Reviews For Dwell Bible Teachings by Dennis McCallum

This is a cult.
I first found out about Dennis when I stumbled across his book “Satan and his Kingdom.” The book was so good and Dennis is great at taking difficult scriptures and breaking them down and simplifying them. I read multiple other books and then thought “I wonder if he has any sermons?” Since I started to listen to him my understanding of not only scripture, but who I am as a Christian in Christ. His lessons helped me to not live in shame and guilt when I fall but to use that as motivation to further glorify God with my life. I also like that doesn’t just come out and say “this is what the scripture mean.” Instead he gives different schools that f thought and then says why he thinks one perspective is correct. He isn’t arrogant in his understanding of the word like a lot of Calvanistic preachers are. (He’s not a Calvinist I was just using that as an example.) You will be glad that you start listening to this man because he will really help your walk with God. I also recommend all his books but especially “Walking in Victory.” It completely changed the way I view myself as a fallen but redeemed person.
This man is in love with History! He goes deep in the word and helps us understand not only what God wants us to hear but also what was happening during the days in which it was written.
These teachings are amazing! Definitely worth listening to all of them. The perspective here is on the Bible and stays true to the message. The depth of the teachings is exceptional and Gospel focused. If you're interested in the God of the Bible and legitimate answers to honest questions these podcasts are very much worth your time.
I love Dennis' teachings! His testimony is great and his perspective on things is fresh and unique. Great teachings.
Dennis McCallum's teachings offer meaningful insights into scripture and are delivered with passion. I have personally benefitted from his teachings over many years in person. I frequently find excellent interpretations in these teachings especially in challenging passages that are often skimmed over by some commentaries.
These teachings cover some deep spiritual topics in a way that is simultaneously comprehensive, engaging, and accessible. Highly recommended for both the spiritually curious and the serious student of the bible. In my opinion, some of the best material of its kind in North America.
This teacher has studied deeply and i usually go to one of his teachings if i need an opinion on a difficult passage like this one in Heb. 12 about Esau. Definitely worth having him on your ipod.
Some of the expository bible teaching in the world
These teachings are a great way to get to the heart of the Bible's message. The teachings look directly at what the Bible says to reveal that the Bible is more "out-of-the-box" than much conventional Christianity portrays.