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Banish her to the shadow realm
Hi Emily! As an occupational therapist, we are specialists in women’s Health. Sexual intimacy, self care, consent, awareness prenatal and post natal are within our scope. Pelvic floor health isn’t just physical therapists and was actually ours and Pts took it on. Please expose OT within your podcast to give listeners like myself education. We can do and cover so much and help so many places and awareness Love the show
I don’t know what degree of an this person has but she basically kisses the rear end of every guest whether they are right or wrong.
I think Dr. Emily has such a cute voice. She gets really excited to talk to people when she interviews them. That is because she is so passionate about her work. Dr. Emily has taught me many things over the years. Each episode seems to go by so fast. I like how open she is about her own life also. I really enjoyed her show when it was on Sirius Radio. I was sad when that ended. However, we still have her Podcast! I am looking forward to reading Dr. Emily’s new book! I am going to order it soon. Please keep up the good work! I really enjoy the call ins, and advice. Thanks, Todd


I tried to listen to this podcast. 1. Emily has the most annoying voice ever. 2. Emily interrupts everyone and talks over everyone. Just stop and actively listen and let people finish what they are saying! 3. The podcast is poorly conducted. Episodes where callers can’t hear them and they go back and forth saying “can you hear me” or “call us back”. I’m done. If you’re an expert Emily and you want to help people….give people the chance to talk too.
Hubby & I listened to your interview with Dru P & it was so informative, encouraging & and 👀 eye opening! I’m a full on subscriber now! Thanks for sharing your expertise.
It would hand been helpful for the host to listen to the expert.
I loved learning more about you. I’ve been a long time listener; and even had my boyfriend pre-order your book! Ali S.
The entire episode was a plug for her book.
But I find Dr. Emily to be extremely annoying. I feel like she talks over people when they are asking questions.
It is good . I think my friends should see it
My wife and I listened a lot and we really like this podcast but the host who is in control of the streaming is absolutely horrible. We finally just gave up because all it does is stutter. We can go to other podcasts and listen may be in our car may be at home with our Wi-Fi, but for some reason this podcast just skips constantly it’s totally frustrating. We have found ourselves listening to other podcasts that don’t do this and when we mentioned it to another married couple friend of ours, they said the same thing they finally gave up trying to listen to it as well.
In general was very excited to listen but the only 2 random episodes I clicked on I had to fast forward about 5 minutes bc they were adds or her talking about selling promoting something.
All of this and the above!!
I have learned so much and my relationship with my husband is even better for it! I recommend this podcast to everyone I know!!
Men basically are okay to be used and thrown away in the host’s opinion. Also, very abusive and harmful behaviors are encouraged merely because one party gets a few seconds of pleasure.
Absolutely love the content of the show and Emily as a presenter but the Kidz Bop ads are driving me insane and my wife and I have stopped listening.
Love the openness and communication on a formerly taboo topic!
Just about every show gives singles and couples helpful information on how to help maintain a healthy sexual relationship with your partner/partners. And for those individuals who are less experienced..... This is the place to learn about yourself and what others like! Now the negatives....There is way too many promotional segments! It seems that there are more promotional segments, than actual discussions. Just have your thumb on the "fast forward" button! Too much promotional content!
Haven’t heard it yet. Just recommended.
My favorite part of this podcast is how inclusive Emily is. Wether it be bodily functions or someone’s unique kink she makes sure people understands this is all normal. She has taught me so much and I think it’s so important to be open minded going into this pod and ready to learn something new .
Thank you Emily !
Emily Morse should have her own 1-2hr slot at least once a week on every streaming platform and cable television✨🫶💁🏼‍♀️ #LubeOnEveryNightStand❤️


By Uzi63
I agree with the last reviewer this show is toxic towards men.
Sorry but after listening for a year and wondering if this woman is being purposely toxic towards men or not, the Gabrielle Blair episode sealed the deal for me. Listen to the first 10 mins and prove me wrong. Disgusting.
Loved the Jenny episode. So real and funny