternative to long listening trips.
This is a great and informative show. Emily is open minded and willing to answer any sex or relationship question. I would highly recommend this show!
I love Sex with Emily! It's a great show and I listen every week.
Emily is witty and fun to listen to. Her guests are informative and entertaining. I have certainly become more comfortable communicating with my wife about sex as a result of listening to the show.
Love listening to this podcast twice a week!
When I first started listening years ago I wasn't all that impressed. I came back to it to give it another try and I was happy to hear that Emily had found her style. She sounds more professional and she and her guest seem to just click. It makes me feel that I am sitting listening to friends having a conversation and her topics keep me coming back. Emily has giving me great ideas and information that has made our sex life better than ever.
Very intelligent discussion, not sophomoric at all. Lots of variety in topics.
Emily's voice is so soothing to listen too and she gives some really great advice, she does a great job of de-shaming sex talk.
I love Emily and her non-intimidating advice and guidance! She has guided me to change my marriage for the better! You Rock, Emily!
Enjoy the show and good tips
I always get solid practical knowledge for both relationships and sex from Q&A with listeners and life experiences from the hosts of the show. They know what they are talking about because they live it on a daily basis. The show I'm talking about in particular spoke to me because I'm the epitome of the target market. But it's so relatable across the board whether it's the double standard with gender or the age gap, etc. Pure excellence.
Please ever have joana angel on ever again Many of your fans don't care about jew girls with blacks she's gross
I've listened to at least a dozen episodes, both old and new, and I don't think I've learned a thing about sex. Emily spends way too much time shilling her products and sponsors, even inserting ads into conversations with guests in a way that's not at all subtle or tasteful. Her co-host Menace seems to have the IQ of a lima bean, and the only people this podcast could possibly be enlightening for are those who are unaware of the existence of lube.
No valid information. Speakers sounded uneducated and judgemental
I'll give it this much - the podcast is very frank and doesn't shy away from topics. Unfortunately, it *does* shy away from providing clear information, staying focused on a topic, and having a sense of humor. Oh, and as a bonus, some of the most annoying, affected voices you've ever heard on a podcast.
Menace is the smartest person on the show, they need to stop putting out more episodes that have less content.
-when you're getting trolled. My girlfried and I love you. Everything is funny, wise, and hot. It's perfect.
Wish there were more than 2 a week.
My wife and I listened to an episode together, (one I thought she would be able to relate too) that night, by far the best sex either of us have had. Although my wife says it had nothing to do with the podcast, she did things she had never done before! Sexually empowered women are... yummy! Keep up the good work.
Thank you for all you do! I have learned so much and enjoy the guests and topics. Keep up the good work Emily!!
I love the energy of this show. Always interesting and upbeat. Can Dr. Drew come back soon?
My girlfriend introduced me to this podcast and I listened to an episode with her and we both become obsessed very quickly, religiously listening to each new episode as they came out. This went for on for about 2 months or so until the sheen really started to come off. We both slowly fell off and no longer listen to the show. While I'm not going to pretend that I'm a master in the bedroom, I feel like I never truly learned anything from the episodes (To be fair we do keep a bottle of lube in the nightstand now). Though each episode description boasts interesting topics, the advice usually comes in three forms. First will be the same basic advice dolled out over and over, second will be advice that only pertains to a listeners specific question and scenario, and third will be some kind of product that we're supposed to buy. The last one is definitely the most popular, and while I'm sure there are plenty of couples that are interested in sex toys, me and my girlfriend don't want to buy any of the straps or vibrators or whatever that Emily seems to constantly be shilling. I guess what I was looking for from this podcast was more in depth discussion and techniques that we could try in the bedroom, but all I got was a lackluster advice column that doubled as an infomercial.
I really like the show but menace KILLS IT. Bring on Matthew hussey or any other guy who knows what they're talking about. Definitely has improved since the older episodes I've listened to. Menace always manages to bring conversations to either a judgmental place or an off topic boring one.
The show content is GREAT, the guests are for the most part interesting, etc. BUT the AUDIO QUALITY NEEDS IMPROVEMENT! The levels are way to low, not even, etc. Also more Anderson please (he can fix the lacking audio as well) :-)
This pod cast has totally helped our intimacy! We both listen and it opens up our communication. Our sex live has gone through the roof!! Thanks Emily!
I know a lot of other reviews on here like to give this podcast very few stars because of Menace. That is unfair. Emily herself is positive, upbeat, and completely non discriminatory of all of her listeners needs and fantasies. She NEVER judges, and she has amazing answers for the hardest questions. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Menace is closed minded, a terrible fit for the podcast, and generally annoying. However, he's been appearing much less lately on the podcast. I'd give it a listen! Her other co hosts such as Madison and Anderson are great! Don't let Menace turn you off.
Having trouble bringing up certain topics concerning sex and relationships? Leave this podcast on and Emily will start it for you. I have the most interesting conversations in my car, that's for sure 😬. Content and execution has gotten so much better in the later episodes! Menace and Anderson could be off putting at times, however they give this show an edge in the sense that they reflect the "everyday guy's " opinion, whom Emily's work is aimed to educate. No relationship is the same, and she treats them as such as she answers questions. Love her! Go Emily!
This has been my favorite podcast for a looonnnngggg time now. I never get tired of listening!
Great show! My husband and I listen to it all the time while on road trips or while cooking. Love listening to email responses
Fun, often silly and some educational info to be heard, long time listener of Loveline so I love the addition of Anderson to this podcast. Keep up all the great work, Emily! I actually knew some of the products at a sex shop thanks to your show.
Half of the episodes are spent plugging products and advertising something. It's really annoying constantly hearing about sex toys, that's not why people are here listening.
Can they make the volume louder though?