English Teaching in Japan

Reviews For English Teaching in Japan


By Breyyne
This is an great podcast for anyone einterested in teaching English in Japan. While it is sometimes slow in updating, it is well worth the subscription. Chaz talks about his time as a JET instructor and his current job as an OCT (Oral Communications Teacher). He never fails to give support and encouragement to those looking to follow his footsteps.
Very informative stuff. It gives me a glimpse into an American's life in Japan while I'm sitting at my desk doing tedious busy work. Keep up the great work Chaz!
I am a big fan of this podcast because Chaz is kind enough to give his listeners a glimpse into his life as a teacher of English in a Japanese high school. As a JET Program hopeful, I have found his advice and musings to be very informative and interesting. I can tell he is genuinely interested in helping his students succeed. I am nervous about teaching, but his advice and thoughts have helped me calm down many times and put things in perspective. Anyone who is interested in the Japanese school system or teaching English in Japan should give this podcast a try.
i just started listening to this podcast and i learned so much about teaching english in japan and about japan itself. this podcast is a must for anyone who loves japan or wanting to teach in japan.
This is a great podcast for JETs or any other English teachers. Chaz has devoted impressive amount of time to deliver this non-biased, wonderful resource. He has been teaching in Japan for over a decade for a number of organizations so he is able to offer different perspectives for an aspiring teacher. I anxiously await new episodes.
Chaz, the host of the show, has a lot of insight from his years of experience teaching English in Japan. I found this podcast very useful for my teaching studies, and I think it is perfect for anyone who wishes to become a JET or English Teacher.
I've loved the time I've spent listening (and watching) Chaz talk about his experiences as an ALT (or should I say Oral Communication Specialist) in Japan. I was a high school exchange student through YFU in Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto this past summer, and many of the things Chaz talks about remind me of my time there. The classroom in which his video-cast was filmed looks just like the one I spent four weeks sitting in! But I guess that's to be expected in Japan after all. This is a great show that I would recommend to anyone interested in Japanese culture. Now for Chaz, please make more videos! That was my favorite episode!