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This is the best podcast for improving your Japanese.
I found this podcast through Miku Real Japanese YouTube channel and was impressed with Alex’s fluency in Japanese. I have recently restarted my Japanese language learning and was looking for good sources of information on this topic. Ami and Alex are great hosts and add a bit of fun to the learning. Oh, is it Hampa nai or Hanpa nai? I was confused with title of the show. Thanks for the great podcast. Cheers, Jon
I’ve been learning Japanese for a while and really need to practice listening because my skills are low in that dept. I really like the format of this podcast and the length of each episode. I always learn something new in each episode even if it’s on a topic i feel familiar with. Great to listen to in the car and the repetition makes and both Japanese and English, and the Japanese conversations in between make shadowing a lot easier. Keep up the great work!!
I started listening to the podcast recently as I’ve been using duolingo for the past 60 days so far to learn and wanted to branch out and be learning from multiple sources, this podcast has offered a lot of great advice already and I love the energy of it!
As an intermediate level Japanese learner, I’ve gained SO much from this podcast. Alex and Ami really do a great job of teaching practical natural sounding Japanese. They explain everything thoroughly, so even beginners can easily understand. They also teach very nuanced language in the “Random Phrase of the Week” segment which is useful even for advanced learners. A must listen if you want to stop sounding like a textbook robot!
I started listening to this pod cast years ago when I was first curious about learning Japanese, but dropped it for a bit because I was very busy (getting my PhD and having a kid takes up a lot of time). I started it again recently because my wife’s good friend moved to the same town as us, and we have been hanging out with him and his wife—who only speaks Japanese. I knew some Japanese from watching old Yakuza movies, but that mostly consisted of intense staring and the occasional “naruhodo” or “wakatta” so it is really nice to learn some conversational Japanese. I really appreciate the friendliness and genuinely helpful vocab/drills. I really enjoyed the episode on Osaka-ben, it’s a fun dialect and I love that it’s often dubbed as a Texas accent. If Alex or Ame is reading this, it would be great to have an episode on different phrases in each of the regional dialects. I would love to learn a few unique words/phrases from the Tohoku region where my friends are from.
My community college Japanese class doesn't really delve much into conversational speak but this podcast helps immensely with that. Breakdowns of sentences are easy to understand and overall it's very useful.


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My goal is to bring back my language to level two (at least). I neglected my studies (2年)and will see how much I improve a year from now 2023 at this time if I listen and study 毎日!! Your podcast is a good pace for me. So THANK YOU!! あなたのポッドキャストは私にとって良いペースですので、ありがとうございます!
Hi Alex and Ami! I listen to your podcast on the way to and from work everyday. I wish I knew about this when I was studying Japanese in college way back when I was in New York City. I live in Florida now and my kids and I are beginning to learn Japanese. The lessons are easy to follow and very interesting. Better than reading my textbook! Thank you both!
Such a great source for everyday conversation. My confidence was boosted immensely when I first started to study the material in this podcast. The pdf files are super helpful too. I know people who pay for software etc and it still doesn’t provide anything close to the insight that this pod does.
I’ve been studying Japanese for about a year and a half and I’ve gone through what feels like every possible study method until I started listening to podcasts. I honestly have no idea how I’ve not come across these guys before they’re amazing I listen to them every day NO JOKE definitely worth a listen they’ll hook you like they did me and you won’t be able to stop!!!!
I just recently started listening to this podcast while on my commute. I am planning on going to Japan for the Worlds Fair 2025 in Osaka, so I just started learning Japanese about 2 months ago😁 Both Ami Sensei and Alex Sensei are so great at the conversations and break downs (thank you for the written PDFs as well!) I have even recommended this podcast to students I teach (5th graders) and they find it easy to follow as well! Thank you for also including cultural aspects into the learning, the random phrase of the week, Fun Friday, and even the “how are you” portion that’s only in Japanese! Every podcast I listen to I seem to understand more and more!!💯🌟 THANK YOU SO MUCH! -Janice from Texas-
There are a lot of choices when it comes to language learning podcasts and this is especially true for Japanese podcasts. If you are a native English speaker, this is a very educational podcast that is also fun to listen to. Sometimes I listen very intently to study but I also let it play in the background while I am cooking. This ones a keeper.
Just a super fun podcast too listen to and learn at the same time with very realistic dialogue and people that have very entertaining chemistry- truly, a meccha hampanai podcast 😩💯
What a terrific podcast. Alex and Ami are fun, engaging hosts and the conversations are always interesting. The repetition, breakdown, and drilling have helped me learn quickly, they’re clearly knowledgeable not just about Japanese but also about effective language learning methods. I get a lot out of the separate dialog-only episodes. My only complaint is I burned through all the old episodes and now I have to wait for more!
The Learn Japanese Pod is a sensational, easy to follow podcast that I believe is top tier for those wanting to sound more natural with their Japanese! I much enjoy listening every day while at work, and so far I have learned a lot! I plan on using the things I learn here when I travel abroad to Japan as an ALT in the near future! If I had to ask one question it would be this: I have been to Japanese restaurants in the states and as I leave the chef or waiter would say “ありがとうございました!” and all i can think to say back is the same (ありがとうございました). Would you say this is an appropriate response in this context, or is there something more appropriate? I would love to hear more about typical restaurant visits in Japan and the accompanying etiquette!
Easy to follow and interesting. Can learn not only Japanese language but also culture from this podcast. Explanation is pretty thorough. Conversational, engaging style dialogue makes it applicable to the real life .
Was recently looking for some podcasts to listen to in the car and found one of the recordings. I was hooked within the first few minutes! Great dialogues, conversations, easy to understand and interesting topics. Keep it up!
This podcast is very easy to listen to. The hosts are not full of themselves. Lots of great content. Useful everyday Japanese. Please do not stop making these podcasts!
This podcast is great! I love the dialogues and the off-script sections are excellent for practicing Japanese listening skills
アミ先生とアレックス先生ありがとうございます!I’ve been studying japanese for the past 2 months and have got pretty much all of the basics and vocabulary/phrases memorized. I teach my self because my highschool doesn’t offer Japanese for 10th graders. Sometimes it’s a little hard to teach myself through just books and learning apps. I came across your podcast a few weeks ago and I’ve been listening ever since, I love how much it’s helped me understand and given unrelated tips and conversation practice. Thanks so much!! ~ソニア
Ami and Alex 先生 -you guys are the BEST! This is hands down the best podcast for Japanese learners - packed with listening practices, grammar points, basic conversation as well as the polite form. I can’t wait to learn more about the grammar and vocabulary from you, we need more of your learning materials! It is SO helpful! Please do more and I’d love to help if you ever need it!!! - Lucie
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a while now and I wish I had listened sooner! Hoping to see more from you both :)
I love this podcast so much!!! I listen to it everyday at work and go back home to practice even more! Thank you so much ❤️
I studied Japanese in college and have always tried to keep up with listening and reading comprehension. But, have had a huge lack of speaking practice. I love the natural flow to all of the conversations in this podcast! It has been extremely helpful for me to practice conversation through shadowing. Thank you Alex and Ami! So grateful I found this podcast!
Took Japanese in college and I listen to this podcast often! They teach really practical words, phrases, and grammer, and make it easy to listen to.
Woah! I’m late to the party. Just discovered this WONDERFUL podcast! Alex is hilarious and these segments are so well explained and accesible. Great job guys! I’m excited to pick up my college Japanese🤗♥️
I really appreciate that different levels are included and is not just for beginners or advanced. It really helps with challenging me on what I know and learned.
2020 is a year that is devoid of social life and full of frustrations here in the US. Of all the online communities I belong to and people that I keep in touch with, I somehow found the fondest companionship in a podcast that I stumbled upon while browsing mindlessly at 3AM in the morning. The hosts are wonderful, and the conversations are full of life, especially in contrast to this otherwise dreary reality. This is a top notch podcast for anyone who is in interested in the Japanese language and culture — whether you are a language student or not, you will find the episodes to be both entertaining and informative.
I find this podcast useful for learning informal Japanese. But there is so much extra chit-chatting going on that the useful material is actually less than half of the entire podcast. Especially the section on listener comments may easily be omitted. So in my opinion the podcast would be much more useful if it focused just on teaching Japanese with more concise episodes.
I wish I had access this resource when I first attempted to learn Japanese as a teenager. This podcast and my trusty drops app, has me re-inspired to try again!
This podcast is a fantastic resource! The hosts are fun and super clear! Since listening I’ve noticed my Japanese friends are really impressed with how much more “natural” I sound when I speak 👍. Thank you so much for this fun and engaging podcast!
After deciding to learn Japanese on a whim I searched for listening resources, found LJP and was not disappointed! Even though some of the lessons are above my head they’re good practice and I often find that what I learn in the podcasts has corollary to what I’m learning on apps like Duolingo and Lingodeer. I listen nearly everyday and am thankful for the resource. LJP is awesome. Keep it up!
I work as a house painter and these podcasts enable me to get through the brutal hot summers days. I am a college student taking Japanese and I feel like I have become much more conversational since I’ve started listening. I was supposed to study abroad in Tokyo this fall but I am looking forward to coming in 2021!
I love this podcast! Please don’t stop making them. すごいね!
Really appreciate Ami and Alex for giving us such great lessons. I love the balance between the topic dialog and the interesting extra conversations. I always feel as though its hard to know what I don’t know and this podcast has been a great way to fill those gaps :)
Very helpful for tips not in the textbooks
Planning to move back home to Shinjuku after High school Graduation and I’m caught up in all assignments lately. This has been very useful in my very, VERY few free time. I cannot wait to move back home and this podcast has been very helpful to refresh my Japanese speaking learning path. 😊
still trying to catch up to the current episode, but i figured i should start at the beginning as i just started learning japanese not long ago. there are so many people online telling you how to learn but you just gotta do what works for you. this is very helpful to hear the words used and understand how to speak common sentences with slight variations to help understand what is similar and what is different so you can use on your own. also the hosts are quite entertaining☺️ i am very early on my journey to learning a new language but i am very grateful this podcast can make the journey more entertaining and inspire me to keep going!
I have just listened to the very first lesson here in May of 2020 and I really enjoyed what I heard in the first lesson and am greatly looking forward to hearing more! Both narrators were very personable, knowledgable and funny and I love that sort of thing while getting my language learning on ya dig? ありがとうございます!
I’ve been enjoying/listening to this podcast during the COVID quarantine and it’s a great way to be productive. Thanks Alex and Ami!


I don’t have a ton of time to study all the time so having this play in the background helps a lot! Definitely suggest this podcast
I lived in Japan years ago as a young adult, and now am returning this summer with ... yes.... a husband and four little kids 😆 We will be working there and are super excited but I needed some refreshers with the language! This has been the perfect way to brush up on things I used to know and learn things I didn’t learn the first time. Thank you so much for this resource!
I enjoy listening to this podcast in general and not just to learn Japanese. Keep up the good work up, guys.
They do such a great job teaching Japanese. I’m a future exchange student and I feel so prepared for the trip bc of these podcasts!
These podcasts are the perfect length to listen to during my workouts. It is going a long way towards increasing my passive and active Japanese study techniques. 本当にありがとうございました!
Been listening to them via youtube
Nice podcast great way to pick up on the language and great chemistry.