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Reviews For Sonarchy Radio Podcast


By 247lol
this is a truly singular podcast + an absolute joy. perfect for long hours of reading and writings, allowing room for the mind to expand and wander. thank you, thank you, thank you✨
An eclectic array of sounds, music and ambient textures. Perfect for those looking to expand their listening horizons.


By yisits
This podcast is very interesting and has a wide variety of music, not chart toppers but definitely enticing. Sometimes the music is slow and almost dissapears, i don't find it good for listening to while working, but it's nice relaxing music. great listen!
This podcast showcases a lot of unique artists that keep your attention for a full hour. This podcasts is perfect for anyone who has a more eclectic taste for music, rather than the run-of-the-mill radio artists. I have yet to be disappointed by this podcast. Keep up the great work!!