Reviews For The Final Lap Weekly - NASCAR Talk Show

Simply the best NASCAR podcast out there. These guys are great.
Great content. I recently unsubscribed though because of the sheer volume of them coming in now.
Great place to come for your weekly NASCAR news!
I’ve been a listener for a few years now and I love everything Kerry and Toby do. I definitely look forward to the new episode every week. Keep up the great work guys!
What an awesome show, look forward to it every week, Thanks guys!!
Thanks for all the information, interviews and chuckles every Thursday. Thanks for deliverying on time, up to date content even in the off season. Just became a Patreon member -- I've been enjoying your podcast for the last eight years. Keep up the great work, and again, thanks for the laughs.
Info is alright, largely positive about the sport. But all attempts are humor fall completely flat.
I started listening to this podcast a couple of seasons ago. Kerry and Toby are hilarious and always get me ready for the race weekend. I have found them to be informative and inventive with things like Nimitz sticks and the equidistant alert and I always look forward to them dropping a Talladega superspeedway BLAHHHH. This podcast is a must have for race fans and has to be cued up when driving to the track or just listening a day or 2 before the race.
Ill give a 5/5 but it is close to being a 4/5 because of Kerry getting the Bristol Equadistant thing wrong. Get one nore track wrong with the equadistant thing and ill change it to a 4. But in all seriousness. By far the best nascar podcast out there
Great listen for all NASCAR fans
I’d give them 6 stars if they would stop bashing Kyle Busch.
I’ve been listening to these guys for several years now. It’s a podcast for fans, by 2 fans of the sport. It’s not a serious type of Podcast but after a few episodes you will learn some of the inside jokes these guys have. The hosts of the show feel genuine and they are even active on Social Media.
Hands down best NASCAR podcast on the market. Entertaining, and informative and my go to for NASCAR coverage every week. However, if you really get rid of Racing Legends I may have to downgrade this to 4 stars. Keep it up guys.


By ctbsr
If you guys don’t know how to pronounce Myatt Snyder you clearly haven’t followed the truck series. No chance you watch it and don’t know how to pronounce eckes. Then insisting that Jeff Burton’s nickname was the sherif (Brian Vickers nickname (your probably wondering who Brian Vickers is)) was awful. Then Simon “Pagenod”. These dudes are more interested in their radio voices than having any idea what they’re talking about.
Well done, funny and informative. I look forward to hearing these guys every week and keep up the good work!
Everything you need to know about NASCAR in one episode. Kerry & Toby truly know what they are talking about. It’s like hanging out with your 2 buddies talking about the world of NASCAR. Thus show/podcast is just before and after a race.
Your show is really great and I am glad Toby is there to keep the train on the tracks :))
I been listening for years just now on iPhone instead of android I love this podcast the humor and chemistry is great keep it up @phillynascar
This is the one Podcast you must listen to if you are a NASCAR fan. It’s highly professional, highly entertaining, and highly informative. These two follow a newscast format, but also include smooth humor and bantering. Don’t miss out on this one!
Quirky commentary
I've been listening to this show for a few years and I love the format (this is also where I heard about Fox Fantasy Auto). #JustSayin'. Jeremiah Gates.
Kerry and Toby bring the HEAT (in the best possible way). Their joking nature together makes for a match made in heaven, and podcasting glory ensues show after show after show. Started listening in 2015, haven't missed an episode since. Always look forward to downloading a new show each week to see what the boys have in store. I have my own NASCAR podcast (Victory Lane) and model if after The Final Lap (and give y'all credit, of course). Whenever I scream "TALLADEGA SUPERSPEEDWAY BLAHHHH" my friends give me strange looks, but that's fine by me, because it just means I'm a loyal Final Lapper. Keep up the great work fellas. Much love.
I have had a Sirius XM Subscription. I have listened to the other NASCAR podcasts out there. Nobody comes close to the quality and entertainment of The Final Lap. Only complaint is that it's just once a week. Kerry and Toby keep up the great work! Sincerely, one of The Final Lappers!
During racing season this is a decent show. When it hits the offseason this show is not worth listening too because it is mostly a bunch of recycled interviews. Speaking of the interviews, they are good but they are definitely dated from the time of the interview to the time they air.
Content is great. Hosts are great. I am just the guy who does not care for the 'morning drive time show' comedy and silly voices when introducing the next segment. I have found myself muting the playback when the 'que the music' thing happens.
Your hosts Kerry Murphey and Tobi Christie do one heck of a fun, fast paced and informative podcast all about everything NASCAR. They report things for the fans from a fans perspective. They pack so much into each episode. No snooze and lose podcast here. If you think you know everything about the sport, trust me, you'll learn things from a different perspective. Further, if you are a casual follower of the sport, these guys will get you up to date and ready to go for the next race. Thanks guys for doing this show. Awesome!!!!
This is the best NASCAR podcast I have found! You guyer do a great job with the format of the show to catch us up on what happened in the most recent race ,and what the next race will be like . I look forward to your show every week keep up the good work.
Racing discussion is never more fun to listen to! I don't have the time to watch the racing I want to and rely on these guys to keep me knowledgeable. They do a great job keeping my attention and get some great interviews with up and coming stars of the sport. Highly recommended! Now... CUE THE MUSIC!!!
Always look forward to checking this one out
Good chatter between the guys. Love my NASCAR. Would listen more but whatever is causing me to hear all the dry mouth stuff going on with these guys is irritating. Get a drink, change the recording or change the mikes.
Thanks to both of you. You give great insight to the world of NASCAR. Curt


By Xingman
I love these guys so much that my speedway actually sponsors their daily show on our local station. Keep it up Kerry!


Love NASCAR and love this podcast and to Kevin harvic. You rock
I love to listen to these guys. They know alot about what is going on in Nascar. Paul is real funny. Love it guys keep it up!
But I get uncomfortable with the dead air answers of his partner. Although he seems knowledgable
I like having two podcasts a week, way to go guys! 1 for news, the other to talk things out. Sounds great, professional coverage...a must have for my iPod!
Kerry Murphey's Final Lap podcasts with Nascar News is top tier because he's a real reporter of the scene. I like his stuff because, while I'm a fan of Nascar racing...I'm not a follow-it-everyday FAN fan. So, to get the low down on the biggest races, hear the words of the drivers, winners and losers, and get analysis even I can understand is great. ALSO, this chat show he's added sounds better than most radio broadcast shows like this. Nothing better than the give and take of two knowledgeable guys exchanging opinions and news on a subject like Nascar. Cool stuff keep up the good work!