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This podcast has really allowed me to learn while having fun! I especially enjoyed Alex's discussion about the geo-political climate of Palestine. there is a LOT of information to absorb. In addition, make sure to have a notebook, pencil, and calculator ready so you can finish the homework on time! Love the podcast!!
This is a great podcast that breaks down the language being discussed in a fun and insightful way. Alex and Ami have an excellent rapport which makes the listener feel like they are part of the conversation. Whether listening for the first time or multiple times to reinforce the language, the vibe is fresh thanks to the well-presented content. Highly recommended!
I found this nice podcast on Spotify. I am even listening to it while reviewing it. I don’t know how my Japanese will progress after that, but I cannot always read a book so the learning mixed with conversation makes the listening less drowsy. I can’t wait to listen to more of your chit chat (so far I am on the 8th track but so far so interesting). Keep it up!
I listen to this podcast every morning since I’ve discovered it! I am a half japanese girl and my family has all moved to japan. I grew up in Utah and ever since I moved out of my parents house, my japanese is slipping. So this is an easy and fun way to listen to dialogue and learn! It helps me get conversation flow going and learn new lingo I did not know from my parents. Please keep doing good work!
This is one of the most helpful resources for learning Japanese that I’ve come across. I don’t leave many reviews but I just had to leave one for this podcast as it has helped me so much in only a few episodes. Love the hosts, Alex and Ami. The show is funny and engaging . What I Love most is the layout of the lessons. Easy to follow and entertaining. Thank you for the time and love put into the content!
I am just starting my journey into learning Japanese after a lifetime of enjoying anime. Looking for the top rated podcasts, this one came up and I’m so happy it did. I listen on my 1hr bus commute twice a day and I feel like Alex and Ami are riding with me having a great time.
Love this podcast. I always listen to this on the bus. Very informative and hilarious! I’m an English learner, too. It is so helpful. どうもありがとうございます
Perhaps the best Japanese learning podcast I came across so far. Great job!
These podcasts have definitely improved my learning process in Japanese, I love it. Very informative and funny at times, love it! Definitely recommend it.
This podcast is great! I’ve been using DuoLingo in conjunction with this podcast and it’s amazing. It’s great to hear the conversation and I love how you break it down. Massively helpful! Thank you!!!


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I listen to this podcast on Spotify, which I’m very grateful that it’s available on. This podcast is absolutely wonderful!! They are very funny, very informative, and very willing to help. They break down sentences and words to help listeners understand, not to mention they use everyday conversations. Love this podcast with all my heart!!
This podcast is excellent to listen to while at work to pick up a few things, and later on you can visit the website to access the resources available for each episode so that you can really study and solidify the learning you did. The whole operation is an amazing resource that is totally flexible and teaches you real USEFUL/COMMON words and grammar. If you wanna do some intense studying or pick up some phrases as you go about your day, this podcast/website is for you
Love the series and look forward to all new episodes. But I think you should assume that listeners have gone through older podcasts. For example the latest podcast, if the listener is still not familiar with “が好き” then I think it‘ s their responsibility to research it. Also it’s tiring to keep hearing “oh how do we explain Yappari” for the 100th time. I hope you find this review constructive. I think continuity will help intermediate learners, which I feel is the audience of this podcast, advance faster. Other than that, thanks for continuously providing creative content!!
Fiyah for your Japanese listening studiez. Thanks from Japangeles (LA, CA) where the Takoyaki comes with truffle salt and Parmesan cheese (or mentaiko or jalapaneo)..whatever just come do a live pod + concert in Little Tokyo. - Dweez
After learning about the podcast, transit became so much fun and when on the car and after parking never have i waited longer before leaving because listening to you guys are just fun and informative(specially the “random phrase of the week”)
I’m finally to a point where I understand a good portion of the dialogs. Well done.
If you want to learn real, useful, everyday Japanese - I def recommend this podcast! I've been listening to it for a few years now, and I love it! I moved from Hawaii (Ami-Sensei, happy you enjoyed your time there!!) to Tokyo last year and it's been super helpful! I work remotely, so making friends locally wasn't easy, and having a basic grasp of everyday Japanese for nichijou kaiwa has helped a lot. Keep up the great work guys!
Ami and Alex, your podcast is fantastic! I have been listening for about 2 years now and in the beginning I was not very literate in the beginning, but I have been repeating the podcasts to reinforce my learning through apps and other Japanese resources. I listened to the latest episode today and it cleared up a lot of grammar that didn’t make sense to me in my other learning resources! Sometimes it’s just great to hear someone analyze and collaborate on the reasoning behind sentence structure to help you learn easier. I am learning so that when I go back to japan in a few years I will be able to reconnect and speak with my family who I have never been able to speak to. Thank you for your help in making this dream of mine come true! This podcast is for everyone whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student learning! 頑張って! - Olivia from Baltimore MD, USA!
I started listening 10 years ago with Alex and Beb and continue to enjoy with Alex and Ami Sensei. What I love is that Alex has always been committed to teaching real conversations and not stuffy textbook Japanese. At times it is slangy, but they always explain the difference between casual, formal and ultra formal speech. My all time favorite is the Domino pizza ordering in keigo. Highly recommended!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I’m happy to say that after listening for 10 years and visiting Japan 6 times, I will be moving to Tokyo next month! 本当にありがとうございまーす!
I have lived in japan for 4 years and I hope my job brings me back indefinitely in another 10 years ( of course visiting at least once every year) again. This pod cast in combination with programs such as GENKI has helped me insanely More so than any formal class or other self study program. Second only to practicing with my wife and friends. I will leave here being able to hold basic conversations. I feel confident while back in the states I will be able to maintain my skill with my wife Skyping with friends and of course this pod cast.
I’m currently a ALT living in Ibaraki and I’m currently studying for The JLPT 4. I discovered this podcast and I often use it to practice my casual Japanese skills! You know... The Japanese you actually hear in daily life! As someone who also practices Nihon Buyo, Sado and Kitsuki I’m always wearing kimono on the weekends, so it’s nice to actually speak Japanese when people ask why I’m wearing one! Thank you so much for your hard work. I highly recommend this podcast! ありがとございました
I usually have trouble picking up new concepts and words and have to go over them multiple times in order to understand them. This podcast makes that process a lot smoother because of the way the hosts implement them into contextual casual examples. The lessons are always packed with important tips and useful phrases. This is a great Japanese studying supplement that really makes you feel like you're making progress. (By the way, I love Ami and Alex's music.)
This podcast is incredibly helpful and in conjunction with other apps, is a fantastic way to learn Japanese. Ami and Alex do an awesome job explaining the grammar while still making it fun. My wife gave up trying to teach me long ago but thinks the information is great and thanks to the random phrase of the week, my otousan (her dad) is always laughing. Keep up the good work! PS. I started listening to the dialog lessons at 1/2 speed and it helps. Also, Alex sounds really wasted which makes me laugh.
Greetings! I’m planning to go to Tokyo in August. While I took Japanese in college, it’s been a veeeery long time since I’ve practiced it (忘れてしまいました!) I’m refreshing my conversational Japanese and found this awesome podcast! Alex and Ami have a great rapport and the repetition is well executed. The dialog only and PDFs are great for ‘homework’ and review. The vibe is chill and make absorbing new lessons really easy. These courses have given me much needed confidence in speaking. Keep up the great work!
We’re going to Japan TOMORROW. Your podcast has helped us with some simple phrases. Too bad We didn’t discover this sooner!! Thanks Alex, Ami, Asuka, and special guests!
Hey Alex and Ami, I’m writing from New Orleans in the U.S. I just wanted to thank you both so much for this podcast. It is extremely useful for beginners as a supplement to other learning resources. I’m doing Duolingo and utilizing a few books, but listening to this podcast daily allows me to hear what I’m learning in a natural and fun context. P.S. You both have wonderful voices for this! Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing more. -Jade
Thanks guys. I really like the natural conversation and you two really sound like you are having fun which makes the lessons even more fun.
Thanks to the Learn Japanese Podcast for providing a fun tool to help build proficiency in the language. It is easy to listlen to, yet useful in developing natural conversational Japanese. Keep up the good work.
I stumbled upon this podcast after trying to learn Japanese. The hosts do a great job of blending teaching while also letting you hear dialogue. I’d recommend this podcast for anyone learning Japanese.
I have been studying Japanese for 3 years but only in a classroom setting. I never felt comfortable speaking it until I started listening to this podcast. Please keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you!


Thanks for making these ありがとうございます. I’m just learning but it’s great to have a podcast to listen to while I walk in the park 公園で散歩 with my dog 犬. Can’t wait to hear them all 楽しみ
It’s really hard to figure out what works and doesn’t work when doing self-study, however I absolutely love how this pod cast is so easy to absorb. I recommended this podcast to all of my self-study friends and they also agree. I absolutely appreciate how much time and effort goes into each podcast along with complete show notes and additional audio! Mahalo nui loa from Hawaii!
I LOVE this podcast. It is informative and fun. I appreciate that despite both Alex and Ami’s obvious wealth of knowledge they don’t take themselves too seriously. It allows for a relaxed environment for learning and listening. My only wish is that there would be more frequent updates! I’m dying here guys.
Great way to learn casual Japanese and absorb some of the culture as well.
At first I thought it wasn’t gonna be that useful because I was used to other formats like pod101 and easy NHK but then I learned really useful phrases and it’s fun to listen to. I watch YouTube videos in Japanese for practice sometimes and since listening to this podcast I hear a lot of the phrases I learn here all the time now. I’m sorry I doubted your methods Alex. Ami先生 is really funny and professional at the same time. The worst part about this podcast is that it doesn’t come out more often.
I listen to this while I’m cooking. I just love it and I wish there were more episodes-maybe include a little drama to spice things up. I like how I can use some of the content in real day to day life.
This is an incredible resource! As I approach a more intermediate level of Japanese I’m looking for places where I can just be exposed to conversation and pick up unique words and idioms. This is exactly what I needed! I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to go beyond text-book Japanese.
I really appreciate this podcast because it presents Japanese the way that you would learn it if you were living in Japan or growing up with Japanese speaking family, i.e. by hearing it spoken, with commentary on the nuances of how words and phrases are used in practice. It’s been great to listen to especially at my level, which is somewhere in the late beginner to intermediate stage. Alex and Ami also have a great rapport.
It’s lit
I’ve been searching for various Japanese language podcasts and they either seem to have too much English, extremely entry level language or way too advanced for me. This seems like just the right blend of words and phrases I already know with lost I don’t.
Having a hard time expressing my gratitude here because I think this podcast is an absolute public service. Alex and Ami go through wonderfully natural Japanese dialogues, which are also provided as audio files standalone for drills: this is a GEM of a resource as drilling these (on a spaced repetition schedule for extra efficiency!) have brought my Japanese listening and speaking from *zero* to... well, another, much higher number. I can’t emphasize enough how motivating watching my own progress has been on this account, particularly because I struggle terribly with listening and speaking in Spanish and thought it was an impossible problem to solve. Turns out the key is finding audio you actually want to listen to! For those who say they go too fast or that they don’t learn from listening to the podcasts: you need to put in the time to drill the audio and everything you need for that purpose is provided. Refer to the vocabulary in the show notes when you can’t make out a word, and practice bits of the dialogue at a time. This has become rambling but I just love this podcast. Aside from being great teachers, I so enjoy the company! ほんとに ありがとうございます!
I enjoy the podcast a lot! It’s very convenient for me. I do a lot of walking for my job and instead of listening to the music I listen to this podcast and learn Japanese. I don’t always have time to sit down with the textbook by the end of the day and study my grammar and writing BUT I do have time to listen to this pod daily while at work, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone and I don’t have any excuses not to! Great job, Alex, more content, please! Ready to pay for it! :)
I think it will be best for those with some Japanese language background, but still very useful as a way to get the language in your ears in a meaningful way. Interesting, fun, great peek into Japanese culture and life. Most of all informal Japanese as opposed to the formal language books teach!
I really enjoy this casual and laid back style of Japanese learning. And I am learning, little by little, to speak Japanese and understanding the culture through the podcast! Alex and Ami are very fun to listen to and I’m always looking forward to the next podcast (and the next Random phrase of the week 😆). Highly recommended if you’re trying to expose yourself to more of the language in a unique and entertaining way. お疲れ様です!
Each podcast is centered around a scenario you might find yourself in, giving you dialogs, sentences, and cultural tips as well, in a very fun, relaxing format. Alex is a dynamic and engaging trainer and speaker - along with his very interesting and enchanting co-hosts, they make me laugh, have taught me so much about Nihongo! (Japanese language) and culture. I highly recommend this podcast AND the other learning tools of learnjapanesepod. Zekkouchou! (Top form)
I've really been enjoying your podcasts. They are my favorite learn-Japanese podcasts because the content is not only super useful but also really fun to learn! They keep things interesting by adding captivating side notes/cultural explanations and speak very clearly so I can always understand what they say. I have been learning Japanese quite slowly and was hitting a dry spell but they reignited the excitement and I can't wait to get back into it. そしてボーカリストアミーの声は素晴らしい!
Alex and Ami, I love your work! I’m from Portland, but I live and work in Tokyo through the JET program. Everything that I’ve learned and used in conversation with my Japanese friends and students has wowed them, and I hear my students using random phrases of the week all the time! Please do more podcasts, maybe one on embedded sentences (He said that _____.), one using も、and maybe やばい for random phrase of the week!
I love their humor, and the conversations they have..I’m teaching myself Japanese which can be difficult at times, but I like how they break everything down slowly :D どうもありがとう
So after a 40 year hiatus, I am back studying Nihongo and prepping for the N4 in Atlanta on Dec. 2nd. It's a daily grind and at 58, I don't memorize things as fast as I used to. But, I am loving it and it's a thrill to recall words I hadn't spoken since living in various towns in Aichi Ken for a couple of years in the early 80's. Listening to your podcasts recharges my batteries when I get a bit discouraged . You and Ami are a great team. Saiko no senseitachi desu yo! Thank you for having such a great show.