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I guess a lot of their content has been removed. The only podcasts left are ones related to their Europe trip from 2006. I'm not sure if they even got to their interviews because they spent too much time talking about their trip. Nice guys for sure but I got bored with the limited content available. Maybe LD$ found some things objectionable and did some 'editing' of the content.
I was disappointed that the Podcast does not actually contain interviews like in the film. It is somewhat entertaining, however, that they set out to discover what misconceptions Europeans have about the Mormons, while at the same time proving how ill-informed they are about Europe. Some of the conclusions they draw are quite incorrect.
this is so funny!!!! I just love these types of things poeple never get it! a guy told me once brigham young only wrote the book of mormon to get lots of wives and money!!!!lol
Great locations. Great Mormon (LDS) insight. Not bad at all, as far as podcasts go.
Wouldn't necessarily be funny to someone who's not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But to those who are and have experienced some of the misconceptions out there, then it could provide a few chuckles. Some people are as ignorant about Mormons as they are about world geography.