Reviews For Sex With Emily

I am new to the podcast thing, I am a 50 year old electrician and I absolutely love listening to this while I’m working


Too political focus on other things to much advertising listened to a few episodes, complete waste of time
Too political and too much male bashing. It used to be much better. Now it’s just meh.
Fun listening, we've tried lots of the mentioned toys/accessories!!
This podcast is amazing, and makes me feel less crazy about all the fun things I wanna try in the bedroom! I’m suggesting this podcast to everyone I know because everyone MUST LISTEN! I look forward to listening on my commute to work every day! Xo, Angela
Emily’s voice sounds like she’s used way too many opioids or needs to be treated for gonorrhea of the larynx. And to have guests on her show who have the intelligence of seventh graders simply points out that this a show worth no one’s time.


By secxhi
This is really just ok it’s not good and it’s not bad it’s just kinda eh. I’ve tried to listen to this podcast multiple times trying to enjoy and learn but to be honest a lot of the Advice and topics are pretty basic.
I’m a newer listener to the show. I’ve found this podcast to be informative and entertaining. I can’t say I would be willing to try everything that I’ve listened to, but I have been challenged to evaluate my beliefs and expand my idea of what it means to pleasure my partner. Great show. Keep it going.
Hope you receive this warm greetings from Buffalo NY. I just got done listening to your podcast and wanted to encourage you by saying how much I appreciate your effort and attention to detail. Keep up the great work happy Podcasting friends 🎙


Compassionate fun and nothing ive ever heard before


Emily is the best!
I love this podcast so much. Emily is filled with knowledge and great ideas. She has excellent guests on the show and I love when she answers listener emails. I listen to this show whenever I’m driving in my car, or at home cooking or cleaning. It’s fun and entertaining to have on in the background. I’m so glad there are lots of episodes for me to binge!!
Stopped listening because it’s the same questions and answers over and over again. Emailed a few questions she never answered, too
I have been listening on and off for what seems like a decade. To be honest, there are too many episodes, and I have to be in the mood to listen, but when the time is right, this show satisfies. I usually prefer the more gabby episodes actually, where Emily and co talk about their lives. I think the Menace and Anderson are my favorite, but I know people are divisive on them. If you are looking for a highly structured show, you may want to go elsewhere. But this show has many peaks along with the valleys.
I love listening to Emily and her guest. I get great advise and referred to new toys.. cant beat that😁 thanks Emily
Excellent show when Menace and/or Anderson were on every week to provide a guy's perspective. When Emily does the show alone or with women guests the podcast is just unlistenable for men.
I’m always learning something new when I listen to Emily’s podcasts. She has an amazing list of exciting guests, most of which I have never heard of but i find myself feeling thankful I took the time to listened to👍.
Emily keeps things interesting, full of laughs and entertaining!
Avid listener. Highly recommend Emily’s podcast for all..single, dating, married, straight, gay, or unsure..this podcast is for you!
I was a huge fan until the Q&A took a backseat.
This pod cast and the topics covered are awesome. The matter of fact approach and the openness of the guests is refreshing. It has given me confidence to open up to my spouse about likes, dislikes etc. by helping me realize everything is normal.