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Great pcast. However, they only release about one a month :/
Since Jose Otero has been given the reins to this podcast, it's gotten better every week. Episode 21 will hopefully be the template going forward for Games Dammit, with insightful interviews with developers and industry professionals making up the majority of the episode. Mr. Otero has done a good job of making the tone of this podcast more journalistic and less about ranting and raving, and for that I applaud his efforts. Also, bIg ups to Marty Sliva to for his fantastic work on this show.
Games, Dammit! is a fantastic podcast that delivers stimulating video game analysis (both from an artistic perspective and from an industry standpoint) from a constantly rotating (but always stellar) panel of experts on a biweekly basis. My favorite guest is the always insightful Bob Mackey whose sharp wit and discerning views always leave me feeling like I've learned something. Keep up the fine work!
This is just not a very fun podcast. It seems the hosts care more about games being an art, then about games being fun. I love all kinds of games, and on this podcast it seems any game that has guns, shooting, or violence are so blase, regardless of any other merits it might have. This is the "vegan-hipster-elitest" of gaming podcasts. ps: Get some new intro and outro music. Wow, that's bad.
Like the in depth discussions on a weekly topic, offers something different from the other gaming podcasts out there.


By Staff-D
To Bias for My taste,
…never have that GameSpy guy from Episode 13 on the podcast again. Sorry, but he was just annoying, making every point into a protracted argument. Also, rehire "hamburger mouth".
I don't mind the format but personally I have a tough time agree with some of the opinions. Sometimes they come off as a little pretentious.
Coming from the fact that I never missed an episode of 1up yours or Listenup I do not like the new format for this show. I enjoyed the multi topic format of the past incarnations. And really ?!? Jeremy Parish as host ??? What next ? It'll get cancelled because he no longer feels like doing it ?
This is one of the most informative and interesting podcast around. Their topics and new format is very well done. Sad thing is, this could actually be THE best podcast about videogames to which I listen however, every time Scooter speaks I hover my finger over the stop button. I'm not trying to be mean, I really do want to know his opinion, but he definitely needs to speak clearly and eliminate some "kinda thing" and "like". I still love you guys!
I'm enjoying the new format! I look forward to each new podcast. I like to hear your personal take on things and the fact that you all speak your minds is a plus. Keep up the good work guys!
You guys used to be so much fun to listen to before the format change, this new, im sticking to talk about one thing format is a little dry. The only thing that makes me come back is that i still think there is some chemistry left, but come on guys whats with podcasts lately thinking that being so focused is a good thing. Well its not, just take a que from Joystiq, they are tanking. But for real do something before its to late, I have faith!
I'm so glad someone mentioned the guy who says "like" a lot. It's overkill and very distracting. I find myself counting how many times he says it per sentence and end up totally lost in the conversation. I "like" this podcast but I could love it. Segue music is often way too long.
Looking for some new gaming podcasts to listen too. I could only stand about 30 minutes of the "Skyrim" episode. They mentioned they just changed their format and sounding like a bad SNL parody of Public Broadcasting Hosts was their new, not going to change format and style. So based on my very brief 1st introduction to this podcast...no second date let alone a real first one.
This podcast went from a decent general gaming commentary and news podcast, to a very focused and well moderated mono-subject discussion within the past few months. I'd say this brought it from a 3 star, to a VERY STRONG 5 star podcast. Greatly recommended.
I used to be in love with Jeremy Parish's brain, but his cynicism has become too much for me. He seems to have so much contempt for his job that he wants listeners to hate it, too. Mr. Parish, I am a butcher, do you want my job? Seriously, it's hard to recommend this podcast to someone nowadays, there is no joy when Parish is around. Scooter and the rest are fun, but in all honesty, why does Parish hate his job so much? I'll do it for less money. For real. Nonetheless, when the whining subsides you can find a generally intelligent (if not cynical) discussion of video games. For something more fun, tune into 1up's other program Retronauts, Bob Mackey's soul hasn't been crushed yet. Stop whining, Mr. Parish, it's so pathetic to be such a jerk about a job like yours.
Love retronauts. Now love this. The whole 4 dudes blabbing about "games" is overdone. The focused approach of this show feels more like journalism and i like that.
It's funny; they called it "Games, Damnit!," but they now just talk about one game per show. It's quite refeshing these days. Breaking from the old format from "1up Yours" or "Listen Up" to their new deal is just refreshing. It was getting annoying having just another Friday podcast where the tired "what you've been playing" segment to just one game, it's better. One thing.. with Mr. Parish at the helm, maybe they should call it 'Modern-Nauts?' ;)
Jeremy Parish recently decided to reboot this podcast. I had the good fortune to notice an episode-long discussion on Skyrim, just a few weeks after having otherwise unsubscribed from the feed. I'm listening again, and have liked the new continuity so far. Hopefully the tight focus keeps up, in spite of the ominous "I don't know what we're going to talk about next week" mumbling at the end of the Skyward Sword podcast. In general, though, it's possible that the 1UP podcasts have, as always, spoiled me for any others. Every time I've looked elsewhere, I'm shocked at the difference in production quality and tone. Keep up the good work, and never let inertia be an impediment to growth!
I really like the new format. It's like retronauts but for new games which is a nice change of pace.
Thierry, should not be podcasting. He's terrible at effectively expressing his thoughts, thus he uses "kinda" and "like" repeatedly. This is extremely distracting and makes it really hard to take him seriously. He also is very hard to understand because he always sounds as if he had food in his mouth (while talking). Jeremy does a great job, though.


By Pskelly
I really like the latest episode. I thing this podcast is every hit or miss as of right now but if all the future episodes are like this one it will become a favorite. I do love Jeremy Parish so any podcast where he does most of the talking is great already. I think what made this episode better than most is that it was more focused. Skyrim was the central topic with a little randomness before and sprinkled through during. I think if you guys keep picking one major thing to talk about per episode it will spur much better conversation rather than the usual "well what are u playing? Oh thats nice."
Not a bad podcast at all.
Nobody on this podcast even pretends to care whether their listeners will find the conversation interesting any more. They rarely can even be bothered to talk about games. By far the worst of all the professional game podcasts.
This podcast is just a shadow of it's former self but still has some interesting discussions and usually more indepth game analysis than other podcasts i've listened to while keeping things lighthearted and interesting. Just one huge complaint, I'm sure Theirry Nguyen is a nice guy and all but I can not stand to listen to him talk. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me and i'm force to stop listening about halfway through any show that he is a part of. The last two episodes were lacking him and I really enjoyed them, hopefully he won't be back anytime soon.
like the show overall, but to be honest I can't stand to listen to a certain person's voice... no disrespect to that person, it just hits a certain nerve. I remember back when I used to listen to it they mentioned that someone wrote in saying that this "person" sounds like hamburgers. Well I know it doesn't make much sense, but HE DOES! lol. You all do a great job and I enjoy your opinions, but I just can't listen to hamburgers.
could only be of interest to friends of these maroons.i have only listened to 4 'casts,and have heard 0 useful information.stay away,unless you like to hear idiots talking rambling about nothing.
I imagine it takes a lot of effort to sit down every week and produce this podcast. But please, please try to pretend to care. It would be one thing if your 50 minutes of off-topic office in-jokes were clever or had anything to do with games, but just look at the progression of feedback on iTunes since you took over. And I'm sorry Scooter, but I agree with others, annunciate a little bro. You inherited this from people who talked about games, some of whom still do on podcasts such as Rebel FM or the IGN podcasts. But you rarely seem to have any input on actual games, and when you do I rarely find that they span a range of genres, and tend to be more niche. That's fine, but at least stick with games. I feel like there are already podcasts from 1up that involve expanding out to pop geek culture and green lantern and retro and imported games, or in-office chatter, but this isn't supposed to be it. I miss the real, intelligent debate. I'll pay for it, I swear, just bring it back! P.S.: I enjoyed the spoiler-cast of Portal 2. It was a solid amount of time dedicated to a game that many people were playing at the time. That's what I'm missing!
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SCOOTCAST!!! yeah... scootcast Hamburgers!!! EA-stravaganza? GENIUS! Why is scooter not on every 1up podcast? Why is there no scoot-cast? Why is every 1up podcast not a scoot-cast?
Tried listening to 3 shows but it's just too boring.
I totally lost the podcast after the first 20 minutes. Your voices are so hard to hear that it makes this podcast worthless. A big waste of bandwidth.
The other guys are great, but when someone else has a topic, all Frank Cefeldi does is make comments that disrupt the flow and aren't funny. Also, the annoying bit about repeating the phone number almost made me delete the podcast and ever listen again.
Every wanted to hear the recording of a once great site podcast's death wheezings? This the place for that!
They aren't having fun anymore. I would rather listen to Giant Bomb or Weekend Confirmed or even some of the newer smaller casts like Flap Jaw Space
I hoped the replacement to 1up Yours would eventually find it's place, but it continues to degenerate. First, David Ellis was a poor replacement. Then Justin Parish took over and he didn't hide his hatred of podcasts. Now the show has changed hands to Ray Barnholt, who gives the show an unlistenable vibe of hostility. He constantly snaps at anyone who disagrees with him, or even speaks up with an opinion (usually Justin). Nothing else in the show stands out except crankiness and boredom from the hosts. It's sad that the only listenable podcasts on 1up are not game related. And Justin killed Retronauts because he didn't think it was good enough. Now he's replacing it with lame 5 minute videos. Why all these bad decisions 1up?
This is now the absolute A Team of 1UP.


i used to anticipate this podcast, buy now it's full of a bunch of people that honestly believe they are above this podcast and that it's actually hard work. it's not, so I'll just listen to other podcasts and even the other 1up ones which are done by people actually having fun.
It's uhh, ok I guess. It's definitely not what it used to be. The new cast seems to lack enthusiasm and are kind of annoying to listen to at points. Sometimes I just feel like reaching through my headphones and punching them in the face... but that's healthy right? So in closing, shut up, be more interesting, and keep up the good work! Hope this was helpful :)
Seriously these guys have been a mess since they lost Garnett Lee, as evidenced by the fact that they can't stick to a name for their podcast, much less regular members, none of which really bring any of the personality as 1UP Yours or competeing podcasts like Giant Bombcast and TalkRadar. The interviews, which could be really interesting, tend to drag. Very disappointing.
Over the years this podcast has been known as "1Up Yours", "L1sten Up", "4 Guys 1Up", and now "In this Thread". Lineage and great treatment of video game news is what makes this podcast special.
Thank you for changing the name of the podcast. Thank you. Oh, and it's awsome and stuff.
I'm embarrassed to admit how long I've listened to this shell of a podcast since the great Garnett Lee left. It's become the most boring, aimless, pointless drivel on the web. I guess part of me wished that it could somehow be restored to it's former greatness but it just doesn't seem to be in the cards. The hosts are bland and lacking in any kind of personality or uniqueness. 1up should consolidate, get rid of all their podcasts and concentrate on doing one, just one, well. Until that happens, count me among the many disappointed former listeners.
This was the same spot for my favorite podcast for two years. I went through all the changes, and everytime they lost a little. The last change broke this listeners back. I cancelled my subscription, and will miss the glory days. The faults are no person stood up to become the #1 no one seems to want it and the quality of the show veers from aimless to pointless. I listened to E3 week but that will be the last for this original EGMer.
This is not the same show it used to be. Without any of the original cast or even people from 6 months ago it just isn't fun to listen to. Sam, Scooter, and Justin, while great people and writers, are just not suited for radio. They do not have the voice, demeanor, or wit to speak intelligently about games on spot. I do not recommend listening to this podcast at all.
This pod cast used to be good... Sadly no longer the case...
I'm sick of listening to that mush mouth shotgun words out at 90mph!!!! Get rid of him, or teach him how to annunciate for Christ sake.
Ever since the latest crew has left the podcast has become boring and seems to have lost it's special touch. Every review since has been bad with good reasoning. Hopefully oneday this podcast will regain what it has lost.