Reviews For Sex With Emily

Subscribed because I heard her on “Too Tired to be Crazy” and thought she was cool. But no. Honestly, just tune into her weekly radio station. Less commercials and less fluff. Unsubscribed almost instantly.
Gynocentric. Lame content geared toward women and their problems.
Such a great podcast . Very informative . Dr Emily is very well educated on subject and is very one . My pod so far was Pamela Madsen . Just so much info on finding one selves . Keep it up Emily
I started listening as a lark, but this 53-year-old white male has discovered more useful information than I expected. Emily would be fun to have a beer with.
Fantastic podcast! Very informative and great reminders and tips.
Thank you Emily for eduction Educating this middle aged wife and helping me bring some spice into my life and marriage. Please keep on dropping knowledge!
The guests are really good on this podcast, the topics are great too. I can hardly listen to an entire episode because Emily talks over her gas and interrupts incessantly. Just let them talk and when there’s a break in their conversation then respond. I actually had to shut off three podcast because she talks over her guest so much and I’m actually interested in hearing what they have to say, but I can’t because she’s either repeating and refreezing what they just said to her or interrupting them before their sentences over
Just discovered this podcast about three months ago. It is a life changer - informed, compassionate, and open, Emily makes talking about a taboo topic so much easier. I am almost seventy years old and learn something new from every episode.
This show is phenomenal. I usually can’t stand intros to any of my even fav podcasts but this one is fantastic haha so good, so much great information and funny. LOVE!!
Great show, great advice, and 2 great hosts!
love you Emily your podcast deserves 5 stars!! Been listening since 2017! Changed my life


Love this podcast! I recommend it to everyone I know!
I love listening and this podcast has changed my life for the better


I love this podcast. I have honestly learned so much and it’s just so fun to listen to!


By mia094
This podcast is okay. I wish she’d save all or most of the calls for the radio. Also wish there wasn’t so many ads / her trying to sell things. Rather her just talk with people and give suggestions and tips on topics.
Emily talks about and relationships like your bestie over a glass of wine! She’s funny, honest and open - I can’t recommend listening enough (especially with a partner!!)
I caught your show right after it came onto stars 109 satellite Radio. Awesome advice, learned some new thing, listen in the car when i can, also subscribed to the pod cast. Very nice job, great content. thanks you for what you do.
Thanks for all of your help we appreciate it
I like the show. It’s s lot of good information. Emily also. Tings good guests to the show. The only thing is i felt Emily is too “impatient.” I listen to her talking to callers and s lot of time she cuts them off or makes them feel rushed.
And loving it! Love you Emily and all your subjects, topics and guests! Thank you!! Mary Buffalo, NY
I listen to the show on Sirius, Apple Podcast, and read on Instagram..I’m a huge fan!! Emily is always upbeat, funny, and full of amazing advice no matter what the situation is presented, I love it!
Love the format and Emily’s voice (which is a big deal breaker for me with podcasts). There’s something in almost every single episode that I can connect with or learn from. Love it and love learning or feeling assured in what I already know/do. Thanks guys!!
This is a female-friendly podcast that provides all listeners to easy-to-implement ideas. As a woman (and widow)entering the dating world again, I appreciate the tips to make everything so exciting again.
This is one of my go to podcasts whenever a new episode comes out. I love the realistic advice and variety of fun topics, especially guests to the show.
The show has a great vibe, the interviews are great. It’s great to listen to a wide range of topics! I can say I have added somethings to the bedroom that my wife thoroughly enjoys! Thanks!!