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By abugooo
This is a very nice podcast, makes me want to go to Alaska right now!!~~so cool
These guys really capture the beauty and soul of Alaska, very strong visuals and music. If I were on my way to Heaven, I'd ask them to make a movie.
Highly recommended for it's HD content, adventures, beauty, and creation of ideas of what to do and explore in our backyard, Alaska. Excellent work guys, keep them coming.
I love watching Alaska HDTV! Scott brings Alaska to me each month in the form of hikes, adventures and tourism. It's the next best thing to being there (until I can make it there myself). The videos are breath taking and the music is great! Tune your ipod into Alaska HDTV each week for another beautiful trip to Alaska. See you there!
This is an AWESOME show -- a must see! If you haven't seen this podcast yet, you definitely need to do so! Scott Slone, the star of the show, takes his viewers on an a fun (and sometimes crazy) adventure through many of the beautiful, hidden treasures of Alaska. Who would of ever known that so much beauty could be easily be found in Alaska! In some of the episodes, you will find Bald Eagles perched in the forested mountains, bears catching local fish in the nearby rivers, and even an occasional moose here peeking through the brush here and there! Scott is truly an adventurer that loves to discover not only natural beauty, but he also enjoys the many cultural events that one can find in Alaska. (He's even brave enough in one of the shows to walk right up to the current Governor's home (in the morning) and invite her to walk with him to the state capital building! However, before she says "yes", he does gives her a "free" cup of hot coffee, [and casually mentions that it's her birthday] -- then she graciously accepts his invitation. ;-) Before they adventure off to the Capital building, she first gives him a grand tour of the Governor's house -- wow, what a neat, historical place! One show that I remember was a visit to a local coffee factory, where Scott got to try out some pure, white caffeine -- hmm, looked like a little slight bit of a buzz there... ;-) His video podcasts are always interesting and I don't tire of watching them. He knows how to produce a great program, one that you will continue to look forward to seeing! In other words, it's a great show that's definitely worth checking out... Thanks Scott for allowing all of us to enjoy Alaska too.
I've always been sorta fascinated by our 49th state; the wide open expanses, the mystery, beauty and majesty of it. Scott's show gives me the vicarious thrill of actually being there, seeing and experiencing the true Alaska from an insider's viewpoint. Not simply a travelogue, this show is the real deal. Keep up the great work!
That is right, Scott Sloane seems to capture Alaska in the best ways possible. The music, the editing, the views, it is all here and the result is a terrific show! This is one of the great ones!
The views, adventures, videography and host are fantastic! I also learn something in every episode - entertaining and educational! Keep up the great work! ~amy mac
Love the podcast...makes me feel like I am back in Alaska. I do miss the audio podcasts though...
I love this podcast. It has given me a new goal of visiting Alaska soon. The hike of the week is breathtaking and inspiring, and I have gained a whole new respect for independent recording artists. One of my favorite podcasts( and I have over 150!)
great stuff!! every episode is great quality and edited well. as a guy from "down under" it really makes me want to go to Alaska...even more than what I wanted to before. keep up the good work...
Insightfull informative and shows that we in Alaska are more modern than people belive
Wow, I just watched my first Alaska Podshow in HD and it was incredible! I live in AK and I didn't know it could be so beautiful. Scott is truly a charismatic host that is knowledgable of the area. A real treat to watch. Keep up the good work!


Great balance of information, commentary and new music! Thanks Scott!
Scott comes across with a warm personality with plenty of charm, offering evidence that Alaska is more than just snow, cold temperatures, oil wells and bears!
I did a road trip from DC to Alaska and back in 2003. Seeing Alaska from the road and spending a month driving around the Great Land is a wonderful way to experience the place. Well, just short of actually living there. Well ... and now, also just short of listening to The Alaska Podshow! Scott Slone does an exceptional job of making you feel that Alaska is just around the corner, even though it's 4,000+ miles away. His video clips and Iditarod side tracks are icing on the cake. I feel like an Alaska insider after listening to every episode. Thanks, Scott!!
Scott Sloan does an awesome job of sharing a bit of the Alaska landscape and culture with those of us in the lower 48! His selection of topics and music are 1st rate! This is among the best and I listen to quite a few, from around the world, from music to news, and art to spirituality! Scott incorporates so many elements into a cohensive and intelligent show!
Scott brings the last frontier right to your ears and makes you feel like you are there. Scott, has started doing video casts that intermix periodically with the podcast and the videos just take your breath away. Steve - FWIW
I really enjoy this podcast. Scott has a great sense of humor and values. Hearing about the weather, activities and life in Alaska is wonderful. I plan to move there in 4 years. This podcast is helping me learn a lot about my future home!
Brings Alaska to life with news and interesting commentary. With good production value and some great music, this is one worth a listen!
Scott Sloane has been providing a wealth of music and discussion of the highest, most consistent caliber! As a bonus, he provides the best coverage of the annual iditarod and its stars. Tonight I listened to his dedication to the sports' greatest ever woman musher and wept when listening to Redington's Run by Hobo Jim as a further tribute to Susan Butcher. Naturally stars such as Susan are eulogized by many, but it is the podcast community, or the 21st Century Folk movement (akin to Guthrie, Seeger, Hinton and McGuire or Dylan) that is becoming the leader for the new future - I only hope the new folksters are able to succeed in getting humanity to the new Aquarian Dawn where peace, brotherhood and love is able to coopt hate, fear, and envy - Bill at Surf Review and Report magazine. One important point, however, is worth noting. I sincerely appreciate his willingness to listen to those opposed to the iditarod, but he need not apologize for the likes of great mushers who are commemorating the heroic deeds to save villagers. Long live Redington & Butcher! Again, I congratulate Scott Sloane on a consistently terrific broadcast,
To me, Alaska has always seemed to me to be just a big iceberg somewhere up north. Perhaps I'll fault Jack London with making me so cold. But it's people like Scott Slone, whose love for the country allows me to realize that there's more to this place than snow. Add some great music to the mix and you end up with an excellent podcast that regularly helps fill up my hard drive. Great job and highly recommended.
Scott does any awesome job of sharing the beauty and wonder of the great Northern frontier of Alaska. The tips, info, news and music are wonderful and Scott is an all around great guy! I highly recommend you stop in and give this show a listen!
Awsome,podcast! and i too live in alaska
Scott Slone does a fantastic job of bringing Alaska home to you wherever you are. The music is great, the variety is superb, and Scott is real, friendly, and he loves Alaska which is evident in his podcast. Subscribe now, you won't be disappointed!! Luv ya, Scott!! Lorraine
The Alaska Podshow has great new (podsafe) music and updates on Alaska happenings. You'll definately want to subscribe!
Having lived in Alaska, it's nice to hear Scott's soothing voice floating over the podwaves from The Last Frontier. Scott plays a wonderful mix of music from Alaska and beyond... SUBSCRIBE NOW! :-)