Saddleback Church: Crave Thursday Night

Reviews For Saddleback Church: Crave Thursday Night

I LOVE this podcast. I don't live in the OC where I can attend Saddleback in person but this podcast series is a MUST. It really has helped me in my closeness with God.


By g1c992
Amazing Podcast! Truly enlightening! God Bless!


By Iz89
Amazing podcasts!!!
Someone may need to look into this. I have the volume turned all the way up, plugged into speakers, and I can still barely hear the teacher. It's almost like mumbling. Just wanted to point it out. God bless you.
I've been going to Crave every week now for about 5 months and every week God has been revealing Himself to me! Even though I grew up in a Christian home I never knew how great and amazing God was until I started coming to Crave!
Please keep this going!!!
The Crave ministry at Saddleback has changed my life. The leaders at Crave have a genuine passion for Christ, and it shows in their messages. Brad is an awesome speaker. His honesty and humor made the message of Christ much easier to accept and understand. Thanks guys for posting this podcast!!!